Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) Album Download

Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman Album Info

Direct download Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) album file uploaded on October 21st, 2003. Alan Menken & Howard Ashman - Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) album info will be updated!

Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) full album Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) - Alan Menken & Howard Ashman listen Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) download Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) mp3 #little-shop-of-horrors-broadway-cast-recording

Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) [Alan Menken & Howard Ashman] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.Prologue / Little Shop Of Horrors MP3 3:22
2.Skid Row (Downtown) MP3 4:05
3.Do-Doo MP3 1:25
4.Grow For Me MP3 2:59
5.WSKID MP3 0:59
6.Ya Never Know MP3 3:10
7.Somewhere That's Green MP3 4:10
8.Closed For Renovation MP3 1:41
9.Dentist! MP3 2:31
10.Mushnik & Son MP3 3:47
11.Feed Me (Git It!) MP3 6:38
12.Now (It's Just The Gas) MP3 3:39
13.Act I Finale MP3 1:08
14.Entr'acte MP3 1:06
15.Call Back In The Morning MP3 2:04
16.Suddenly Seymour MP3 3:37
17.Suppertime MP3 2:29
18.The Meek Shall Inherit MP3 6:46
19.Sominex / Suppertime II MP3 2:03
20.Somewhere That's Green (Reprise) MP3 3:13
21.Bigger Than Hula-Hoops MP3 1:29
22.Finale Ultimo (Don't Feed The Plant... MP3 3:30
23.A Little Dental Music MP3 1:45
24.The Worse He Treats Me MP3 2:29
25.We'll Have Tomorrow MP3 3:27
26.I Found A Hobby MP3 2:07
27.Bad (Film Version) MP3 2:33

Little Shop of Horrors (Broadway Cast Recording) [Alan Menken & Howard Ashman] Album Comments & Reviews

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thephantome - GO AUDREY TWO!!!

I love love love love love love this musical the music is AMAZING! BUY THIS WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!

Marcus - A GOOD review from a harsh critic

Whenever I see that one of my all time favorite pieces of theatre is being revived and released on CD, I am always optimistic that any changes that have been made will make the piece sharper, more focused, and allow the artists to re-create their roles with fresh interpretations. Happily, this is the case with much of the new recording of Little Shop of Horrors. First, what hasn't changed; not much has been added to the score itself. A few bits which were in the Original Broadway Production but not on it's CD have been added. ("Call Back in the Morning" as well as an expanded "Mushnik and Son".) The bridge to the title song (used in the film) has been added to this Broadway score, which I like. Most of the organ has been replaced with brass, which I am not sure if I like, but it adds a bit of pop to things. The portrayal of Seymour varies little from that which is heard on the Original Broadway Cast Recording. Hunter Foster does, as the New York reviews said, have a very nice voice indeed, and his characterization is nice... it's just the same. For the new things: Kerry Butler gives a surprisingly good performance as Audrey here. Much more grounded in reality than Ellen Greene, while still maintaining that SCI-FI fairy tale feel. She makes Audrey more of a real person rather than just capitalizing on a unique character voice... and what a voice!! A remarkable mix of sweetness and power that make her tracks a joy. I like the Doo-Wop girls a lot here, and I think they were sleighed by their recording technicians. The opening recording sounds very sparse and flat compared to the previous recording, but it is definitely not their voices. I think the recording is to blame, as well as a bit of monkeying around with the arrangement of the harmonies. A bit of work could have made them sound as full as I am sure they do in real life. The rest of their songs, including "Ya Never Know" and "The Meek Shall Inherit" are done well, and are very cool. Mushnik and the Dentist give excellent performances here as well. Mushnik's voice is strong and clear without that false "Mushnik" character voice that is so commonly heard in the role. Orin (the Dentist) is very good here too, meeting the challenge of doing the role justice without imitating Steve Martin. The demo tracks here are a great treasure to find, including Alan Menkin performing "A Little Dental Music", a song Seymour sings with the "Muzak" playing in the dentist's waiting room. Such a beautiful melody. There are parts of this recording that I wish had more "kick". Sharper percussion, maybe, or just slightly more focused timing. Overall, there are tracks here that are not as good as the versions on other recordings, but, and this is my big but, there are tracks that are better, and will stand (for a while anyway)as definitive. Well done.

mjp804 - Love The Prologue

I'm going to be totally honest. I have never seen the show or the movie, but my high school is putting on this production next spring so Ifigured that I would listen to the first song. I can't wait to do it. The perfect way to end my senior year of high school! I recommend this album to all!

