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Direct download Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) by Trivium albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) album file uploaded on October 11th, 2013. Trivium - Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) album info will be updated!

Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) full album Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) - Trivium listen Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) download Vengeance Falls (Special Edition) mp3 #vengeance-falls-special-edition

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khughes86 - its good

but idk, trivium is very frustrating for me. I've been a fan since ember to inferno, but one thing that bugs me is they get too influenced at times. There are songs where I'm amazed and there are songs where all i can hear is david draiman. I will say that matt's clean vocals sound better than ever on this album, but I'm more of a fan to equal screams and clean vocals. It is a must for any trivium fan

Omar__ - So awesome!

After listening to Brave This Storm I knew this album was going to be good. Was not disappointed.

jsumner10 - Ummmm

Well, I just sampled this album and that was enough for me. I think they made a big mistake by having David Draiman produce this album. This album sounds like a complete sell-out and is nothing like Ascendency (as it was compared to in an online review I read). I'm not against a band changing it's sound over time, but this doesn't sound very good and now they sound like all those other cheesy metal core bands that didn't make it past their second album. I won't be spending my money on this album as I suspect many of their other fans won't. However, I'm sure there are plenty of people who will waste their money on this album. I know they are huge fans if Metallica and I guess they are following in the footsteps of Metallica and selling out...kudos to them...I guess?

InfuriatedBox - Trivium has failed me

To start I was skeptical of Trivium having the dude from disturbed produce their record but, I gave it a chance despite my overwhelming sense that this would turn into the crap that it did. I never expected this from Trivium Shogun, Ascendancy, and In Waves were all pretty good and that's an understatement. I feel as if they have turned more alternative then metal. To me Vengeance Falls is a wannabe Disturbed album. Their is no doubt in my mind that they could have done far better. I've been a fan since the beginning and I'm disappointed :(

rickpellegrino - Trivium, typical of metal industry...

Ascendacy and Shogun were rediculous. In Waves was decent as well, and I figured this album was going to be unbelievable, since I actually was really stoked after hearing Strife. However, this album gets a 7.5/10. Yes there are fewer screams, which maybe a problem for some. I am indifferent. Nonetheless, the album is mixed very well, the vocals may be a bit high, but it works for that Trivium "sound." Strife is a very catchy, excellent Trivium tune. Only other awesome song is Villainy Thrives. Everything else is mediocre. More of those two please. I would still recommend this album, Trivium fan or not. Nice job guys!

BirdmanPHD - WOW!!!

If you remember when you heard Trivium for the first time and how it hit your ear, then this will do EXACTLY the same! Matt's vocals and the overall heaviness of this album make it an absolute MUST for your listening and of course, head banging pleasure!

L3V3LER - AWEsome

GReat ALBUM!!!!

Metal-To-Melody - Great Album

I have been waiting for new stuff from trivium and this album is pretty good. That being said it is not an album thats based on many good songs it is more hit and miss. I liked; striff, it has a metallica sound with a harmonic chorus; Brave this Storm, Heavy main riff; Incineration, good pit song; Wake, cannot wait to learn this one on guitar! Great Album, was not as good as some of there work on shogun and In Waves but a great addition to my collection of trivium.

TacoManDan - Semi new sound

This album is freakin' fantastic! The riffs make my ears bleed with joy and the new vocals have really complex melodies. Clearly Draiman's (Disturbed) influece on the vocals. This can be called a sequel to The Crusade, so if you loved that album, this is prob better. Don't miss out. Oh and tho the cry babies naggin' about the exclusions of screams, go listen to Acendancy... Yeah i believe that album is probably their best but it doesn't not make this album weak, still very very heavy and a must buy

ijgh99tjjt9932993jj24 - Ermahgerd I came

When I was listening to this album Jesus Christ himself rode through my window on a golden dolphin pooping out diamonds and silver wearing nothing but a tunic. Right then and there I splooged everywhere. This album gave me immortality it was so good.

