Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Download

Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists Album Info

Direct download Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album file uploaded on September 23rd, 2008. Various Artists - Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album info will be updated!

Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) full album Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists listen Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) download Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) mp3 #love-actually-original-motion-picture-soundtrack

Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Various Artists] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.The Trouble With Love Is MP3 3:40
2.Here With Me MP3 4:13
3.Sweetest Goodbye / Sunday Morning MP3 5:44
4.Turn Me On MP3 2:34
5.Take Me As I Am (feat. Sharissa) MP3 4:17
6.Songbird MP3 3:43
7.Wherever You Will Go MP3 3:27
8.Jump (For My Love) MP3 4:22
9.Both Sides Now (Re-Recorded) MP3 5:45
10.All You Need Is Love MP3 3:28
11.God Only Knows MP3 2:53
12.I'll See It Through MP3 4:04
13.Too Lost In You MP3 4:11
14.Glasgow Love Theme MP3 2:04
15.White Christmas MP3 3:05
16.Christmas Is All Around MP3 3:48
17.All I Want For Christmas Is You MP3 3:27

Love Actually (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Various Artists] Album Comments & Reviews

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alix 1985 - WANT ALBUM

Okay I own the whole album and it has Bill nighy singing on the final track and it is good. So can you get the whole album on soon please. Because if you do then that means more people getting it. duh. It is a great movie too.

trevor bubs - very poor

please get the rest of the songs....... dont but this

Lynjamin - Rip off.

No Billy Mack's Christmas Is All Around? Way to go, iTunes. Lame!!!!!

Miss LaNelle - WTH?!

Why the hell are there only 5 songs?! I used to own this cd. I LOVED IT!!!! Unfortunately, I lost it. I searched iTunes to hopefully get it again..... WTH, iTunes?! Why would anyone only display 5 songs from the Soundtrack? Apple needs to do whatever it needs to to get the full album... until then, I will have to resort to buying the cd at BestBuy. Apple=Fail.

SFMW2010 - Uhhh..... where is the rest of the album???

Why even post it as an album if you're not going to provide it in it's entirety. Call it "samples from the soundtrack" instead or something. This is crap!

Clarke Jones Jr - A Pathetic Excuse For A Soundtrack

The Orchestral compositions that brought the overall soundtrack to purchase-worthy status were mysteriously omitted, thus leaving the tapered result a wast of time. What remained was a smarmy, cheezy second tier assortment of mediocre '80's tunes.

Baba Lou - dumb

why bother listing the soundtrack when you have only a fraction of the songs available and they are not even the best ones: christmas is all around us and all i want for christmas


Terrible - no comparison with the film's great sound trat - Can't you do better than this ITunes

Amandabog1 - Wasted $10 on this soundtrack that isn

Wish I would have read the reviews BEFORE I purchased, now I have a whole soundtrack of fake songs! Not worth it at all!!!

punkyduck39 - Craig Armstrong???

The songs included on this "soundtrack" are ones you can buy on their own (from their own albums). But what about "Glasgow Love Theme", "Portuguese Love Theme" and others composed by Craig Armstrong. Save your money on this album, and try to find the beautiful songs composed by CA.

rellim c. - Post Thanksgiving movie :)


lovesluvactually - almost cryed

Where is PM's love theme, thats the whole theme for the movie. Put some Craig Armstong on there, the scores were fantastic

Napacab48 - This isn't everything

5 songs, are you kidding me?

gary2338 - Love Actually

I purchase an album thinking I was getting the true artist; it was a no name group. I-Tunes that,s a con game. I guess I must double check your listings. I truly thought you were a first class company.

Kix 24 - wholly incomplete

Where's the rest of the album?

USAF Wifey - Christmas is All Around???

Seriously? That is what I really want!!! Christmas is All Around is the best and main song in the movie! Boo on itunes!

Chippee - Disappointed

Totally Bummed, what a great movie. How lame of a soundtrack.

brasiliapinto - Wut!?!?

Wuts up wit dis they dun hav any of the really good songs!!!!!!

B-Morgan - Really?

The music is so beautiful and the only songs we get to have are these? What about that beautiful score? What about the song during the airport scene? Yes, I do like these songs, but I wish the ENTIRE soundtrack was on iTunes.

Conor M. - You kidding me

This partial album doesn't even have the orchestra pieces that made the whole movie

Hyram - Too Bad - Really Short-listed

The movie and soundtrack were great - but this list of songs is seriously SHORT!

girlie 228 - Pm's Love theme.

So i love that song, and it's not on here! I wrote a suggestion to apple to add this song, but i think if more people do the same they might just add it, and the rest of the songs that are not on here. Come on people, we have to join together! This partial albulm is rediculous. Join me, write a suggestion!

HHAG_5197 - disappointing

how pathetically disappointing! AMAZING score but itunes posts only 5 songs, and none of the good ones?

raelinno - Kelly Clarkson


custommade - Love Actually

Lynden David Hall, Craig Armstrong, Olivia Olson, all great performers in the movie, got royally jipped on this one. I thought they were great artists. It's a shame the album producer thought differently!

snaredrummergirl - what????

i was so disappointed as many other people were when i looked for the album to this AWESOME movie. there were so many other songs that were good i was hoping to be able to purchase. :( if itunes could put together a full album sales would be good i'm sure.

