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Devil Without a Cause by Kid Rock Album Info

Devil Without a Cause is Kid Rock's breakthrough album and his fourth overall. Produced by Kid Rock with John Travis, it was released in 1998 by Atlantic Records. The album was certified 11 times Platinum and by the RIAA by April 2003. The album's lead single was the rap anthem "Welcome 2 The Party." It failed to find a market and Devil Without A Cause failed to do anything until March of 1999. In March 1999, Kid Rock released "I Am The Bullgod." It would peak at #31 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and gain MTV's attention. "Bawitdaba" peaked outside of the Hot 100 at #104, and it was successful on rock radio, peaking at #10 on Modern Rock Tracks and #11 on Mainstream Rock. "Cowboy" charted at #82 on the Hot 100 and #34 on the Mainstream Top 40. It reached #5 on Alternative Tracks and #10 on Mainstream Rock. The next single was "Only God Knows Why." It would chart at #19 on the Hot 100 and #6 on the Top 40. It would peak on the rock charts at #5 on Mainstream Rock and #13 on Alternative Songs. The album's final single was "Wasting Time," which was a minor mainstream rock hit at #35.

Devil Without a Cause full album Devil Without a Cause - Kid Rock listen Devil Without a Cause download Devil Without a Cause mp3 #devil-without-a-cause

Devil Without a Cause [Kid Rock] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Bawitdaba MP3 4:27
2.Cowboy MP3 4:17
3.Devil Without A Cause MP3 5:32
4.I Am The Bullgod MP3 4:50
5.Roving Gangster (Rollin') MP3 4:23
6.Wasting Time MP3 4:02
7.Welcome 2 The Party (Ode 2 The Old ... MP3 5:14
8.I Got One For Ya MP3 3:43
9.Somebody's Gotta Feel This MP3 3:08
10.Fist Of Rage MP3 3:23
11.Only God Knows Why MP3 5:27
12.F**k Off MP3 6:13
13.Where U At Rock MP3 4:24
14.Black Chick, White Guy MP312:00

Devil Without a Cause [Kid Rock] Album Comments & Reviews

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bmw m pilot - Finally

Finally Kid Rock!!! It is so good to finally see the Kid on iTunes.

cruman87 - MY NAME IS...........

About friggin time.

BeatleBriL - what's all the fuss?

I'm a Kid Rock fan but why do people get so excited when something "finally" comes to itunes like they have been deprived of the music? What's wrong you can't listen to something until itunes says it okay? I bought this cd in 1999 and when I got my first ipod in 2004 I put it on there

Noporno - "It's been a long time coming"

Best kid rock album "Devil without a Cause" and one of the greatest of all time.

Iphonnooo - Kid rock can't rap or sing

Don't buy

krs3232 - Thank you Kid Rock

With the so called "music" that comes out these days, you couldn't have released this on iTunes at a better time. THANK YOU

Jodi252000 - Finally!!! Been waiting for Kidd to get his music on here for a long time!

I am not really crazy about his country or newer stuff, but I will take him in the old days... anytime!!! Love this album! It is the first (whole album) I have bought on here.

SYB7 - about time

classic album...

ByronBK5 - About Kid Rock Devil Without a Couse Music Album on Apple iTunes.

I Have this Kid Rock Devil Without a Couse Music Album Music CD Here at Home & i bought this Music Album CD Way Back in 1999 when they had Nobody Beats The Wiz Store so today I Bought a few Songs on here of Kid Rock Music Album Devil Without a Cause on Apple iTunes Today & I Love Kid Rock glad it's on Apple iTunes from your Fan & Costumer Byron Koukaras. :)

VictorCCamacho - Great

Kid you were great but youve gone pretty soft

kelvinator78 - kid rock

I have every Kid Rock album and have seen him in concert 5 times. This isn't only his best album but I find it hard to think of any album by anybody else which is better. I like all of his other albums too but if I could only choose one, Devil Without a Cause would be the one.

BelieveJesus - Alittle late.. iTunes!!

But good memory's of the past

SoSuperSondra - Great album!

I'm SO glad that itunes brought back Kid Rock. I had downloaded this album from itunes when it was released years ago then for some reason itunes did away with all of Kid Rock til his newest release weeks ago. All the songs are great on the album. Cowboy is my favorite song. I LOVE Kid Rock!!

Chris Abelovsky - About time

Finally Kid Rock is on Itunes, All we need is for Tool to get on itunes as well.

JohnnyD1984 - what a joke

his career, as successful as he was..what a horrible talent, waste of sound..

Mbenez - One of the Greatest Rock Albums of All Time

Listening to all of the greats, Zeppelin, Guns, Metallica, regardless of one's career perspective of these bands, this CD ranks with the greats put out by the previous bands. Every song is solid. It is one of those rarities that you can start and finish without skipping a track.

Cozahome - Mt Clemens

It's about time kid

callen454 - FINALLY!!

