Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) Album Download

Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) by Various Artists Album Info

Direct download Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) by Various Artists albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) album file uploaded on November 4th, 2003. Various Artists - Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) album info will be updated!

Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) full album Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) - Various Artists listen Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) download Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) mp3 #elf-music-from-the-major-motion-picture

Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) [Various Artists] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Pennies From Heaven MP3 2:21
2.Sleigh Ride MP3 2:57
3.Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Sn... MP3 2:25
4.Sleigh Ride / Santa Claus Party MP3 4:24
5.Baby, It's Cold Outside MP3 3:32
6.Jingle Bells MP3 1:49
7.The Nutcracker Suite MP3 7:11
8.Christmas Island MP3 3:37
9.Santa Baby MP3 3:26
10.Winter Wonderland MP3 2:29
11.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town MP3 1:53
12.Nothing From Nothing MP3 2:36

Elf (Music from the Major Motion Picture) [Various Artists] Album Comments & Reviews

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elfyourself - why?

i don't understand why i can't get one lousy song? i don't want the whole album, and i don't want the freaking nutcracker sweet, you can't sing to it. i just wanted baby it's cold outside. i love the movie tho.

~*blue_monday*~ - Love the album, hate iTunes system

I must say, iTunes, that I am getting very tired of seeing "Album only" after the songs. I just want one song...not a lot. Please please PLEASE consider taking "Album only" off and allowing people to buy just one =] I'd really appreciate it. Good album, though, just bad system. Please iTunes! You're losing a lot of business when you do this :(


OK.. we all love the movie... but what we even love more is the voice of zooey deschanel. Puh-lease make baby, its cold outside available on its own?

Magsthompson - ZOOEEY!!!!

I only want baby it's cold outside! Zooey has such an AMAZING VOICE!

e2e101mid - I just want one song.....

Baby It's Cold Outside. It's pretty much amazing and I don't want to pay ten bucks for one song.

The One and Only Shifty Ninja - Grr

That annoys me, that you can't just get Baby, It's Cold Outside by itself. This is the best version I've heard yet, but no, I've got to buy the whole album. How distressing.

LCF fam - cmon Apple!!

I just want baby its cold outside. I will make a point and not buy the whole album for the one song. Money hogs.

kiNgOPaiN - Exceptional Movie & Soundtrack!!!

Great song selection!! Other reviewers STOP WHINING. Contact New Line Records who has control of rights and pricing. WHINE. WHINE. WHINE. Rate an exceptional album low because your to cheap to dish out $10 bucks. Review the soundtrack, complain by email. Directly to New Line Cinema & Records and iTunes. As a christmas album this should have a much better rating. iTunes needs another way for people to respond to pricing issues.

The Bradleyss - Another "Album Only" Ripoff

Sorry, Apple, but these "Album Only" things defeat half the point of iTunes for me. I never buy them and I never will. Whenever I see "Album Only," I move along -- and my generally good impression of iTunes gets knocked down a notch.

Igartinsprimo - Baby, It's Cold Outside. Excellent version. I'd buy it for a dollar.

Happy Holidays

LittleBunnyFu - WHY?????

Hi it's a year later and still we can't get Baby it's cold outside!!!!! Come on itunes don't you read this stuff? Hear us!!!! 12-10-2008

kms+tms - NOOOOOOO!

I really want Baby it's cold outside. I don't want the rest of the album. PLEASE SELL IT SEPREATLY!!! i LOVE that song !


I just want "Baby It's Cold Outside" (great version) - so why do I have to buy the whole album to get it?

TaylorSyring - :(

this is so dumb i only want 3 of these songs the rest of them are not the versions i want why would i spend $10 on songs i dont want just to get 3 songs i do want?

Kogex - Baby Its Cold Outside

I have to question why I do not cancel this account. This policy of buying an entire album when I want just one song is aggravating. There are some other iTunes Policy's that try my patience also. So as a result whenever possible I will NOT use the iTunes music store.

The Original Mouggy - Sing Loud for All to Hear

A great album for all generations. Kids love it, and us baby boomers enjoy the nostalgia as well as the new takes on old favorites. There's plenty of versions of "Baby It's Cold Outside" (check out Steve Tyrell, or Ray Charles, for example), all in the same vein as this compilation of loveable Christmas tunes to warm and cheer. Remember when we had to wait for the LPs to come to the local record store, and hope they had enough albums in stock. We had to pay 20 bucks for the entire album, like it or not. Most of the time, we were pleased to discover MUCH better songs then the ones they were playing on the radio. Enjoy this album - you won't be disappointed in any of the songs.

teach35 - Who wants more music from Zooey?

Disregard the review who stated Zooey does not ever want to sing. If you are interested in an entire album performed by her, find the the album titled "Volume One" under the name She & Him. That should keep you happy.

jayjay72 - i totally agree with musicwritingfreak

you should put "Baby its cold outside" as a option instead of buying the whold cd! :( please....

baconb1t$ - ugh

I agree with all of the rest of the reviews. It is unfair to have to buy this whole album for the one song you are really intersted in. Luckily for me, I don't seem to mind most of the songs on here. But I'm still annoyed that I have to purchase the whole album. Itunes needs to actually read the feedback from the users.

OMG aka really - baby it's cold outside

to "c'mon", you can search for "baby it's cold outside" and pick which version you like best, DUH you don't have to do album only......learn the system and quit whinning like a "baby"....Merry Christmas by the way

Leesie_Girl - Good album, Give it a chance!

