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To Be Loved by Michael Bublé Album Info

Direct download To Be Loved by Michael Bublé albums file at 320kbps audio quality. To Be Loved album file uploaded on April 12th, 2013. Michael Bublé - To Be Loved album info will be updated!

To Be Loved full album To Be Loved - Michael Bublé listen To Be Loved download To Be Loved mp3 #to-be-loved

To Be Loved [Michael Bublé] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.You Make Me Feel So Young MP3 3:05
2.It's A Beautiful Day MP3 3:19
3.To Love Somebody MP3 3:15
4.Who's Lovin' You MP3 2:56
5.Something Stupid (feat. Reese Withe... MP3 2:57
6.Come Dance With Me MP3 2:46
7.Close Your Eyes MP3 3:33
8.After All (feat. Bryan Adams) MP3 3:37
9.Have I Told You Lately That I Love ... MP3 3:26
10.To Be Loved MP3 3:41
11.You've Got A Friend In Me MP3 3:25
12.Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)... MP3 2:56
13.I Got It Easy MP3 3:38
14.Young At Heart MP3 3:42

To Be Loved [Michael Bublé] Album Comments & Reviews

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Imprecis - Michael - please stop being a pop star !

I just can't listen to this - he was my favourite singer, but now he just sing for money. He was an artist, but now he is buissnessman :/ I want old Michael back :(

JoshuaImanuel - Amazing

Michael Buble is so good

Maddie Music273 - I can't stop smiling!

It is a beautiful day when i listen to Michael Buble!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best song i ever bought from him! You have to listen to it's a beautiful day!!!!!!

TheirMomHisBabydoll - AMAZING.

To be fair, I never really gave Mr. Bublé a chance until I bought his Christmas album, recommended by one of my clients. HOWEVER, I've been hooked since then. I've always listened to Sinatra and the like and now Michael Bublé. This album is terrific! He nailed it again. Best songs, IMHO: I Got It Easy, Who's Loving You and It's A Beautiful Day, but the entire album is great! Never stop singing, Mr. Bublé!

Buble' Girl - He Has Done It Again!!!

Michael has once again produced a wonderful album. He has taken new risks and has evolved just as he has as a performer. He is happy, in love, and he is about to be a father. This album reflects how he feels right now, Happy and excited for the future. I have seen Michael twice now and i'm happy to say he sounds exactly the same as on album. He is one of a kind. His musicality and vibrato always comes through so smooth and majestic. I love Michael with all my heart. I have been a fan of his for almost a decade. His music takes one on a journey to explore the true emotion behind his music. You won't be sorry! Get It!

directionermixersoldier - He IS auto-tuned, BUT...

Yes, there is auto-tune. But there always has been. And it's a part of the industry. Jason Mraz has said in the past that he's never made anything without auto-tune. BUT Michael has a true, strong voice. And he can carry his own without the auto-tuning. He just uses it on records so that it is the most perfect version of the song possible. And he is a real artist. And this album is amazing. The end.

Santa's cutie - Music Therapy

Listening to it will make you better.

AndyMLincoln - Perfection

He Blends Modern and Vintage so well! This is some of his best work and is a must for any MB fan

jellis4148 - #1 fan

I Love all his songs! His voice is amazing!

Lolowhollywood - You make me feel so young

The essence of music is felt and it brings back the classic good feel of music

Kristen Evans - My Buble can't disappoint..

There's no way I couldn't love one of his albums! Amazing as always!

MMariano - BORING!

Michael is one of the great entertainers and pop voices of any generation. He rediscovers a great tune like "I'm Your Man", It Had Better Be Tonight" and of course, "Feeling Good" and places a fresh spin on it. But, enough already with pilfering the Sinatra/Nelson Riddle song catalog. It's getting tired. This album is a drag and his worst output to date. It's so lazy. Put your time into choosing better material!

coles1mom - Ok


ICUMaryLou - Amazing

Another hit as usual

Morgan224 - Too bad soo sad

The song choices are not good...I tried to like this album but just couldn't... :(

FritoDoritto - Love it!!

I love your songs!!! Whenever I listen to them I dance:) keep it coming!!:) and might see you in England this summer!

Tinamaoud - Amazing

Lovin' this album! Michael never ceases to amaze me :) his voice is the best!

