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Direct download Last 2 Walk by Three 6 Mafia albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Last 2 Walk album file uploaded on June 21st, 2008. Three 6 Mafia - Last 2 Walk album info will be updated!

Last 2 Walk full album Last 2 Walk - Three 6 Mafia listen Last 2 Walk download Last 2 Walk mp3 #last-2-walk

Last 2 Walk [Three 6 Mafia] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Intro MP3 1:07
2.I Told 'Em MP3 3:21
3.Trap Boom (feat. Project Pat) MP3 3:07
4.Playstation MP3 4:04
5.I Got (feat. Pimp C & Project Pat) MP3 3:47
6.I'd Rather (feat. Unk) MP3 4:47
7.That's Right (feat. Akon) MP3 2:56
8.Corner Man MP3 3:07
9.Weed, Blow, Pills MP3 3:29
10.DSX Talk MP3 0:44
11.Hood Star (feat. Lyfe Jennings) MP3 3:09
12.Get Ya Rob (feat. Project Pat) MP3 3:46
13.On Some Chrome (feat. Unk) MP3 4:13
14.Rollin' (feat. Lil' Wyte) MP3 3:37
15.Click Bang MP3 3:36
16.My Own Way (feat. Good Charlotte) MP3 3:31
17.Dirty Bitch (feat. Project Pat) MP3 3:26
18.First 48 (feat. Project Pat, Spanis... MP3 4:34
19.Outro MP3 3:15
20.Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) [Intro] MP3 0:16
21.Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) [feat. ... MP3 4:11
22.My Own Way (feat. Good Charlotte) [... MP3 3:34
23.Bunch Of Dat MP3 2:59
24.Built Like Dat (feat. Project Pat) MP3 4:09

Last 2 Walk [Three 6 Mafia] Album Comments & Reviews

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Eminem #1 Fan - Very Classyyy

they remind me of UGK for some reason.. they always have some of the best features just like UGK. I still think Three 6 Mafia got a little dirtier than before but they make it sound the best.

jTombstone - Better Than Carter 3.

really good ablum.three 6 my favorite they killed it on this favorite songs are o told em,trap boom,i got,rollin,hood star,and lolli lolli.the rest i like but those are my favorites.great ablum.a must have.

young messy - Three 6 mafia

this is the best album of the year better then lil wayne it has good beats and good lyrics

lilmikeinfiniti - great album

all of the tracks bang hard , alot better that carter 3 (maybe it's just me but i don't like listen to people that can't sing)

SlightlyElevated - I was skeptical

I was a little skeptical about this album after hearing lolli lolli pop that body but they came through with a tight album. I wish they still had the whole click with them though but they held they're own. I give this album a thumbs up. But I still miss Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, Killa Klan Kaze and the rest.


mane been waitin on dis album 4 a minute now and been playin it since i got it..4rm start 2 finish dey deliver dat good ish..i been a three 6 fan 4 a while...messed up crunchy ain't wit em or lord infamous but thru losing them paul and juicy still on top of dey ish....definitely a must-buy!!!

The Empress - Absolutely Horrible!

This album is horrible. Don't waste your time listening to it.

alfagta - One sentence only...

One sentence only: THEY'RE MAKING THE RAP GAME BETTER!!! Click YES if you agree!!!

chris p fromdayay - a typical three 6 mafia album

consistant, a lot of tracks not many fillers, just mostly solid tracks, all clean instramentals, and typical three six lyrics, fer sher worth buying.

Chai Tide - Three 6

I like this album. I sounds like their old stuff. Every song is great.

knc007 - Wheres Doe Boy fresh?

it dropped from good album to alright album because of that. some nice songs to report here such as thats right, i got, hood star, and my own way. kind of a dissapointment but still better than THA CARTER III

H-BomB420 - I Changed my Mind- Thiz CD iz Dope!

I wrote a review early sayin thiz cd iz only 3 starz but i heard tha rez of tha cd n I saw a review sayin that one song said it feat. unk but it really feat. UGK. Even though moz of tha songz do sound tha same n they got 6 songz featuring projet pat (even though projet pat iz sick). tha only song i don't like on thiz whole album iz tha that stupid ****in "lolli-lolli (pop that body)" that song iz tha worzt 2 have come from three 6 mafia muzik produkshonz. otha than that tha cd iz tight n it BUMPZ!!!!

minks101 - Another Amazing CD

This CD really impressed me. I have never been a huge fan of Three 6 Mafia, but after this CD, I think I have become one This is one of the best CD's of 2008 So far, the best two CD's of 2008 have been Rick Ross's "Trilla" and now Three 6 Mafia's "Last 2 Walk" click yes if you agree

aggie 4 life - W.O.W

when tha carter III came out i thought that there is know way that there can be a better album (just overall)...but i was wrong tha boyz from memphiz killed this album

YUNG DIZ - itunes

itunes mest up on "On Some Chrome" Its suposed to say(Feat.UGK) not unk and "I'd Rather" says the same thing

big cow king - good

beter then the last album


Unbelivable beats and lyrics. Better than tha carter by lil wayne

libasaur14 - Last 2 Walk top 5 rap albums of the year

This is a great album much better than the previous albums this a top 5 rap album of the year after a year of delaying it was worth the wait at least have these songs are great some are bad, they should have put doe boy fresh in it and the original "thats right" was much better u can find it on limewire.

