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Direct download Extended Play - EP by Fleetwood Mac albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Extended Play - EP album file uploaded on April 30th, 2013. Fleetwood Mac - Extended Play - EP album info will be updated!

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Extended Play - EP [Fleetwood Mac] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Sad Angel MP3 4:03
2.Without You MP3 4:39
3.It Takes Time MP3 4:09
4.Miss Fantasy MP3 4:17

Extended Play - EP [Fleetwood Mac] Album Comments & Reviews

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Heatherwillow - LOVE IT but why no Stevie in Lead singing role

I would buy what ever they put out, love them forever. I would have liked to have Stevie sing lead now and then and normally they split it up pretty evenly. I hope there is more to come and this is just a taste

la2161 - Big Disappointment

So sorry...I loved Fleetwood Mac so much. It's never been the same with out Christine. Don't waste your money. You'll be out $4.00, but most importantly, you'll be terribly disappointed.

CABlue49 - Fleetwood Mac's first indie release

A refreshed Fleetwood Mac - and it sounds just as melodic as it did 30 years ago. Stevie Nicks said "Lindsey took a melody pill when he made his Seeds We Sow album". Sounds like the melody pill is still going strong. These songs remind me of the best tracks on Mirage - warm and tuneful, like a classic Fleetwood Mac record should sound.

northdj - northdj

Fantastic. Been a Fleetwood Mac fan since the early 70's and buy anything they put out.. But one thing: why can't Cristine record a few songs on their next album? This necessarly dosen't mean she has to tour with the band. Just lend her voice on a few tracks to keep the sound we all love alive.

Chi ILL Observer - Oh Hell No!

I love Fleetwood Mac but this is not that Fleetwood Mac. Where is Christine McVie my favorite member? Look, best of luck and love to you all. But I was looking for the classic sound mixed with today's groove. This just sounds like you all just recorded some stuff (I have another S-word in mind) and released it.

langelo68 - overproduced

too polished, overproduced.... shiny on the outside....pretty empty inside. too bad.

Michael Gross - Great little album.

Always great to hear this group.

Sebastian's Dad - Solid!

This is a very good EP. As previously mentioned "Sad Angel" is the stand-out track. It seems to me that Lindsey appears to be the main driving force in keeping this band going. If Stevie Nicks isn't represented on this, maybe she should sit down and WRITE some material. It was a struggle to get her to write stuff for "Say You Will" and although I have no idea what's already been recorded, it appears to be the same here. I mean the only thing she can muster is a Buckingham Nicks cast off track? Don't blame Lindsey or complain if he is heavily represented. He's been very prolific in recent years and appears to be continuing with that trend. I love it!

Mstub - THE MAC IS BACK!!!

Fleetwood Mac is one of the greatest bands of all time and this EP is nothing short of that! It shows that Fleetwood Mac may be getting older but still knows to how evolve with the times and continue to sling out amazing tracks! THIS EP IS A MUST BUY!!!!!!!

miccus - Aspire and Inspire.

These guys have been doing it for over 40 years and can still make fresh sounding music not lost in the past or mired in the present.

Senatorstevedavis - Nice

Nice easy going short album. Better than a full album of filler. Like that they are not signed anymore with major label. Sign of the times!

ancient listener - yech

god awful--stay retired

RoohBear0 - Worth $4.00

I consider this album a hold-over to something coming later perhaps. Hey Mick if you're reading this, why not bring Bekka Bramlet into the group? I see a lot of comments about people missing Christine, so Bekka might be a good addition. Heck, add a couple of others while you're at it (just please don't make your next album Hawaiian-themed).

aaronmaclover - old charm with a new direction but classic.

This is classic Mac with a little bit of new sound, I personally was very excited to hear they had released new tracks so I HAD to buy this and show my support for them. The tracks are very good. Lindsey still brings an energy to the songs and Stevie is haunting and beautiful as she always is. I can not wait for their concert here this month. It was spendy but I could not turn it down for anything. Love thses guys.

deedlydee - Is it all Lindsay songs? It is, isn't it?

People looking for the Fleetwood Mac sound of 76 - 80 should expect to be disappointed. It's definitely 4/5ths of that band, but I would actually be disappointed if they weren't at least attempting to evolve their sound a bit. The playing is tight, the recording very intimate, with the vocals very up-front and dry, like they're sitting in a small room with you. I think it's an honest record, and I hope it's a sign of something a little more elaborate and lush (but still moving along forward in their timeline) coming.

KevinK41 - It's OK. Satisfying, but not overly.

Sad Angel and Miss Fantasy rock. The other two are dreadfully bad. The mixing as really horrible. These songs have so much potential, but the quality of the songs are buried in the crappy mixing. Having heard Sad Angel performed live, I understand how good that song can be. Too bad the radio will never know.

Cvmurph26 - April Fools Day was last month.