Pop Xmas 2014 - Buble' at his BEST

I keep listening to this album over and over again. His interpretations of these masterpieces are incredible. I think he sings these songs better than the original singers. This is, in my opinion, the best piece of work Michael has done to date. I highly recommend that you buy this album, especially if you are a fan of Buble'!

TheMan188 - **Greatest Album of the Year**

One of the greatest single albums ever. Every single track has the highest & most eloquent caliber of orchestration known to the ear. Bublé's voice is bar none the best in the business. An absolute powerhouse. Country, rock and rap artists are going to be stepping aside & clapping from the sidewalk when this starts to hit. No one beats Michael, period.

uuuuuuuuuuudu - I bought the CD

The new Sinatra. F Z100

PAWhftrbja - Mike in Concert

I have seen Michael in concert at three different venues. He is fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Great show and one of the greatest entertainers of our time. The TV shows he has done do not compare to his live preformances.

_kathy62 - I'm practically melting! <3

I don't get why some people are hating on this album. IT'S AMAZING. Michael Buble's music on here is still wonderful like his past works. He's truly been blessed with great musical talent.

plastered14 - It's been such a long wait....

Have been yearning for more of Michael's beautiful songs to woo me. Had almost felt forsaken. Am sated for now--this album was the hit I needed.

prodigcal_daughter - Never Disappoints!

I am seriously in love with this man! His voice is so melodious and he's singing some of the very best music ever made. Standards/classics.:. And manages to mix in his own originals. I'm in love with Michale Bublé! This album is masterfully created. Can't wait for his concert this summer!

dkoverlord - AMAZING ALBUM

This album of songs are sooo awesome ...!!;) They get me going for the day!!

litolandia - Not his best work. (sad)

This is not his best work..........Sorry!!!! I will wait for the next one. JL

J Dog McNasty - Its Buble!

Its Buble, I got a man crush on him. ok seriously, this is a decent effort, kinda went a little more mainstream on some cuts. but the classic buble is in there. solid effort.

PsychJMD - Michael does it again!

Yet another awesome album by my favorite artist. Way to go Michael! I especially love #5. Who knew that he and Reese could sing so well together? And #2 has to be the most cheerful breakup song ever written...

Ampoliros - I do have to laugh

Seeing so many complain about Buble being "too pop". This is how he's always been and now more people are starting to notice.

AJST1987 - Amazing!

I have just heard of this man and let me tell you, I was not disappointed with this album and I am a fan. If you want to listen to some REAL good feeling music, then this is a must buy. Though I do not understand why iTunes has him in the Pop genre, that doesn't matter. This guy is definitely a diamond in the rough for sure.

night of the android77 - No

hes to bubbly for me

To Be Love - Michael Buble

Love the new song!

AuTuMn;) - Best album EVER!!

Wow! Again, Mr. Buble had outdone himself. A definite must buy!!

HeatherontheHill100 - Hope this is just a fluke...

Stop the arguing, his voice is not auto-tuned. However, it is heavily glossed over. All the beautiful tremor and flicks between phrases in his voice have been almost completely rubbed off in the mixing. Also, it seems too compressed throughout; claustrophobic, like there's no space in the tracks for them to breathe. I feel bad because you always hear him in interviews talking about how he records the band and vocals together live in studio, which is great, but if you're not going to mix it right, what's the point? Also, is it just me or is his songwriting getting worse? "Everything" and "Lost" were beautiful, but now his songs seem so trite. "it's a Beautiful Day" is far too cliche for my taste, it even borrows directly from Duke Ellington's "Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me" and other classic music from his genre. Its like he's trying too hard to be a modern crooner when he doesn't need to. He's been writing with the same person the whole time, so I think he needs to work with someone new every once in a while to freshen things up and get his touch back. Buble's arrangements have always been highly stylized, but usually they vary in theme inside each album. This one seems to stick to an overwrought Nelson Riddle 60s variety show for the whole record. I saw his Christmas specials and I appreciate that he's trying to bring back that Perry Como, mid-century aesthetic, but it doesn't translate well in this recording. I'm highly disappointed with "Something Stupid." It's a fabulous song, but his voice doesn't mesh with Reese Witherspoon's as well as I'd hoped, and the heavy-handed modern beat isn't woven with the usual big band well at all. It would have served the song much better to have a simpler arrangement that focused more on the flamenco guitar work. That being said, "Come Dance With Me" is fantastic, vintage Buble. In short, Michael Buble should get David Foster back at the helm as producer, fire whoever mixed this, and write songs with someone else for a while. I sincerely hope this is just a fluke, because I love his previous work. Better luck next time, Buble.

hjmmusicfanatic - Oooh my goodness!!!!

