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This album is a thing of beauty. Each song is filled with love and feeling that you can't help be attracted to. Most of these songs are songs to her children and are addicting to listen to.

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Disappointing  LeapBaby29  3 star

I love Plumb. I discovered her music when I mentioned to an online friend I liked Evanescence, just not how they won't calm down. She reccomended Plumb. I loved it. Each album is completely different, but with the lyrics I love for and the voice I need. It was soft but had a certain way she would strike a note that set her out from others to it with the first three albums, then with Chaotic Resolve her voice became very strong. I loved both voices. I saw every genre on her albums, soft piano music, dance, pop, alternitive, and none sounded the same. When I heard she was releasing her fifth album after Chaotic Resolve, I was overjoyed. But this is just like playing one long song, lacking those new, different sounds. Her voice just fades away into the music. A lot of artists experience this pretty, but just boring voice that only produces one or two good songs. That's in their first album. Plumb is at her fifth and I don't know what happened. Just think Leigh Nash, A Fine Frenzy, Corinna Fugate. Actually, they're all better then this album. Sorry, Plumb, try again next time. One last thing, it does not concern the music, just the name of the album. candycoatedwaterdrops and Beautiful Lumps of Coal are poetic and beautiful. It's says, tear drops are bittersweet, hurtful and stinging but the comfort layers them with happiness. Or perhaps, yes, we'll all do are bad deeds but we learn and thats what makes them beautiful. Chaotic Resolve are two words that go against eachother, making you think for a moment. Sure, there's chaos, but chaos resolves that blank moment that doesn't help you move foward. Then comes Blink. Simply, Blink. "Plumb" was more creative then that. Once again, she may be losing her touch.

Bridge Man

What a Great Surprise!  Bridge Man  5 star

I made a Youtube video to the song In My Arms, and didn't realize at the time that the whole release was going to be full of awesome lullabys! I love the songs "Children of the Heavenly Father" and "Me". Check out my Youtube video to In My Arms by Plumb as well.

music fan34

Different from the rest  music fan34  4 star

I prefer the rock sound of her past work but this is still a very good CD. In My Arms is a beautiful song and I love the remake of Sleep. If you're a new Plumb fan check out the Chaotic Resolve CD. That one is her best.


A huge change of style...  Mtolno88  3 star

I'm really confused by this album... Every single song is basically a very slow pop-like ballad. There is no more rock sound... None at all. It's very disappointing. Most of these songs are so similar. There are definitely some very good songs on this album, like "My Sweet, My Lovely" "God Will Take Care Of You" "Always" and "Sleep" but overall this album just seems to be average... Nothing special like their other work.


Lovely lullabies  scapps11  5 star

This album is a departure from Plumb's heavier albums, but rightly so. Each song is a beautifully crafted and sung lullaby. Inspired and written for Plumb's two sons, this album transcends the typical lullaby album. Even those with no children should listen to this album - most of the songs are universal in their theme, which is love. The alternative vibe remains strong, and fans of Plumb will not be disappointed. I must admit, I really am enjoying the softer tone of this album; the angst that usually drives her songs has been replaced with a tranquility and peace that will soothe any soul. Plumb reminds us with this album that we all need lullabies, no matter what our age.


Only a Mother could understand!!!  janeisforgiven  5 star

This is absolutely gripping and it stirs my soul...I remember the feeling of my newborn son in my arms. The feeling that I would have died to protect this precious creation. The deep love a mother has for a child that has been prayed for...longed for... She is singing my emotions for me! Speechless...yes. Her voice is angelic, yet I hear the passion in her voice...the same passion that I hear in Call me when Your Sober...Love it!


Amazing  NJ  5 star

Plumb's voice is one of unique-ness, and the instrutmentation used with it just enhances it. I personally think this album is a great improvement from the last one, (Chaotic Resolve), but I throughly enjoy both. I highly recommend for a first buyer the song, "In My Arms." It is probably the most moving and touching of the parts of songs of the CD I have heard so far.


Professional and Nearly Over-produced  cbaldwin01  4 star

As usual, Nashville has smoothed the rough edges out of Plumb's take on the dangers of living life in an age of rough edges. However, Plumb's ability to crank out pop music that stands above the crowd is evident. My favorite pop song is still "Stranded" by this artist. Thanks to Tiffany for her perserverance over the years and a commitment to quality music. Keep 'em comin'!


Peaceful  angelknight  5 star

I just listened to a few songs on this CD. Yes it sounds like she is only talking about her son, but I believe that God looks on us the same way. I pray that this CD will be a blessing to all who listen to it.

indoor storm

softer side  indoor storm  3 star

A soft, pleasant surprise. My Sweet, My Lovely is a hypnotic melody. I think some of the cues came via Imogen Heap on many of the tunes. Children of the Heavenly Father throws off the vibe but decent album overall.


Rickeyrickeyrich20053 star

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Nick Winlund 🌊winlundn3 star

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juncnvjunhee3 star

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