Mad Dog395034 - The most orginal idea in ages

I saw it on tour and the story was ok but the songs are the best i've heard in a long time so if you are a broadway show tunes fan, buy this!

works no more - strange and interesting plant

This is the best musical soundtrack out there! The songs are amazing! I don't even have a favorite song, they were all soooo good!!! The plot was great too, just not the movie version. I listen to this like six times a day at least. I'm serious. You HAVE to buy this whole album. Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't. Audrey 2 will getcha. ^^

bwayboy22 - GREAT!

this is one of my all time favorite musicals. i have never seen it on stage, but i love the music. this is the best album of the show too. being a 12 year old who wants to be a broadway director, i can actually see the show by listing to this. this is one of my all time favorite shows. and i think this recording does the show absolute justice.

K. Kringle - The Musical is so underappreciated!

"Little Shop of Horrors" is one of the best musicals I've ever seen. It's so original, too. Alan Menken's music is beautiful and fun and completely... relevant to the situation, you know? I thought that Seymour was perfect in some songs (like "Suddenly, Seymour"), but in others he seemed to break character. He wasn't that constant. And Audrey had a beautiful voice, but she didn't seem to know what she was talking about. Ellen Greene's voice did get a little... "iffy" sometimes, but it was like taking a trip inside Audrey, and letting her real feelings and thoughts and hopes come out. But this Audrey portayed her character very well, and that's a tough job! The Greek Chorus is fantastic, I think. Three part harmony like that is very difficult, and to move and dance at the same time like that is amazing. Mushnik and Orin and all of the other characters were perfect choices. (I especially like "Mushnik and Son", although I wish it had more of a tango-ish spice to it.) Even though I've been mainly talking about the negatives, this is an extremely well-done version of my favorite musical. Spread the word!!!


It's the most amazing music ever. This version has a new, rock feel to it. Especially in "Suddenly Seymour". I LOVE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS.Buy this album now. =]

Los Guzmanes - I love little shop!

I really do love this album, but it has its goods and bads. This version is very colorful, and in the cases of the prologue, ya never know, don't feed the plants, it helps, but for some of the great songs like skid row it doesn't. I also love the horror theme that makes it spooky, but always manages to bring back the great little shop tune (eg: act 1 finale, somewhere that's green reprise). The best singers are definitely the Greek chorus. Hunter Foster is ok as Seymour, but Ellen Greene is pretty much the only Audrey. I personally love Steve Martin singing dentist!, even though he isn't a singer or anything. The bonus tracks are also cool to have, but it is wierd hearing a duo of Audrey and Seymour being sung by two guys. Overall a great album, but don't forget to see the movie.

Bergiepizza - WHOA WHOA

My school is doing a play, and I was fortunate enough to be in it. I am so happy I get to listen to this music everyday. BUY THIS ALBUM

{storm} - Buy This Album!!!

This is my total fav when it comes to Musicals. The songs are exciting! Well, I cannot really describe it, it is a wonderful album that every musical lover should own to listen to over and over again.

3l!z@b3th - sdd

dfdgbvhhjh %%%%%%% 5stars111111

Mr.Mushnik - Oh Boy, This was some good times.

I was Mr. Mushnik in high school musical along time ago. A 17 year old boy, born and raised in a very rural community found myself in a role acting as a late 50s Jewish man. Mr. Mushnik was one of the best roles I have played. Man makes jokes, does a little song and dance, dies in a very dramatic way... The music on this album is an amazing piece of theatre history. Good times were made with these songs oh many good times... Thank you Apple for making this album an easy access for many others to enjoy. ~ Jimmy R.

PCT girl - READ FOR GOOD REVIEW!!! And I know Musicals!!!!