KiNGMuzik - Three 6 Does it Again

Once again, the beats from Three 6 are off the chain! Personally i find the song "I Got" to be the best in the album, with such a great mastermix from Kenkraft 400's "Zombie Nation", by far thats the best song of the album. Props Three 6.

deuceishiphop - The Last Two Walk!!

Finally, DJ Paul and Juicy J released this album... the last two members of three 6 mafia still keep the creativity they had back with Mystic Stylez, but a little less horrorcore.. songs such as "Trap Boom," "I Got," and "That's Right" are some of the albums frontrunners, but the overall album is a good piece of work. Definitely a must-buy for all three 6 mafia fans.

White Doode - Adios Carter III Here comes the Mafia!

Three 6 Mafia has blown away the competetion again. Last to Walk by far out does any other rapper alike. Hits to look out for --> I'd Rather, That's Right, And Lolli lolli are by far the best. Way to go 6 for throwin down another killer album.

Jae L - Three Six: Battle-Tested to Legendary Status

It's good to see them refreshed. Their sound is a bit more refined now and they've outgrown the former HCP. "Losing weight" actually made their music better and the Cali exposure is evident. But they're still Memphis all the way and that's what keeping the streets in love with `em.



Seksy21 - This album is tight

three 6 mafia has always been tight but dey killed it wid dis new album....dis album is sick all of the songs are real good songs...great album!!!! and yea i like lil wayne but i agree is a lil better den lil waynes the carter III even though that album is also tight

bigdaddy387 - AMAZING

If u like three 6 mafia then u'll love this album. BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

E-Dubbs - I Got (Zombie nation??)

Listen closely to the song I Got, has a little bit of Zombie Nation in the backround. Its an awesome song. This album is dope and Three 6 Mafia is back.

TheCritic26 - Is this hip hop?

Every beat sounds the same, with that ticking. I guess these rappers ran out of creativity. Music is getting worse and worse. Well, its not really music, its garbage.

HipHopSwordsmen - Man....

Wow the only real song I like on this album is "Built Like Dat" and I gotta buy the whole album just to get it. Thats some BS

RFR7 - Great album

Last 2 Walk is definitely different from past three 6 albums, but still good. Theyre kind of repetitive tho, most songs consist of a hook, a line from juicy j, hook, line from DJ paul, hook, then sometimes a line from a featured artist. All the beats are very similar too, and some of the lyrics arent very well thought out. Still, for some reason most of the songs on this album are all very catchy. Here are my ratings for each song. For people who like this album, I also suggest the album Crook By Da Book from Project Pat one of the greatest albums out there I Told 'Em- 6-10 Trap Boom- 9.5-10 Playstation- 6-10 I Got- 8.5-10 I'd Rather- 7.5-10 That's Right- 5-10 Corner Man- 6-10 Weed, Blow, Pills- 8-10 Hood Star- 9-10 Get Ya Rob- 10-10 On Some Chrome- 8-10 Rollin- 10-10 Click Bang- 8.5-10 My Own Way- 10-10 Dirty B****- 7.5-10 First 48- 5.5-10 Bunch of Dat- 8-10 Built Like Dat- 9.5-10


Great album, i think this cd is going straight to the top..if not billboard wise, definitly people going to be bangin it....WHAD UP JUICY J!!!

the manz - 36

36 back some more of there style for the 10th own way is the best one

Keesler Sanders - good


blinded1 - This is not the old 36

What happened to rap.All I hear anymore is the same old thing.36 use to be my fav back in the day but ever since Da Unbreakables they have sold out and they lost there talent in Lord Imfamous,T-Rock,Gangsta Boo,La Chat and Crunchy Black.I am never buying one of this groups albums ever again.Get the classics like The End,Chapter 2:World Domination and When the smoke clears dont buy this garbage.

cromcakes - Once again...

You know, a lot of MC's push out serious material every so often but it is undeniable that Three 6 Mafia pushes out incredible beats and hits on what seems like a daily basis. If you are in any way a fan of this genre and appreciate the rappers and MC's who not only accompany Three 6 but bring their own flavor then you need to get this album. If "I Got" doesn't become the next club hit I'll be shocked. This is an extremely extensive album with songs that will provoke every urge in your body to crank up the bass, laugh out loud, and invite all your friends over for a house party. Make sure you pick this up.

