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Ready for the Weekend (Bonus Track Version) by Calvin Harris Album Songs (16)

The RainCalvin Harris 4:36USD 0.99
Ready for the WeekendCalvin Harris 3:37USD 0.99
Stars Come OutCalvin Harris 4:28USD 0.99
You Used to Hold MeCalvin Harris 3:51USD 0.99
BlueCalvin Harris 3:41USD 0.99
I'm Not AloneCalvin Harris 3:31USD 0.99
FlashbackCalvin Harris 3:49USD 0.99
Worst Day (feat. Izza Kizza)Calvin Harris 3:46USD 0.99
RelaxCalvin Harris 3:49USD 0.99
LimitsCalvin Harris 3:42USD 0.99
Burns NightCalvin Harris 2:20USD 0.99
Yeah Yeah Yeah La La LaCalvin Harris 3:17USD 0.99
Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin HarDizzee Rascal 4:24USD Album Only
5iliconeatorCalvin Harris 3:29USD 0.99
Greatest Fear (Bonus Track)Calvin Harris 6:20USD 0.99
I'm Not Alone (deadmau5 Mix) [Calvin Harris 8:15USD 0.99

Ready for the Weekend (Bonus Track Version) Album Reviews


thank you  ypatel91  5 star

i think this is the first time that itunes has actually released the song at the same time that it comes out in its itunes uk store..i think they need to keep doing this...this is an amazing album buy the whole thing is so worth it


Thank god  colorleak  5 star

I'm so happy this album is here. I once followed a link to the British iTunes, and this guy is on the front page. His artist page is personalized with unique art just for iTunes, and it has every single he's ever done. What does he get over here? Indie status. I was afraid we wouldn't be able to purchase it! Fortunatetly this isn't this case as his great songs are now available, and every one rocks. Especially the title track, in all it's disco influenced splendor. America sure has a rotten taste in music these days.


Best dance album for awhile  Iknowmusic3  5 star

Get this.


not a critic, just a music lover  l_r_v  5 star

I honestly was so happy to find out that I didn't have to wait until who knows when to buy the album. I agree that albums need to be released simultenously worldwide. Well, I'm listening to it right now and I really like this!!! I fell in love with "I Created Disco" and now I'm doing it with this one as well. I don't know anything about musical writing and such, so I don't understand why it's got mixed reviews from critics. As for me, I just like music and am a fan of Calvin's style. I recommend it to anyone who likes pop, dance and electronic music and/or anyone who's sick and tired of the same old stuff that's played in U.S. radio.


Amazing!!  lola94  5 star

Should have had I'm Not Alone on iTunes sooner!!! Great album.

Baron Von Wolfentron

Love the album...but no extended version of Ready for the Weekend?  Baron Von Wolfentron  5 star

All i listen to is dance/electro, which is why I am embarrassed to say that I surpassed Calvin Harris when I listened to his :30 samples on iTunes. I am now a Calvin Harris nut and think he is the tops. Is anyone else wondering why the extended version of Ready for the Weekend isn't on here? by the extended version I mean the one he plays live? its somewhere around 5 mins. I think. Hopefully he's releasing it on an EP or something, or maybe he just plays the extended version live. You rock man!


YES!  iDakine  4 star

I have waited way too long for this album ever since I heard Not Alone when I was on vacation way back in.... March/April. Yes. That was a long time ago. And I really did not want to have to switch to the Hungarian store to buy this. I just don't understand why I had to wait THIS long for it...


My Greatest Fear  sfc44  5 star

is to not have anymore productions from Calvin. Great work. I LOVE Greatest Fear and the Deadmau remix. amazing stuff.


Finally  JonNky80  5 star

Seriously, All albums around the world need to be released on the same day. This day and age it's sort of pointless not to do it. LOVE CALVIN


im so happy i didn't even know that this came out  FutureCritic666  5 star

i found out about calvin harris right before summer and i'm still not tired of hereing is songs. this album is suprisingly better that the first all of the songs are catchy and im definatly going to buy it now.


raxabastrvbi3 star

@gejowskawodka: w Polsce mamy takich genialnych DJ-ow typu Gromee czy CBool którzy naprawdę tworzą na skalę europejską i bardzo zasluguj…


Radio WHATRadioWHATTwit3 star

#NowPlaying Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa - One Kiss #ListenLive


Leonard OmondiLeonardHood3 star

Tuned into "#CapitalMixtape - Exclusive Calvin Harris Mix" by @CapitalOfficial at #nowplaying

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