TheAbar - Sad, mixed Feelings.

Where's the Trivium that I know and love? Where's the head banging, blood pumping, heavy Trivium that I used to hear? Sure this album has it's peaks but I was expecting more. I know bands evolve, some better or some worse but to me this was for the worse. Shogun was their peak in my opinion, and then it slowly dwindled down. I'll be waiting for their next album.

JEDI KITTY - Love it

Amazing album!

MetalHed4Life - If I wanted to listen to Disturbed...

...I would have bought a Disturbed album. This is crap, much worse than In Waves, and David's fingers are all through it, from guitar riffs to Matt's vocals. Where is the Trivium we love from the first 4 albums??

Col46784 - There is nothing special about this

The instruments are great but the disturbed style singing has got to stop!

One-Man Riot - Should be called "Descendancy"

or "Brave This Album" Remember Shogun? *sigh* This is not Shogun, or even In Waves, which was overall very good in my opinion. Vengeance Falls basically sounds like Trivium has gone full Five Finger Death Punch as far as their sound. However if you're going to do FFDP, ALL your songs need to be "catchy", not just "Brave This Storm" and "Strife"

JayArghhh - It's alright

At least it's not as bad as Hail to the King. xD

Nightmare Revelation - Great Metal album!

Great album!

Wolf197928 - TRIVIUM........๐Ÿ‘Š


;ladjsf;lj - Not good, but not bad either

This is much more bearable than The Crusade, at least. I'll admit, some of the songs are pretty catchy. This just isn't my cup of tea on the regular though.

BamaJake666 - Good

I miss Matts screams. That's the only thing I will say.

goats rule - Solid album!

There are some great songs that have amazing solos and breakdowns. Keep it up Trivium.

Crastius - Well...Disappointed.

I was really stoked for this album, but after listening to it..well.. extremely disappointed. I've been a hardcore Trivium fan from the start and supporter, but this isn't what I was expecting. Everything sounds the same, and some of it does sound like Disturbed, which is a little irritating. Could have been a lot better, but hopefully they'll get their balls back and give us some real Trivium sound.

66nogo - Vengeance falls short with Draiman

As if a7x didn't wear out the word vengeance 5 years ago, Trivium will now attempt to do the same. As one of my favorite bands for the last decade I have seen 8 times live( great live by the way) I am utterly disappointed they used Draiman to produce this album. His paw prints are ll over it. It is not what I am used to or expect from Trivium, but its their album. I thought Suecof and Trivium were an unbelievable match and the reason most people love the albums that were made in that time period. Not for me but I wish them the commercial success they are obviously chasing.

hahahehoo - Good album

I like the direction and sound that Trivium is going towards. I still think the older Trivium is better. The Crusade and Shogun were their best albums in my opinion. I hope they don't abandon the old Trivium.

Bigbadrib - I Miss Old Trivium

Bring back the fire you guys threw out with your older albums. Everyone who has wrote a review has compared this album to the older albums. I want to draw the comparison of Trivium to Metallica. Like Metallica with the Black album, Trivium had their transitional album with Shogun. We all got a preview of the demise. Not to diss either album, they both were good solid albums, but you could tell that change was coming. Metallica never really had another successful album after the Black album. Now it seems that Trivium is following a similar route. I really hope I'm wrong on this one but something is lacking on both In Waves and Vengeance Falls. The grit and soul that was Trivium is fading with each new album.

MetalMD - Is this Disturbed?

Haven't heard the whole thing, but man does this seem like a big disappointment or what? It sounds awkward and forced and doctored. It also sounds a lot like disturbed. Expected more from trivium

supatdog - Whole album

This band is extremely musically talented. The whole thing with this band is the singing. The screaming is not good not that I think death metal singing is almost ever good. His light singing voice is not so good either. So all it does is leave his middle voice, his Metallica voice. It is the best it is a lot of fun to listen to this band when he sings with that voice. Everyone seems to rip him for sounding like Metallica with that voice but it is the best sound they have by far. Stop hating on it.

tae000435 - VENGEANCE FALLS!!!