This is an excellent mix of music. The songs are classics that everyone should add to their holiday collections. The music is fun and light and makes you want to sing along. I would recommend this for people who enjoy the holiday spirit, no scrooges will be able to take how upbeat all of the songs are.

staceface7 - Elf (music from the major motion picture)

so annoyed that i couldn't just get the two songs that i wanted (baby its cold outside and winter wonderland). i have the othersongs! i spent the money to buy these songs for a second time because i couldn't find them anywhere else. not cool itunes. not cool. but the soundtrack itself is fanastic. but i knew that already since i had all of the rest of them. jerks.

metalhead769 - tired of being ripped off by itunes

just like the rest of your unsatisfied customers,i too want to purchase only the song baby its cold outside. And, well, thanks too the ignorant way that your company has it set up you cant buy just that song , you have to buy the whole album which is basically crap. but you can buy the brian setzer song by itself WHO WANTS THAT SONG?!!! Once again im coming closer and closer to dealing with someone other than apple all together im just tired of not being able to buy what i want without spending money that i dont want to spend. this is not the first time ive had this problem with song purchases either

notaboutnicknames - baby its cold outside

if you want that song just get the dean Martin version it sounds the same

EBflo - Hard to chew...

The whole beauty of iTunes was to get what you wanted. Not what you don't. I think, judging by the number of reviews with this comment, that iTunes would push the producer, if it was assumably in their hands, to allow individual sales. Give people what they want and they will want more. ITunes can get a bad sounding alternate recording like that whole Kid Rock 'Sweet Home Alabama' song they hock.....and hacked! Maybe someday I can get this one song with that other one song :)

jgr1233 - was up with that

come on now I as almost everyone want to have baby its cold outside only really its not that hard!

ericmtb - only want the song by Zooey Deschanel - Baby Its Cold Outside

i already own every song on this album, except the version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" by Zooey Deschanel, and i own a different version of the Nutcracker Suite ............. but like 10,000 other people, i ONLY want the song by Zooey Deschanel iTunes - get a clue - make this song available by itself

caddygirly - me tooo

i only want "baby it's cold outside".

AmandaDubs - HEY!

This is a good soundtrack but I really...really want baby, It's cold outside! Zooey Deschanel's voice is amazing! Please put that on Buy Song, itunes!

Angie Carson - annoying, much?

I just want the song baby, its cold outside i dont want the whole album because quite frankly. it blows. i think iTunes should make it so i can buy that one song. and i know im not alone in my argument. I guess number 5 makes up for the rest of the album being just terrible, though.

Deeshops - Ugggh!

Hate it when iTunes makes you buy the whole album when you only want one song! I only want Baby it's Cold Outside."

Kenyons - Great flick - Great songs - buy the whole thing!

Don't blame iTunes because you only want one song - that is only available if you buy the entire track list.... blame the record companies! This is out of Apple's control. The whole point of iTunes is to sell the consumer what they want - in this case, Apple does the best it can. Thank you Apple and Merry Christmas!

shelbyrais - Baby it's cold outside

I too bought the whole kit and caboodle for "Baby it's cold outside" and can't get enough of it! I love Zooey's voice and hope that it is not true that she does not like to sing, her voice is wonderful! Glad to know that so many others feel the same way! Rest of the CD is also great!

Bull Rydah - Double Urgh!

I just want the same song Baby, It's Cold Outside - iTunes please adjust to "Buy Song"!!!!

AmyEMitchel - WOW!


dneudorf - stupidstupidstupid!!

I WANT BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!! but not for 9.99.... nope. won't do it. now i won't even buy the song at all if you want to be that way itunes people!

craziey4u - baby it's cold outside: ALBUM ONLY ?!

ahaha, AHHH! i know ! EVERYONE only wants baby it's cold outside ! but you have to buy the whole thing :( they should really fix that, because baby its cold outside would be really popular. well, i got the song another way already, so i guess its okay, but they should really get that fixed !

freshpinkpaint - I don't want the whole album!

The whole album is not worth buying! Only "Baby It's Cold Outside". Hello?!

Hips Don't lie !! - REAL version

All I want is the REAL baby it's cold outside from the movie. Not this version with the freeky sounding guy.

davidcookrocks338 - ?

why cant i just get "pennies from heaven???????"

Coxie32 - huh?

why oh why does itunes have to put out "album only" albums?? i just want "baby it's cold outside".. grr

68monkeys - come on people 8 bucks for a soundtrack, seems like a deal

I don't know what you're all whinning about, it's $7.99, cheapest around. I love love love this movie, and I will play play play this soundtrack.

poirotlvr - Boo hoo

I TUNES, you are losing some serious holiday money from people passing up these songs because they have to buy the whole album. Sadly, I am not buying from this site.

binafruit - five-star

This album is soo good i think it was smart to do the "album only" thing so you get more money. You rock ITunes.

mfrizz - i love

i love chritmas music its the best and people go find someone else who sings baby its cold outside, really come on! i<3this

UAPlanes - Love the movie, love the soundtrack!

We own the soundtrack and love the movie. We watch it on Christmas every year! We love the album and listen to it in the car all the time (only christmas time of course!) STILL, even you just want one song... buy all of them.

Buddy Hobbs - Son of a nutcracker!

Zooey Deschanel's got the most beautiful singing voice in the world! I'm disappointed that I can't just get Zooey & Leon's excellent cover of Baby it's Cold... It makes me smile, and I love to smile. Smiling's my favorite.

va_blue - Baby its cold

I just want baby its cold, not interested in the rest.

joeshanny - Come ON!

I just wanted pennies from heaven.But NO. You gotta buy the whole damn thing

samsam2405 - a recemendation!!

i recomend that you get baby its cold outside by dean martin because its just as good and it onlu 99 cense instead of 9.99!


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