Once Upon a Christmas Album Download

Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Album Info

Direct download Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Once Upon a Christmas album file uploaded on October 5th, 1992. Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Once Upon a Christmas album info will be updated!

Once Upon a Christmas full album Once Upon a Christmas - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton listen Once Upon a Christmas download Once Upon a Christmas mp3 #once-upon-a-christmas

Once Upon a Christmas [Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.I Believe In Santa Claus MP3 3:28
2.Winter Wonderland / Sleigh Ride MP3 3:41
3.With Bells On MP3 2:40
4.Christmas Without You MP3 3:51
5.White Christmas MP3 3:03
6.A Christmas To Remember MP3 3:38
7.Hard Candy Christmas MP3 3:37
8.The Greatest Gift Of All MP3 3:43
9.Once Upon A Christmas MP3 4:21

Once Upon a Christmas [Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton] Album Comments & Reviews

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Dolly/Kenny Fan - What the what..........three songs???

I came to itunes searching for this album, all of it. I have the tape but have no way to transfer it to a CD. I would have bought the album if you offered it.

Plumber Dave72 - What the Hell Man?

Are you serious dude? Three crummy songs. What did you do with the rest if it?

jfknb - Joke

Yeah... this is a joke... need the whole album. Very disappointing

kdock16 - Please include the best songs

I wanted to make a new Christmas playlist to listen to while I am working at the office. One of the first songs that I wanted to include was my favorite from this album, Christmas Without You. I was so disappointed that A Christmas to Remember and Christmas Without You were excluded. Please take efforts to make these beautiful songs more widely accessible! Glad that I have the old CD at home.

tiegress - Once Upon a Christmas

Where is "I'll Be Home With Bells On"? It's the only song I wanted.

gangsterr k - Missing the best songs!

This album would def have 5 stars if they had included "I'll be home with bells on" and "christmas to remember." Those songs are so epic, please iTunes make them available for purchase!

Taptoesena - Where is the whole album?

I agree with all of the above comments. Grew up listening to the album and wanted to download it here. Put it all up.

MSM_72 - What happened to the rest?

To me, Christmas isn't Christmas without this cd. The songs here are good, but the rest of the album is even better. Their voices blend together perfectly. Again, though, find the whole album somewhere, even if not on here!

guymaddox - Once Upon A Christmas

Where's the rest? Come on I-tunes customers have been asking for years and still just 3 songs? The entire album is a must at Christmas. I-tunes should really see about aquiring the rights to sell the rest of the album. Didn't anyone see the special? What if you took these three songs from the hour long special that aired in 1984 and discarded the rest? The show would have no meaning. I feel the same way about this collection. Without the remainder of the songs, what's the use in purchasing. It's just a teaser. These two, Dolly and Kenny, were iconic during the time of Islands in the Stream. Do them justice and post the rest of their holiday special here.

anamonapiea - come on iTunes!!!

Seriously, where is the whole album? 3 Songs just isn't going to cut it for me! I grew up listening to this album on Vinyl, I need the whole kit-n-kabbodle!

margarett67 - Want the whole album now!!!

I been looking for this record for years. I listen to the album so much that I have scratches on the album. Please put all the song on ITunes. The first song on the album is the best. Do we have write to Dolly and Kenny for them to let you put it on ITunes.

sheriffdeb - What? Where is the rest?

You left the best part of the album off!!! Get the rest and I will buy the whole album. Very sad!!!!

Wbehr - Make the Original Release available

As originally released, this album had six duets and four solo tracks two each by Kenny and Dolly - 10 tracks in total. The version currently available in America has just nine tracks, two by Kenny Rogers (Silent night and The Christmas song) being replaced by Dolly Parton's Hard candy Christmas for a total of just 9 tracks. I do have the original album and an early CD version with all 10 tracks. This is a much more superior release as Kenny Rogers version of Silent Night is one of the best he or anyone else has ever done. I do not know why the later CD version does not have all the tracks. It could be a rights issue or they wanted later versions to be more a Dolly Parton release than joint release with Kenny Rogers. iTunes should make the entire, original version with all 10 tracks available.

kiki#1:) - Dolly parton

Whole album please

Marge Opacki - Christmas to Remember

Please put this song on the list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Christmas to Remember is what I want most.

celticchic - Where

I loved this albumn when I was a kid. I wore out my cassette of it and was really hoping I-tunes would have the whole thing. Who decided it wasn't worth it to upload the entire album? Haters.



Andie9859 - Disappointed!

I actually had this whole album from iTunes a few years back.!!!! Now that my pc crashed and I have to re-download everything, all of my favorite songs from this album are gone?? Ridiculous!

Hal VT - Where is the rest?

Come on. Three songs available and not even close to the best stuff on the album. Give us the title track!

Wesssside - Let's go Itunes

Get the rest of the album on here, this is ridiculous. Thanks.

mvermot - I want the whole album

I wish I-Tunes would give us the whole album.....not just three...the best songs are not even offered..bummer!