Get The Ape - LAST 2 WALK

my favorite songs in this album are corner man, trap boom, I told em, I'd rather, lolli lolli, built like that, my own way. these are awesome

Buddhamane - not bad at all

ive been waitin on this album 2 come out right after project pats crook by da book but i knew that wouldnt happen because that would be a rushed album. then the album got delayed and delayed again and again. ive been a three 6 fan 4 a while and i got the clothing line shirts and all the albums along w/ all other hynotize minds artists but this was the 1st time i ever doubted a three 6 album because of the last 2 soso albums (frayser boy da key and project pat walkin bank roll) they produced. but they prved me wrong on this one. the album just starts off by just bein good and all the bangers just like they do 4 all their albums and i really liked it. it doesnt touch most known unknown but still its better than da unbreakables. paul and juicy might have gotten a lil more mainstream but they showed that they still kno wat they r doin w/ this music. all together this was a pretty good album

GangstaGrillz - Three 6

after all these years and they still make an amazing album like this, Five Stars.

donky747 - still strong!!

the last 2 members still make good music this is a good album

jowko111 - COPYRIGHTERS!!!!

In Loli Loli thay say: "I can LEAN LIKE A CHOLO". That's the name of a song by Down. Also "Loli Loli" don't you get it "Lollipop" That's the name of a song by Lil' Wayne. THEY'RE COPYRIGHTERS!!!!!

Lil' Stark - This cd owns!

You might think three 6's lyrics are gay.... but they are fricken crazy with the BEATS!

Moviewhiz1 - Last 2 Walk - Three 6 Mafia

Last 2 Walk is the ninth album from the ever popular rap group Three 6 Mafia. This is album was produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J. The first single for the album was I'd Rather featuring DJ Unk. The second single was Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body). Both songs were decent, but memorable tracks. The album is decent, but the older they got their music started to go down. Anyhow I bought the album to add to my collection, and if you were a fan of Three 6, I think you should buy this album. Well here is my TBTR of Last 2 Walk. Intro 7/10 I Told Em 6/10 Trap Boom 8/10 Playstation 6/10 I Got 9/10 I'd Rather 7.5/10 That's Right 4/10 Corner Man 8/10 Weed, Blow, Pills 7/10 DS Talk 6/10 Hood Star 8/10 Get Ya Rob 7/10 On Some Chrome 7/10 Rollin' 9.5/10 Click Bang 6/10 My Own Way 5.5/10 Dirty B**** 8/10 First 48 4.5/10 Outro 6.5/10 Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body Intro) 1/10 Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) 9/10 My Own Way 7/10 Bunch Of Dat 7/10 Built Like That 6/10 Top 5 Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) I Got Rollin' Trap Boom I'd Rather Buy Now Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body I Got


This is just an album filled with "CUTZZ" Some of the clubs are already spinning more than one song from this album. You guys need to check "Playstation" "I'd Rather" and "That's Right". Those are the certified CUTTZZ here in HollyHood!!

B.P. - Sweet Album

One of there best album of '08. I tell you this, its better than that Lil Wayne album that came out.

musicman202 - Sweet

This is so much better than lil wayne.

Kewtrip5 - The best song of the ablum

11 Hood Star feat Lyfe Jennings Can I get a witness? But the album as a whole shows that Three 6 really took their time to create music that is true to the Memphis sound

B Lang - Awesome!

Really solid cd, beats are exquisite as usual. Lyrics are hilarious.

brookfieldkid16 - ffsd

this albums good but it cant compare to tha carta III.

cosmo10292 - i got ft pimp c

click yes if u think this song is a great tribute 2 PIMP C

jdbaby15 - hot azz album

36 is back baby. they came wit fire on this paul and juicy still got it...big ups to 3 6 mafia


Last 2 Walk is Three 6 Mafia's 10th studio album with the previous succesful Most Known Unknown Three 6 Mafia had a lot of pressure to make another mainstream and street hit album. That pressure may have pressed them into their lowest point by making the hit Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) the first single of the album when Three 6 Mafia decided to cut the succesful Doe Boy Fresh feat. Chamillionaire, though Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) can be actually better than the song it supposedly copied from Lollipop by Lil Wayne. I'd Rather feat. Unk can be one of those songs that you want to like but can't because of the nastiness or want to hate but you love it too much so there can be mixed feelings about it. Every other song is mostly satisfying it is just the hit singles you have to question but their is no question that the production by Juicy J & Dj Paul is phenomenal and the rapping is exceptional but not as well as the normal Three 6 Mafia. This album is for hardcore fans only so if you aren't really a big fan just buy a few songs you like. 1 star-horrible 2 star-not worth it 3 star-ok 4 star-recommend it 5 star-best album of the year


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