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Lit  Zgamerplus  5 star



Recovery  MadDali💯⚜️🔝  5 star

He recovered me with his songs the G.O.A.T.


10/10  Kool_Guy_Reviews  5 star

Best album. Favorite album. Made me gay for Eminem.


Inspirational  Sarh1967  5 star

Can't wait for next album


The peak of Eminem's career  michaeljackson_mariahcarey  4 star

Straight flame 🔥🤤

This name is_already taken

Recovery  This name is_already taken  5 star

One of my favorite albums.


The GOAT  DarkSouls65  5 star

This is my favorite Eminem album by far. Eminem is the king of rap.

El chingong

Legend  El chingong  5 star

The Best. What a Masterpiece.


Amazing  7bubba  5 star



Rap God... started w Paleface Picasso  TravisRecords  5 star

Your Favorite Whiteboy Paleface Picasso 02/27/2014 Compelling evidence suggests Eminem’s newest song Rap God was written as a response to…read more »


Josh BranniganZillathor3 star

I liked a @YouTube video Eminem - "Not Afraid" Clean Cover by Sparsh Shah (PURHYTHM)


Dante Toledo e os 40 ladrõesdanvinci_3 star

@opsmaah Eminem


RIXHANNA 🅴 era cleanbitchrelapse3 star

@rollingstoneBR: Ninguém segura o Eminem


Best Rap Album of all time  Carsonrandolph  5 star

Will be listening to this for years


RECOVERY!  iguardiola100  5 star

This is more than a album to me. It has a good meaning.

AG Silvers

Best  AG Silvers  5 star

This is one of the best albums I've heard


Amazing album once again  Cubspack  5 star

One of my favorite Eminem albums. It is one of his best. It is once again amazing. Never lets us down. Keep it up em!!


AMAZING  Dogsrsweet  5 star

Oh my gosh when i listened to this he just amazed me eminem is My favorite artist by far my favorite song in this album is so bad i love the sound and the emotion to the songs keep it up em!

Munchigirl 1

Like every other bad rap album  Munchigirl 1  1 star

Disappointed. I like eminem and relapse is that cut people up and mail them out album that makes you love him. This album is overly produced with trendy overlays - we had enough pdiddy destruction of good music.

F U garage

AWESOME!!!!!😱😱😱  F U garage  5 star

I live in the middle of no where I get bored so I listen to eminen. He is always surprising me with new music. Once again he has done anuther oooooh inspiring song.


Best album ever  Kia-Rudesby  5 star

Best album ever from marshall and I love it. Special song:no love ,not afraid,space bound💪😍💪😊💪😎

Listen to real hiphop

😂😂😂  Listen to real hiphop  5 star

Lol nobody knows what they are talking about from fans to haters. This album is defiantly top 5 best albums.


One of my all-time Favorite Albums  iamastanduphumanbeing  5 star

Does anything else really need to be said?

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