Love Fleetwood Mac but this must be a joke. TERRIBLE!!!!

DisneyMusicLover - Very disappointing. Where did the talent go?

I just don't get it. It been years and this is all they could come up with?if it wasn't for the name of the group, these songs would never see the light of day. Maybe it's the stopping of drugs that has caused this.

Rebote - Lindsey

BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bluejeans13 - Love Lindsey's Vocals

It's a pure pleasure listen. I personally love Lindsey's voice and on all the albums, when he sings lead those are the songs I gravitate to, so this is a treat to own and enjoy. The background vocals of Nicks really does make the chemistry of the music come together. I wish they would come out with more. Glad they are still together making great music.

Candy Apple Blue - The band suffers from sounding like a cheap imitation of former self.

The real stand out track on this EP is obviously Sad Angel. It sounds like classic Fleetwood Mac. The song reminds me like it would be off of 1982's Mirage actually. The rest of the tracks sound like Lindsey's solo work. Even with Stevie Nicks voice sprinkled on top of the tracks it doesn't feel very Fleetwood Mac to me. Let's face it, although most people are drawn to Stevie & Lindsey in the band, without Christine McVie the band suffers from sounding like only a cheap imitation of it's former self. Bring Christine McVie back and then we'd have a real Fleetwood Mac record again. It was no accident that Christine songs were usually the first singles to be released off of their albums, "You Make Loving Fun", "Say You Love Me" "Hold Me" "Little Lies" ect. With her input this really does just sound like another Lindsey Buckingham solo record. Not that that's a bad thing but it shouldn't carry the Fleetwood Mac name. It makes me feel lied to.

Revc - This certainly bodes well...

Christine McVie is irreplaceable, but life goes on. Fleetwood Mac has relied on Lyndsey Buckingham's capable hand for close to 40 years now, and with good reason. This EP is solid, and hints at good things to come should they go full out and give us another complete studio release.

Dan Howard - This is awesome! Quit complaining!

You know what, people change, "children get older and they're getting older too" (awesome 'Landslide' reference). You can't always expect them to stay the same. You complain how they never sound any different and when they do you find SOMETHING to complain about. Even the smallest thing. This EP is great! I love it. I heard 'Sad Angel' and 'Without You' in concert and they sound just as good on this. Props to you Lindsay, Stevie, Mick and John! PS, it's Christie's own fault she's not there anymore

Chuck-58 - Nothing to get excited about

If you are hoping to get the same quality ballads and musical range these 4 tracks are not anything special. Stevie Nicks unfortunately lost the range of that beautiful voice we remember. A fantastic band of the 1970's and 1980's. Recreating that special chemistry again is impossible. If you are a die hard buy anything Fleetwood Mac for $4.00 have fun.

JJaxx211 - Great music by a great band!!!

Now, Fleetwood Mac... go make some more!!!

Pam74055 - Excellent!!

I don't understand the negative reviews. If you like the Buckingham Nicks album, you should love this. Good stuff!!!!

Tequeeza - Fantastic new stuff

Its great to have some new Fleetwood Mac material after all these years, the songs sound great and Lindsey is a master guitarist. Shame there is not more Stevie but maybe this will prompt the band to put out a full length CD.

2volvos - Still great after 40 years....

Give it a rest. I'm just glad they're still playing together (miss Christine though). Going to see them tonight in Tulsa and couldn't be happier. Saw LB in 2011 and he was phenomenal! Much talent and passion for what he does.

captfantastic - Nice, but

When are the pre Lindsey/Stevie LPs going to be here. Bob is gone, can't hurt you now.

Khaled AB - Fantastic!!!

Their best work since Tusk! Addicted to "Sad Angel" !!!

TerrenTooDope - The Mac Lives on

The Mac Will always be great . And this EP is bad . Enjoy the music cuz it's Alot better than a lot of Your favorite artists latest music ... LONG LiVE tHE MAC

BebuLiana - I AM HAPPY!

After hearing Sad Angel for the first time at their recent performance, I could not wait for the release of the album. It brings me to tears. Very happy "The Mac" is back!!

kenny ray rocks alot - THE MAC IS BACK

chill out guys.. im sure if they do an entire album there will be more of Stevie.. with that said..ROCK ON FLEETWOOD MAC

MGiddy24 - The Mac is back!

Love it!

none113 - Fantastic!

Just saw them in concert! Fantastic!!

Brandiagain - Christine, You Promised...!

This new EP is solid work....but I think it is missing Christine's touch. Please come back, Christine!

monkeysuncle99 - :-D WOO HOO!!