Thank you

Lioninthenight - Kid Rock's Best

This is the one to get. ;)

berrygirl0613 - it's about time

This is the one of the best rock albums to come out of the nineties. songs like i am the the bullgod and devil without a cause it brings me back to my young angst that gets me pumped everytime i put this album on.

Paul Boujee - Kid Rock's Best

One of the best albums of the late 90's. Kid hasn't been the same since. Classic.

MeRyanDMetalFan - Too much swearing

Really explicit

me4301 - Yes.

This album is perfection from beginning to end. I miss this Kid Rock.

Calebrumfield - Clean?

I don't want the explicit version but really love the album and his style.

Moonlight4ever - Cowboy

Been waiting forever for this album! Cowboy is the best song ever!! Get over the swearing! It's 2013 and it says explicit for a reason!!

CVgsmackfan - Very good album

I really like this cd and would recommend it to any fan who doesn't own it.

Upriser 2.0 - Awesome

Practically every song is good in it's own way.

Bryanmbg - Finally its here

Waited for years for itunes to have this album and finally You'll like most songs on this album, hoorah!!

DawnBeastie - Yippe!!

Halla-freakin'- lleluja!!! I am soooo tired of seeing the "Rock Kid's" Albums whenever I check to see if anything has been added to Kid's Catalog. What a loser, trying to make money off an open hole in iTunes collections. He's also on another site for downloading music that I have seen. I can't believe these sites/companies let them do it, and the real artists haven't shut them down yet. Or, in Kid's case, just beat the crap out of him. :D Ok, MAYBE I did, accidentally, download one of the 'Rock Kid's' songs, ACCIDENTALLY. But iTunes or Apple Support(whoever it is you go to) was awesome, and refunded my money. They agreed it was definitely a easy mistake to make. Unfortunately they could not remove the offensive crap. Much to my dismay. @_@ Oh Well. I tried.

Computergrrl - Finally!!

Gunna get my Bawitaba on!!

stroodle01588 - KID ROCK!!!!


Rizzle-Dizzle - Love it!!

His best album!!

James Winter - It's about time

Finally, the best and only Kid Rock album i have ever liked. Reminds me of the late 90's and this LP was simply awesome. Glad to see it's finally available for download.

RedHotChiliPepperKid1996 - Thank You

This is a good album and people need to learn to appreciate good music

Chillnthemost - Must have

Always 5 stars to the kid. Albums a must have to any true kid rock fan. Now i dont have to worry about my kid cd's!! Although Still have cassette to this album!

Bomberback - The spark of his career

This album is the perfect mix of kid rocks old school rap career and him beginning with more rap metal with a little beginning of his acoustic songs/country vocals. With songs from only god knows why to welcome to the party, bawitaba, cowboy, to a good feeling funky wasting time and I got one for ya. Great job by the crew.

Ligit rater - Kid Rock!!!!!!

This album is amazing love devil without a cause I recommend

ScarlettRenee - Kid Rock

First time I had ever heard Kid Rock was Cowboy playing on the radio...HOOKED !!! I love this CD and love the progression of his music to this moment... Sadly, I seen a couple bad reviews here and I wonder what kind of a person comes to a site and says just stupid useless comments, reflecting their lack of intelect. Typically, when we love something, we want to express that, but unless someoone does us wrong, WHO is gonna waste time here just being..for a lack of a better term--- >> STUPID !! I hope that their time spent here keeps them from bullying someone in real life.. Thats worth seeing their pathetic posts here !!

Adam Martin - Bias

It's hard to take this album serious. Like others of the rap/rock era, Kid Rock struck the right cord in the late 90s. This album was huge for its time. It has attitude. I listened to this album from front to back. I absolutely loved it as an 18-year old. And now, I still enjoy tracks at age 31.

BawstonsnowploW - Great Album

I remember listening to this album growing up, still great! Thanks iTunes for getting it together and putting another great album on here!!

BigbadDCP - Great Album

Kid rock is one of my all time favorites and this is the album that put him on the map. His best album yet.

Jeff_da_dude - my name is KIIIIIID

this album brings back so many memories <3

MrVertigo13 - Imitative

and derivative. A cheap attempt at a tired supposed "southern" sound w/out any innovation. A shchnore and bore.

Bobbies_ky_girl - LOVE LOVE LOVE

This is the cd that turned me on to Kid Rock back in 99 :)

Ecurb87 - The Best

I own this CD and History Of Rock wow, great memories! Must buy! About time it gets to iTunes!

E15W - Finally

Now I'm just waiting for the clean version of the album.

Pedro.pia.grande - Rock for plutocrats!

Kid Rock is a joke and so is this album. It was corny and hackish back in the 90's, and still sounds dated. Makes me glad to have lived through it to see a brighter and better day for music.

Saben104 - Thank you...

...joining the party SO late, Kid, but SO welcome to have you on iTunes. Saw you at the Hard Rock for NYE and you still got it. Can't wait for the 15th!

WillyM79 - It's about time

Now get Def Leppard on here

beninh2o - GOAT

This is without a doubt my favorite album ever. Glad it's now availabe on Itunes.


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