Movie Critic 1 - Portuguese Love Theme.

I came here looking for Portuguese Love Theme and was upset by it's absence. I bet there was a copyrite flaw so we can't have it or the others. That's a real shame. This is rediculous. Just give us the full version and let us buy INDIVIDUAL songs, not have to buy the whole thing for one song.

Aidiux - shame , shame, shame

I love Itunes , but to offer this soundtrack without the full tracks is just a shame.

aithne - Where is the Whole Album after all these years?

I keep checking on this every so often & for AGES... It has been partial album. C'mon! I lost my original soundtrack & have wanted to replace it for awhile. It's a great one & I mainly want the orchestral parts that bring me to tears in the best parts! Please please please give us the WHOLE ALBUM! it's been years now!

J.Kim - What the...

No all you need is love? I try to buy all my songs but if you guys don't have the songs that I want then I just have to download them from the web...

lilsawty2 - Ok?

itunes you guys are pretty good modt of the time. but when it comes to my favorite movie I don't play.When is olivia olsons "all I want for Christmas"! I mean really. get it now. you can not imagine my dissapointment in general

yoshibluehaha - Falls Short. WAY Short

Why not add music that was composed solely for the movie?? The american version of this soundtrack doesn't have music pieces from the movie that define the key, emotional moments. I'd pay extra to by the import rather that get the state side album, let alone an incomplete one.

KnuckleBuckett - Really?

That is it? What a joke. TThese tracks aren't even the heart of the movie. What a missed opportunity.

Vivi1950 - All I want is the whole soundtrack

I went on to buy All I Want for Christmas is You. It had to be Olivia. But no. Lame and really tacky not to have this, iTunes. Very disappointing to be unable to buy this song, along with Christmas is All Around! :-)

iCloudFamily - this is lunacy!

where the hell is Christmas Is All Around?

I'm in FL - Really, Apple; why bother??

Guys... just say, "We don't have it," and be done.

SimonBaker - Wheres the rest...

This album (if you can call it that!) should be removed until the whole album is available! What a con! Luckily I read the reviews before buying the album... I have not bought this album and will not do so until all the songs are available... period.

Mscas3 - Where's the Whole Album?

I too was disappointed to see the whole soundtrack was not available. Very sad to see what was available not even the best songs!!!

Jettquilts - What?

I love this movie and watch it religiously every year to get into the Christmas spirit. After watching this year, I searched for the soundtrack only to find a mere sampling of songs from the movie, with most missing that I was searching for. This is not up to iTunes standards.

one penny - love actually

so..where are all the (good) songs from this movie ??????

BitchinBuckyBarnes - Seriously?!

They didn't even put my favorite song on here! Olivia Olsen singing All I Want for Christmas is You is by far the best and she's no even on here! What's up with that?!

koryo13 - Love Actually Soundtrack

Great soundtrack. It's a good blend of the songs from the movie. From the Beach Boys to Dido and Joni Mitchell to Otis Redding, the music is wonderful. This soundtrack is a must have!!

PngwenTX - Love Actually

This is NOT the full CD. Perhaps they could not get the rights to all. I have original soundtrack CD. This is missing what I think is the best song hands down: Joni Mitchell singing most haunting version of Both Sides Now. Orig CD also contains Sweetest Goodbye/Sunday Morning perfd by Maroon 5; Turn Me On perfd by Norah Jones; Songbird by Eva Cassidy; All You Need is Love, by Lynden David Hall; God Only Knows by Beach Boys; I'll See It Through by Texas; Too Lost in You by Sugarbabes; Glasgow Love Theme by Craig Armstrong; White Christmas by Otis Redding; Christmas is All Around by Billy Mack; & All I Want for Christmas is You, by Olivia Olson.

jjjjjjujjj - empty

Agree with the other reviewers. Why even bother with this release? None of the memorable songs from the movie are here.

The Real Kimmie of NASCAR - If You're looking for other songs

Check out Norah Jones.

summergal558 - sigh

The really good songs aren't here. "Glasgow Love Theme" and "Portuguese Love Theme" both by Craig Armstrong. Please put up!!

RpGigilivelove - I Am Sad

I agree this really sad. Such an outstanding movie you would think that it would allowed to PURCHASE the FULL album. Itunes please consider offering the full original movie sound track.

andres4317 - Come on iTunes!

Really? Partial album after all these years?!? This movie is more than 5 years old. Please stop treating your customers this way!

peaches1125 - where is the original?

I had the original soundtrack but lost it after I moved home from college in 2007... where are the original songs that were on there? Why are they not available anywhere? This 5 song mix is not worth posting....

presutz - C'mon iTunes

PLEASE get the rest of the album. The soundtrack is one of the best ever. Everyone agrees you need to put the rest on here. All I want for Christmas... Is the rest of the album.


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