Nevermind is the second studio album by the American grunge band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991. Produced by Butch Vig, Nevermind was the group's first release on Geffen Records, which signaled its move away from Seattle-based independent record label Sub Pop. Front man Kurt Cobain sought to make music outside of the restrictive confines of the Seattle grunge scene, drawing influence from groups such as the Pixies and its use of loud/quiet song dynamics.

Nevermind by Nirvana Album Songs (13)

No Title Artist Time
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 5:01 USD 1.29
In Bloom Nirvana 4:15 USD 1.29
Come As You Are Nirvana 3:38 USD 1.29
Breed Nirvana 3:04 USD 1.29
Lithium Nirvana 4:17 USD 1.29
Polly Nirvana 2:57 USD 1.29
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 2:22 USD 1.29
Drain You Nirvana 3:43 USD 1.29
Lounge Act Nirvana 2:36 USD 1.29
Stay Away Nirvana 3:32 USD 1.29
On a Plain Nirvana 3:16 USD 1.29
Something In the Way Nirvana 3:52 USD 1.29
Endless, Nameless Nirvana 6:42 USD 1.29

Nevermind Album Reviews

I am FatNinja

how can i give more stars?  I am FatNinja  5 star

This is some good s**t! Enough said

4 extra songs

Amazing album!!!!!  4 extra songs  5 star

Has for extra songs


Heuheuheuheu  BushDid7/11  5 star

Heheheh baby penis


Love It  KidzBopIsVeryGey  5 star

One of my favorites ever, too bad Courtney Love killed him


Title  NIRVANAISBEST123  5 star

Good album


2016  MandiVllrrl  5 star

Have always loved Nirvana! Still listening in 2016 <3


I've loved them for years  Chatoyance77  5 star

Owned this album for some time now and just decided to review. Nirvana will always have a place in my heart. If only i could hear more music like theirs. Rest In Peace Kurt. πŸ’™

John McStarrison

It's actually quite easy  John McStarrison  1 star

To describe this album and it's "incredible" songwriting 1. I don't care 2. F*ck my life 3. I don't care 4. F*ck you 5. I don't care 6. F*ck the world 7. Did I mention that I don't care?


Buy it  emilys2003  5 star

Every Nirvana song is great, love their flow of music, just buy it


Good  Daboss274  4 star

It's good but there's a penis on the front


Rocket _carsonscott_ 3 star

Nirvana is a Muse


N. lvmberjvk 3 star

@globalvst: nirvana 🎼 β€’ rt if you like β€’ like if you don't


Demetri Ravanos DemetriRavanos 3 star

"Hey Demetri, what have you been listening to on your flight?" Quality - Talib Kwali Nirvana Unplugged Run The Jewels 3

A Shwartzeneger

True Alternative  A Shwartzeneger  5 star

I look at this alternative hits page on iTunes, and I can't believe their calling 3/4 of the stuff on this page alternative. I'm glad to see that this album has remained on the page after 24 years, as it should. This is arguably one of the, if not the greatest album you can call alternative, by some of the greatest musicians who ever lived. If you want to truly experience real alternative, buy this album.


Nirvana is God  Scarcieth  5 star

Nirvana is better than all of the bands in existence. You know it too


no words  Livelovelyfe  5 star

there are no words to describe how amazing this album is😍


Hair band killer  Shepherd3601  4 star

I was a huge hair band fan but Nirvana wiped 80s hair bands out with Smells like teen spirit.

90's albums rock

Get it  90's albums rock  5 star

Yes!!! just get it! you know you want it, quit delaying. it's a classic. underground and mainstream artist worship this album and they become who they become because of this album.


Chills  C-Murdaaaa  5 star

I was born in '84, so I was young, but around for the grunge era and loved it even as a kid. It is now 2015, and when the chorus kicks in on 'Smells like Teen Spirit', I still get chills up my spine and the urge to smash something thats within my immediate reach. To me, that perfectly expresses why Nirvana will forever be legendary, at least for me.


Good but could see more  0Firewire  2 star

I like the drummer. I like the band. but the album is to 90sish for its time.


incredible  Jjfrogy  5 star

nirvana is the best band I believe in the rock genre. this album isn't their best work but an absolutely AMAZING album that will stay with us for throughout all of history


Incredible  Neo1888  5 star

One of the best album I ever heard. Load sounds great lyrics. you will love it.


Dude...  Thenameiwantistakendarn  5 star

I shouldn't have to say anything y'all know this album is good!

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