MyronSik - Hard Candy Christmas????

I have the original album, copyright 1984. Hard Candy Christmas is NOT on this album. It's definitely worth buying--it's a great song!!!

JosephYoga - what a joke

how many people have to beg for the album? itunes offers im sure rap with violent and misogynistic lyrics but not real music like this. world is sad today

LNGT - what??? i tunes? get it together!!!

i tunes FAIL- MAJOR FAIL!!!! Give us a COMPLETE ALBUM!!!!!

Hdydhdf - Kenny & Dolly

I want the entire album!!!!

Tiffer522 - Where is the rest?

I want to download the entire album! It reminds me of childhood and it looks like many people would purchase the entire album. Can this be done?

C'mas freak - Want More!

Love these songs, but where's the rest of this album?!

CinnamonBun - Really wanted the whole album

Only two stars due to the entire album not being here. Would give five stars if the entire album was present

Whoa Is Me - Once Upon A Christmas

A friend requested this cd as their present this year. I tried to find it locally in the stores but could not. Then I remembered I could download it from iTunes. Listing only three songs from the album was a shock but then when I listened to the sample you provided it only featured Dolly's voice on all three songs. What a bummer and the selection of songs chosen were not the best ones on the album. So poor in fact that I'm not going to purchase them.

Ridiculous Field - Once Upon A Christmas with Dolly and Kenny

Where's the rest of the album! This is a very memorable Christmas experience for many of us!!!! What are you guys thinking by abbreviating it!

Howard Blasingame - Whole Album!

This is terrible! You need to put up the whole album! So disappointed!

idahokj - Where's the Best Parts?

Want to be able to share this great album with my kids before they are all grwon up!! Not the same as the one when I was a kid, please help!

Stella Gray - Dolly & Kenny

Please give access to entire album. I truly feel like I'm missing some of the best parts. This would be a 5 star rating if all songs were there. Thank you

DET IV - We Want it all...

The whole cd is amazing and hard to find. Plus you have other people doing tributes to the other songs that are on the cd..and poorly. We want the whole cd! Thanks!

cak12 - I want the whole thing!

Please sell the entire album. The song "Once Upon a Christmas" is so beautiful! The entire album is wonderful and I want to hear it again. Please include the entire album.

Lance, S.C. - Once upon a Christmas by Dolly & Kenny

The others have said it all. What could you be thinking to only offer a partial album. What about "I believe in Santa Claus" just to name one? Come on guys, offer the whole album - PLEASE.

I heart Kenny and Dolly! - I want a Christmas to Remember!

I want the rest!! I love that album! Brings back so many memories!!!

shybuls - Once upon a Christmas

I would like to see the TV special when Dolly and Kenny sang "Once upon a Christmas" with dancing in the church isle. It was beautiful and I had hoped it would have become a classic. It is a classic to me. Please make available the recording of that song on video for purchase. Thank you! Wendy

Calmickey - Missing this album

I need the rest of this album!

doodle28 - where is the rest of the album???????????????

i grew up in the UK, and still some how this "tape" became part of our Christmas tradition. The first and last Christmas album i listen to during the holiday season is "Once apon a Christmas" The WHOLE thing...

Lil arora - Why?

I grew up on this Record. I was making a Christmas playlist and of course this was my first choice. Was reeeaally disappointed when I didn't get all the songs. Still searching for the rest. Whhhyy oh whhhyy? I gave you one star for trying

ErinDaAwzome - Bummed

Truly disappointed that I can't purchase the whole album. This album is a Christmas tradition in our house. Guess I will have to pull out the CD player.

JennNJohnnyDepp - The Whole Album and Nothing But The Whole Album

Would you mind putting up the ENTIRE album up for purchase? You can start with "A Christmas to Remember". And if you don't mind, adding "Cool Night" Paul Davis would be pretty awesome too.

yaniruns - Really? Partial album?

These are not even the best songs on the album, pointless.

JVH81 - I cant believe it!

What a cruel joke! Here it is April and I'm already trying to download this album for the holidays. Ive never searched so hard for an album. You can't find it anywhere. The memories that these songs carry for me are priceless. Shame on you itunes for not pleasing your loyal customers.

Kyhousewife - How Come?

How come this entire album is available on the Australian store but not US store? Doesn't make sense......

s.brucchieri - Please Offer the Entire Album

Why only 3 songs?

Reebers - I was going to buy this album

But then I read that it doesn't have all the songs :( WHy put up partial albums?

psprotege - Too bad...I wanted to "gift" this

Where is the whole album?! I wanted to gift this to my mom tonight (Christmas Eve) for Christmas. What a let down. The best of the album isnt even here. When I was little we use to listen to the album all the time. Pure shame.

Ridiculous nickname - I want the WHOLE album!!

Please?! Thank you!


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