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A Good CD  TruLife92  4 star

S On My Chest and We Takin' Over are the 2 best tracks!


DJ KHALAD IS ON FIRE  Darius478  5 star

people dont understand that he is a DJ, not a rapper. all this is is a mixtape really. tha songs are hot but it would be better without all of the WE THA BEST, LISSSTENNN.


we takin over  hoopslover  5 star

we takin over is my new fav song! but their right akon is the best part in the song and the reason that i bought this song. the rest of the song is ok. and the rest of the album isnt that good

dres da man

Listennn...  dres da man  4 star

I just listen to DJ Khaled to get crunk, Khaled's the hottest producer out there right now! Keeps making the beats and the best main stream MCs will make his songs no. 1


He da Best  Moviewhiz1  5 star

love i'm so hood


Its ok.  Sakura.Rawwrrr.  2 star

IM SO HOOD Yeah I wear my pants below my waist and i never dance when im in Disgrace because you and your man would be planin to hate Im so hood. Please, Honestly I thought that was the best song ever even We takin over, but after awhile it kind of got old. Maybe it could be a little bit Better?


go back to your cave  34756237458978345  5 star

all of you people that keep sayin dj khaled isn't a rapper and makes his money off other people blah blah blah..... HE'S NOT TRYING TO BE A RAPPER. THAT'S WHY HIS NAME IS -DJ- KHALED. anyway, sweet album, i just thought you should know how stupid you are :)

Are they sure

I agree  Are they sure  5 star

He raely doesnt apear in any song but just say his name but his songs are da best


It could be better  jkjmundy  3 star

There is only like 5 good songs on here ( we taken over, im so hood, s on my chest, im from the ghetto, and the originators) the rest are not really that good. I also hate in this album is that all he talks in the intro to every song is how he is loyal and how that he is the best.


DJ KHALED  yah`yah  4 star


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