What a nice surprise! I think the unannounced arrival on iTunes is much more fun than waiting for weeks for something. I love "Sad Angel" and "Miss Fantasy" and knew immediately that "Without You had to be from Buckingham Nicks days. "It Takes Time" is growing on me. For those complaining about the minimal appearance by Stevie, I read an interview where she said when it came time to record she was not up to it due to family issues but that they recorded the basics with her in mind and she was very pleased to find that her addition fit perfectly. We all know if this ends up being a sneak peak of a whole album she'll be all over it. These guys constantly remind me that in the end something new is better than rehashing the old stuff.

Longlake07 - People, calm the Mac down...

FM didn't have to release this, but they took a chance and here it is on the iTunes top 10. Maybe it's not their greatest work, and yes it largely sounds like LB solo work (which I personally love), but these tracks are by no means, "dull" or "throwaways", like many other people are making them out to be. Sad Angel, in particular, is a stellar track! If Stevie was just a little more prominent, a full album would be fully welcomed by me! Keep it up, Fleetwood Mac!

Bran005 - Great EP!

Great to have new music! A must buy for the true fan. Looking forward to seeing them perform these songs live.

Thesabredance - It's good but....

Musically and lyrically it's good but it's lacking that intense emotion that can only be fired in the crucible anger. It sounds pretty obvious that Buckingham and Nicks are pretty happy right now. I think they do their best work when they're angry, especially with each other.

MGGGH - Have they lost the formula?

Not bad but not great either. Buckingham leading vocals with Nicks playing backup? Noooo! Let Buckingham loose on the guitar! But let Nicks lead the vocals, and then let the famous bass and drums combo of Fleetwood & Mac give it all depth. They should play to their strengths more.

Stick ford - OK

I'm a big Lindsey fan; so this is nice. For a Mac album Stevie is quite buried here, and the band is really missing Christine's contribution. It's not the same magic without her voice and some of her songwriting included. It would be so great if she would come back to the band for an album or a mini-tour.

OSUAlum94 - Still Classic

Sure it's only 4 songs, but they are solid. Each one sounds like they could have come out during the Rumours/Tusk/Tango in the Night period. I was concerned the tracks might be missing something without Christine McVie yet was surprised to find they sound complete. Classic riffs, good vocals, and strong songwriting are still the hallmarks of this group. Nice to see they haven't lost the touch after all these years. My rating would have been 5 stars for a longer album.

BradLoekle - Pains me to say it...

... But this is the worst work I've heard from them them (or anyone of their caliber) in years. I am a devout fan of both FM & Stevie as solo artists. But this isn't worth the bandwith it takes up. They are all capable of so much more. Lyndsey has brought his now infamous over-production to these tracks. Stevie is an after thought which is both insulting and counter productive to a band for whom all their greatest successes came from the two female artists involved. I was not "happy" with Say You Will (LP), but it was epic compared to these tracks. A real, true swing and a miss for such legendary artists. It's sad to see and worse to hear

SFGerard - Where's Stevie?

I luv Fleetwood Mac and have all their music (with Nicks & Buckingham) but this music is so overly produced (sorry Lindsey sometimes you need input into your work) to make it just right. How come we don't get a song with just Stevie Nicks singing? Where is her Fleetwood Mac voice? BTW I luv SN and have seen her several times live and also have seen Fleetwood Mac live. They are great and legends in their own time!

rcnick98 - High hopes, slight let down

I have to start by saying I'm a huge Stevie fan, so was a bit let down to hear what sounds like a Lindsey solo mini-album. When the two sing together it is wonderful, but over all I'll stick to Stevie's solo music (In Your Dreams) on the iPod. If the Mac does a full album like "Say You Will", I'd be happy. We'll see what happens. PS- saw them on current tour and it's a great show, two song on this mini release are performed.

Heybud33 - Awesome Music!

So stoked to hear great music from one of the best rock bands ever! Stevie and Lindsey compliment each other so effortlessly...and Mick and John are perfection! Definitely a "Buckingham/Nicks" vibe...great stuff!!! Only wish there were more songs!!! Keep them coming!!!

Salek1 - BUCKINGHAM nicks

BN redux - more Lindsey than Stevie which is too bad. Lindsey's ballad "It takes time," should have been sung by Stevie. The EP is definitely worth purchasing for any fan, I esp like "Miss Fantasy" and "Sad Angel," which highlights Lindsey's guitar abilities. Overall, well worth the purchase price.

Listener from Ohio - Love the music!

Great EP! I only wish Stevie were more of a presence. I enjoyed ALL of the songs, but at least one more Stevie song would have been nice. Also, I wish her vocals could be heard more on Lindsey's songs. I was at their concert in Columbus last month (opening night of the tour!), and they sounded amazing! It was an awesome concert, and I highly recommend that you RUN (don't walk) to get your concert tickets! I'm planning on catching them again in June in Cleveland. Thank you, Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John for sharing your talents with us and being a part of our lives!

64kix - Nice to hear

Not all new here. Without You was written before lindsey and Stevie joined FM. The sound is pretty good here. Good to hear this music.


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