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A different side of Dido... But is just as good as the previous albums!  TheAbsolutK  5 star

I admite she changed a little, an i like Life for Rent and No Angel, but I like change, and change is this masterpiece. I like the music, the lyrics, everything. She's still being Dido, but i she is more mature now.


Very, Very Nice  (Lovin[music)=jm&kt]  5 star

I cannot pretend that I am or was a fan of Dido. I like White Flag, but who doesn't, so therefore can't compare her first two albums with this one. "Safe Trip Home", however, is a wonderful masterpiece. I must admit that I did not fully appreciate it at first because there is no denying that it is a slow album. That in mind, it is a brilliant slow album! It is perfect for driving, perfect for doing homework to, perfect for dinner listening, it is perfect for many things! I think that if you are a Dido fan you should at least give it a try. If you are anyone else, you should also give it a try. Again, this album is slow but rarely bores you so don't complain about the speed. Although you may not listen to it all the time, you can always stand to listen to it. And therefore if you do not want to buy the whole album, you should definitely buy 'Burnin Love', 'Quiet Times', and maybe 'Grafton Street'. Again this album may not be for everyone but for most, this is a useful and essential album of pure gold.


Dido is a goddess!  Biski  5 star

Gosh, this woman is amazing! Her music and lirics soothe my heart. As always she met my exspectations. The album (Safe trip home) is my new sanctuary. Love it, absolutely amazing!

mr emo

a good sunday for me  mr emo  5 star

today has been great first guns and roses comes out which is a good cd but i see dido had a new cd too and all i can say is wow i was blown away her voice works me over in such a good way i am so happy she and guns n roses is back


Dido needs a hug  MikeUMA  2 star

If the Dido you've been used to, from the No Angel and Life For Rent albums, has been a little too light and shallow for your tastes, this album might be right up your alley. When listening to Safe Trip Home, you might have the urge to curl up in a ball under a blanket. This is not the Dido that we got to know during No Angel's extended release. She got a little deeper with Life For Rent, but that still delivered happy tunes like Stoned and Sand In My Shoes. Dark clouds lurk over Safe Trip Home. The death of her father casts a big shadow, reminding me of the relative darkness of Sting's The Soul Cages. And the search for love and the pain of loves lost is present throughout. Trying to envision Dido performing tracks off this album, I keep thinking the best setting would be a coffee house in the Pacific Northwest on a rainy weeknight. The track Look No Further was a preview, released early to eager audiences since Life For Rent dropped five years ago. Though beautifully poetic to some fans, others who enjoyed Dido's earlier work worried of a gloomy album to come. Those concerns generally proved to be true. Don't Believe In Love carries a decent little soul groove to it. Northern Skies starts out with promise of a slow buildup to something big, but it can't get out of its own way, and plods on for almost 9 minutes. The rest of the tracks can all be lumped together in varying expressions of sorrow and yearning. If you should run into Dido on the street one day soon, you might want to lend her your shoulder to cry on. She seems to be working through some issues and Safe Trip Home is helping her get some out in the open. She's baring her soul on this record, whether that's for better or worse remains to be seen.


Love it.  ibadukefan  4 star

It's not like No Angel or Life For Rent, that is for sure. But Safe Trip Home is a really good album. If you are expecting electronic sounds, you will be disappointed. If you are expecting an angelic voice wrapped around emotional, honest lyrics you will love the album. Also, don't expect a huge Life For Rent type tour with this album. I'm guessing she will do small, acoustic type shows with these songs. Look for Ms. Armstrong to return to the beats on the next album, not because STH was a mistake, but because that is where she truly shines and who she truly is.


Not what I expected...  Skeptify  2 star

I'm a fan of Dido and have long-awaited her newest release, but, I must admit, this latest album did not impress. I enjoyed the song, "Don't Believe In Love", but the rest were just too "standard" and didn't really showcase anything I have come to enjoy about Dido's personal style.

Eric Collins

Dido does it again-- because this album is nothing new...  Eric Collins  5 star

Is this attempt anything new from the exponential rise to fame of her debut album-- no, but it is still a great listen. She coos and whispers in your ear, as if the entire album was her on a stage of feathers and down, lying in your bed, lulling you to sleep or wake. Finding oneself seems to be the greatest motif of the album. Is it anything new-- no... is it worth the time and money-- yes!!


Don't spend the money  randi.mears  1 star

I looks like people either love it or hate it. I was disappointed.


Her strongest and most alluring album thus far...  silvermillennial  5 star

It's been 5 long years since Dido Armstrong released a studio album. After her first album sold over 15 million copies worldwide and her sophomore album a mere 9 million copies, Dido was due for another record. Made popular through the global hit, White Flag, she achieved success in the United States with her second release, Life For Rent. The album was dubbed, "the musical equivalent of Bridget Jones' Diary" by critics and still remains a favorite of mine. This time around, Dido was inspired by the passing of her father. Working with a wider range of producers, Safe Trip Home has a stronger and more accomplished sound than her previous works. Dido pays homage to her father throughout the album, most prevalent in the 6 minute Grafton Street. Known for basically recording her diary and releasing it, Safe Trip Home finds Dido more raw and candid than on her other records. It is my opinion that some of the strongest albums are brought about by personal pain, and Safe Trip Home is no exception.


세기의 보석 GEREM/제렘님KixxGerem3 star

@yuriyui00: 지지난주 봉신연의 팀코 셀카! 팀원분들께 허락얻어놓고선 또 까먹었.. 애정으로 뭉친 봉신팀 최고!! @WangCottonCandy @across_f @Asura_cos @liludanyo2 @highelf_dido @you…


Jardani Jovonovich.pidi_dido3 star

@apiecebyguy: The only workout I know how to do...


Mahmoud kamalFidO_DiDo_CR73 star


WOW!!!  1radtek  5 star

There's a certain richness to Dido's voice in this album. Compound her rich voice with new percussion and you have one amazing album! She's never too high or too low, and seems to have patience in her voice. The maturation of Dido's voice is beautiful.


Satisfied  MonkeyGranger  4 star

Dido is one of my favorite female singers and she has done a well job with Safe Trip Home. Her voice is very soothing. I have been waiting for five years for her third cd and I am very happy with her songs. Thanks Dido <3


It grows amazingly on you.  Charlos  5 star

Dido's new album is a great addition to her repertoire. At first it's not as impressive as her previous works, but if you keep listening to it, you will agree the album is great.


Welcome back.  indydb  5 star

Her best work yet.


Glad to be hearing from Dido again  landrover4ever  4 star

Another lovely album. Perfect for the "quiet times" of winter.

J. L. Bird

ive missed dido, welcome back : )  J. L. Bird  5 star

dido made her hits, white flag and thank you so popular everyone from all ages and all places heard of them. now she delivers again what will no doubt become unforgettable songs in her newest, safe trip home. if you arent happy right now, then take a listen and if you still arent swayed then please go away cause this album rocks! click yes if you love these songs and dido!


It's good.... BUT!!!  TheLittleIdiot  4 star

The album is good. But what is this video that comes with the album? It's NOT the music video of Don't Believe in Love. Dido doesn't even appear in the video. When I pre-ordered it, I thought it would be the music video not the short film. iTunes you need to explain this to us. Click YES if you agree!

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