Okay, this is probably the coolest broadway musical ever I mean (for me) its above You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (and I'm a Charlie Brown nut) If you won't take that its good from anyone take it from me, I have been doing musicals for 7 years DOING them, meaning being in them! I know what I'm talking about when I say a show is good and this is great. All of the actors gave their best performance they could and did amazing!! If you think you won't like it because of the whole human eating plant thing think again besides the plant is my favorite character followed closely behind with Seymour of' course. Hunter Foster did amazing!! Buy it, for your own good and uh, don't feed the plants. :)

TheSkyExplodes - Great CD, OK Show

"Little Shop of Horrors" isn't the best show. So kill me. But, this happens to be one of my favorite CD's in my library. "Skid Row" perdectly captures the way all the characters are stuck in the skids of a city. "Somewhere That's Green" is a beautiful dream song for what I like to call a "Barbie-Doll life". How adorable! "Dentist!" is just hilarious. "Mushnik & Son" has a great inner-monologue that shows Mushnik's true personality. "Suddenly Seymour" is one of the sweetest love songs I've ever heard. "Finale Ultimo" has a great tune that I can never get out of my head. And the extra tracks, specifically "The Worse He Treats Me", "We'll Have Tomorrow" (which they left a bit of in "Finale Ultimo"), and "I Found a Hobby", are great, and should have been put in the show.

Knitting Knerd - Okee dokee

It's semi decent. I like the do-wopiness. It's entertaining, but the voices are only so-so. Basically it's not the greatest musical ever, but good if you love them. By Suddenly Seymour. That is a good song. And the best way to gauge how much squeekiness you're willing to put up with. Much Love.

raliegh - LOVE IT!!!

out of all three of the Little Shop recordings that are on itune most defently buy this one!!!!

Tmoe - awesomeness

I loved the show when my friend's school did this show and the collection is great and singing them while practicing the musical i was working on brings hilarious memories...o and dont feed the plants hahahah

Liam bing - Great

Come see one version of this great play at the Garden City High School, garden city, NY on March 23 or 24

Lexa1521 - It's okay

Many people who have rated this have liked the movie. The movie had none of the good songs and Steve Martin played the dentist. He is not the best singer to put it lightly. The origional broawdway version, this one, is so much better. I actually saw both. If you like broadway music then I would like to sugest Rent or Wicked. They are my favorites.

hunna - Well...I really do like it

The broadway cast did a great job and theyreally deserve the praise that they get... You should buy this album!!!haha..

Buggy_Banana - briliant!!

i will admit to the fact that i have never heard the orginal recording, and im okay with that. ever since i bought the cd i haven't been able to stop listening to it. the plots kinda twisted and you can tell how just by listening to the songs, but even before i had the recording little shop was one of my favorite shows. its just so differnet and the music is alot of fun. i bassically reccomend it to any theater fan.

spyfox dry cereal - Amazing

I love little shop of horrors, and this soundrack is impossible to stop listening to. I love it!!! I saw the play, and It eas incredible, I just saw the movie, the worst thing I ever saw. Why did they ruin it like that? Well, Little Shop is unbeleivable, definatly buy this album. Don't feed the plants!

Lissie Lu - i luv it

This was an awsome movie with totally awsome songs that i can actually sing to ha ha funny huh? anyway i luv the song suddenly seymore and feed me and dentist really dont think im dorky or that the movie is dorky because it really isn't its pretty good. so well thats it toodles!!!!!!!!!

cjpizzaguy - Excellent Show and Soundtrack

This show rules! Its highlights include the show-stopping tunes Suddenly Seymour and Feed Me, the creepy mood-setter Suppertime, and the thrilling piece of exposition Skid Row. My high school is putting this show on and I am playing the cameo role of Skip Snip (William Morris Agency). The bonus tracks with Howard Ashman and Alan Menken are great, as well (Alan Menken could have been Seymour easily). Also, the voice of Ellen Greene, who was Audrey in both the 1986 movie and on Broadway, is not imitated as well as Steve Martin as Orin Scrivello, D. D. S. Great CD.

Kelly2435 - AMAZING!

This album is AMAZING!! Good thig its not the album to the movie. If you are ever auditioning for this play (which I recently just got audrey hehe!!) DONT watch the movie. I almost didnt audition b/c the movie is soo bad!

Charles Dail - A definite "Must Have"

Possibly one of the best shows known to broadway, Little Shop of Horrors thankfully appears on iTunes as a full album. This is definitly an amazing album... a definite must-have.

