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ApartmentYoung the Giant 3:55USD 1.29
My BodyYoung the Giant 4:04USD 1.29
I GotYoung the Giant 4:19USD 1.29
Cough SyrupYoung the Giant 4:09USD 1.29
God Made ManYoung the Giant 4:47USD 1.29
12 FingersYoung the Giant 4:16USD 1.29
StringsYoung the Giant 4:10USD 1.29
Your SideYoung the Giant 3:50USD 1.29
GarandsYoung the Giant 4:05USD 1.29
St. WalkerYoung the Giant 4:08USD 1.29
IslandsYoung the Giant 4:05USD 1.29
Guns OutYoung the Giant 4:44USD 1.29

Young the Giant Album Reviews


👍  itsCrosby1  5 star

This album is amazing, period. Every single song is great. Don't waste another minute, listen to this album now.


Wow!  Quid  5 star

I heard Apartment on the radio and thought it sounded pretty good. Picked up the album after previewing a few of the songs. Now I can't stop listening to it! I can't believe I haven't heard of these guys sooner, neither have any of my friends. Definitely spreading the word on this band. These guys are awesome!


Amazing!  Hahgshajja  5 star

Probably the best album I've ever listened to


My favorite  cinbennett  5 star

I bought this CD because I liked one song on it, and now it is one of my favorite albums ever. I cannot wait for them to come out with more music!


Great album...but....  Lisa/leeza  4 star

If I'd seen the extended album I would much rather have purchased it :-/. Really enjoy YTG's "sound" and "feel". Surprised they haven't gotten more recognition. Great album, regardless.

Mrs. Hernandez-Mars

Liked a few…  Mrs. Hernandez-Mars  4 star

I liked a few of there songs, but honestly i only came here for cough syrup. The few others were a plus. Im not a huge fan though…


Amazing all time favorite  Gjr28  5 star

Favorite band their music takes me to a different place im in love and obsessed I could fall asleep to n wake up to them everyday . Whoever thinks they're not "music" or flat out amazing doesn't know what real talent is .<3 them


perfect  Jkpromiss  5 star

I love this..nothing wrong with anything on here

chaka kan

just stop making "music"  chaka kan  1 star

this band i just horrible........just brake ur band up....and stop trying to get on kroq

A Functioning Human

They're…Well…Great!  A Functioning Human  5 star

Young the Giant's songs are original, catchy, and just straight-up well done. They have inspired me (and many others, I'm sure) to make great music like this.


Vin Macvinmac73753 star

@GauravPandhi: Tributes to the giant who did so much in so little time. India would have been much ahead in the race today had Rajiv Gan…


Clearly MisunderstoodForgotheT3 star

@NASAHubble: #HubbleClassic Thousands of sparkling young stars are nestled within the giant nebula NGC 3603. About 20,000 light-years aw…


WNR Radiownrsongs3 star

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