I LOVE this album, but apparently all those haters out have been listening to so much junk they can't even recognize true talent when they hear it!! THIS IS NOT AUTOTUNED. Its his real, legit voice, and he's more amazing then any of y'all could ever hope to be. Bublé is never disappointing, and the album is awesome and energetic. A must-buy for Bublé lovers. (Or lovers of musical talent) u rock Bublé!!!!!!

stanzi1996 - no

Im a fan of Michael, but honestly im not impressed with this album... it seems its more to put you to sleep and its boring.. was hoping for something better

MsWeb6 - He's done it again !!

I have all previous releases and this one rates right at the top ....

Emily33333 - Amazing!

I listen to the album all the time! Defiantly gets me going and makeshift want to dance!! :)

Kyky - Just WOW

Lovin it!😊😝😜💚💙💜

windsofthewest - Young at Heart

Who else can take songs we already love and make them even better?! MB is one of a kind and always will be. I don't think a lot of people realize how much of a storyteller he is with his music. Ive been waiting since his Christmas album and this definitely delivers. Although the pop tunes aren't as catchy, he makes up for it by far with his masterwork takes of "You Make Me Feel So Young," "To Love Somebody," "You've Got A Friend in Me," and "Young at Heart." They have all the big band trimmings and soft poignant memories. MB has transcended into an artist we can't even define because he's so imaginative and brilliant. He is bringing songs back "to be loved," and he does it flawlessly.

Ryuhime - Goin strong

Great music. I have several of his cds. Beautiful day is a different flavor, yes, but much like his Christmas cd, it fits into a niche and mood. Saw him In concert 2 years ago and haven't been disappointed since. MB and the backstreet boys or whatever pop group aren't even on the same scale of measurement.

LayLay9700 - Perfect!

I love Michael buble! His Christmas album was amazing! And Iam so happy to have new material and as I suspected, he didn't disappoint. This one is a must have

Groupeee! - Best Ever


MusicalMuse13 - ERHMYGERHD

I LOVE Michael Buble! His music is so refreshing, I have waited for a new album from him forever and it was SO worth it!! <3 his music

SexySaxman53 - Amazing!!!! Big Huge Fan of his style!!

For all those that say its auto tune....its mostly reverb. Reverb for those who dont know is just echco. You can play with the reverb and give sort of that auto tune sound because its double tracking your voice. i use reverb in my recordings and my friends think its auto tune all the time but there is a difference. And there is nothing wrong with Auto tune either...expect some people like to use it in a very annoying way but its very great way to polish your hard work on a record...and everyone uses it why wouldnt you use todays technology to your advantage. But hey thats just what i think. But still i got this CD as my Graduation present! Great songs and great person! Love this album keep it Michael buble!!!!!

Lotr lover9 - I love him!!!

Michael Bublè is a great singer. He is very talented and I am entranced with his music!!!!

Admmcm - Who else is tired?

It's enough with this wanna be tool. His music is not good he doesn't look like Sinatra. It's time to quit the act, it's getting old.

Ramisa Musa - He just keeps getting better

Micheal Buble is my favorite ❤❤ he just keeps getting better and better!!! The frank Sinatra of this generation! I definitely recommend this album, love the track "it's a beautiful day" from here

ACoW3121 - Very good!!!

Did anyone realize that "You Make Me Feel So Young" is the song from the motion picture "Elf"? I love this song. I love his original composition "It's A Beautiful Day" though. Wonderful job. Now "Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) [feat. The Puppini Sisters]", along with "I Got It Easy", not his best piece of work. But still, a wonderful album, would buy 5x's over if I could.

Kevin Candora - Didn't dissapoint

I love the direction of some of the new tracks.....his voice can fit so many genres. I have already bought some of the songs and can't get enough. Not as big of a fan of the duets with others, but everyting else is pretty good! He, unlike others (Groban), seem to know what we want and just keeps on delivering.

MrAaronCross - Just amazing

Micheal your music is amazing !! And love your voice !!!!

akrajpal - Really good music!!!

Omg you really have a taste like norah jones. Are you both brother sisters? Same kinda jazz type music. Loved it.

अंकुर धनकड़ - Smooth jazz

What a lovely lovely voice ,..

DarXmusic - Awesome song

BGM is awesome

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