Hipponay - A twisted musical, and a great star playing the Dentist!

If you like Little Shop, this is a great album. It's a very twisted story, so not for everyone (and the broadway show is more twisted than the movie and has a different ending). But, Douglas Sills (Orin the dentist, and other characters) has an amazing voice and in my opinion is VERY funny. The CD doesn't quite do justice to the live version, but is a good second place!

vneialcjklz; - love suddelny seymour

suddenly seymour is the best song on this cd you should get it.

hpfan6 - I like it

I liked the movie but I think that the soundtrack sounds worse than the movie.


This show is one of the best shows you will ever hear in your life! The music, character develpoment and anazing hunter foster (Seymore) will blow you away! there is no way this is not on the top 5 list of best broadway musicals ever. This ranks number 3! Please for your own sake, buy it!!!!!! Oh one thing. if you do get a little squimish about a crazy man eating plant eating people for the sucess of a young poor kid, i would not reccommend it.

thefunnyboy - Why choose? Pick this one?

If you have to choose between the Off-Broadway recording and this one, it should never cross your mind to pick the former. The singing and orchestra are miles ahead of the original recording, and the extra songs (including one from the movie with the original Audrey II, Ron Taylor) aren't half bad either. There's no reason to choose the original over this.

2 mUcH 2 HaNdLe - LOVE IT!

I saw this recently with some friends and i have to say that I loved it!! It was a really original idea and the music was fantastic!!

kp_ohsnapxx - WOW!

I've never actually been in this show.. but ive seen it on tour, at my obvernight camp and at my high school ,a dn everytime i see it the more i love it. Some songs really stick out..while others just are part of telling the story. my favs are skid row, grow for me, somewhere thats green, dentist, suddenly seymour, and dont feed the plants!<3Kay

China_Doll - Amazing

I took part in the school musical, which was little shop, and the only reason why I purchased this album was to listen/ help me learn the music. However, I am so happy that i chose this version because it is absolutely amazing! This is my favorite musical by far!

crocpot_2 - Hunter Foster AND Kerry Butler in the same musical?!

This is an absolutely amazing revival cast, with standout performances by Douglas Sills as Orin Scrivello (D.D.S.!), Rob Bartlett (Mr. Mushnik), DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey, Carla J. Hargrove as the Urchins do a fabulous job, and Michael-Leon Wooley as the voice of Audrey 2 is perfect, without duplicating the movie or the original cast album. But the best performances go to...Hunter Foster and Kerry Butler. Making the role their own is hard, but it can be done. Their voices are perfect for the roles, and "Suddenly Seymour," where its not the best number in the show in my opinion, still showcases both of their voices (more Kerry's) nicely. Mushnik & Son, in which Rob and Hunter TANGO (!!!!), steals the show in it's Fiddler-esqu way. Right after, Feed Me (Git It!) makes Mushnik & Son seem like an opening act to this rousing almost-act 1 finale. Finally, the final song (Don't Feed the Plants) is so catchy, you will not be able to get it out of your head!

*shle* - AWESOME Broadway Show and GREAT music!!!

My high school did this show one year, then I wanted to see the movie, and then I was so escited because it was finally off broadway and "on broasdway". Me and my mom went to see it and I was singing Suddenly Seymour, for about a year. THIS IS AN AWESOME MUSICAL, and it was even better live, too bad it isn't on anymore. But something ironic is that Hunter Foster (original Seymour) also played Leo Bloom in the Producers (Broadway). I advise everyone to at least try this soundtrack, it is GREAT!!!

lllllllllllllll - Kerry Butler is amazing

I love Kerry Butler as Audrey. She is by far my favorite broadway actress. If You Like this by Hairspray {Kerry is in that too}. But anyway.Kerry should have atleast been nomintated for the tony or even better won!

Aaron's Girl :D - WOW...LOVE IT!!

OMG...the drama club at my school (stratford high school) just did this play and it was really good. So of course I feel in love with it and now it's on iTunes. :) Yay!!!!! I love Suddenly is such a good song and I would love to see this play on broadway! I definetly recommend this play to anyone that really likes plays!!! :)

Musical lover!!!!! - OMG!!!!

I lOvE tHis MuSiCaL!


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