\m/ it's awesome I love this band

Rv6700a - To the haters

Best album since ascendancy... Not sure why there is all the hate... I'm not a fan of the lame Metallica sound they had for a while. Glad they got the anger and melody back in it.

MichianaMan - \m/ \m/

Very well done and put together. Draiman's influence is noticeable but not over the top. If anything, he helped them find their sound. I agree Draiman's band Disturbed became generic and predictable; but nonetheless, he's incredibly talented and proves it by taking this already great band and polishing them into something even greater. I'm reading a lot of reviews from other fans on here that are upset the band doesn't sound exactly like the last album; I think thats very shallow minded of them and Trivium has grown and changed with each album in a positive direction. Keep killin it Trivium ;)

JHR77 - Great album

This is my favorite album by Trivium, all that screaming on their older albums is good but it gets old, the band has to try a different approach to grow and mature. And to those who are saying they sold out is too funny. I don't think Trivium is the type of band who sells millions of albums so get over it.

Zork of spiffy - Just not the same

I just can't get around the fact that they seem to have abandoned their unique sound for the sake of pleasing others. Ascendancy was one of the most amazing and revolutionary albums because of it's intricate guitars and shredded vocals. Unfortunately, that's mostly gone now.

RSDarkko - Not bad, but not Trivium's finest

I hate to say it but I'm kind of on the fence here. I've loved Trivium since day one but I feel like in their quest for a more "melodic" sound they kind of latched onto Draiman's idea instead of making their own. The easiest way to tell is to listen to the main riff of "Strife" and then go listen to Disturbed's "Guarded" on Ten Thousand Fists. It's almost the same progression sped up. Now, I liked Disturbed back when, but I came to listen to Trivium. Not the best one guys, but keep trying; you'll find it again at some point.

Jknapp33 - Awesome Album!!

This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Their is clearly a disturbed influence on songs like "To Believe" and "Brave this Storm" but its still a great album. There are even some songs that remind me of their older best albums like "No Way to Heal" and "Incineration: The Broken world." "Wake (The End Is Nigh)" is also one of the coolest songs I have ever heard by Trivium. Not Trivium's best album but I think it's pretty close.

hispanic_italian_ - Trivium!

Idc, I'm still a fan, and I always will be. Although, they do need a more heavy tone. This is tooooo bubbly and soft for them. :)

liquor_up - Trivium needs to trust in themselves!

Don't let another band write your music. I hope this album grows on me. I want more Shogun and In Waves!

DV321 - Perfect

Always good trivium

pfreak1 - Decent release for a modern sorta metal band

I'm not a huge fan of Trivium, but I love that they moved away from the terrible screaming vocals that are so pervasive in metal today. I hate screaming vocals. Every band that does it sounds identical to each other, and even from song to song. Metal vocals - to me - are supposed to be some of the best in music. Dio. Tate. Dane. Vocalists with range, power, and melody. Trivium doesn't have a vocalist capable of pulling off a top tier performance which makes this a little generic sounding, but it's far better than any screaming vocal garbage out there.

fitman30 - Vengeance

Trivium amazing

thatdude - Growing Older Isn't Bad!

Honestly, people are bashing on this way too hard, "the Band sold out, its softer, etc." , you want their old stuff, go play their old stuff. Over time, bands gradually mature, and yes there are some angles that some bands just shouldn't do (Metallica, St. Anger), but for the most part these guys have the chops for more melodic tunes, so no complains, plus Strife thrashes pretty hard.

Red Sox fan19 - Beautifully put together.

A true Trivium fan will understand, for the low star givers. They just wanted more screaming and are mad David Draiman produced it....Matt clearly said he wanted to focus more on his vocal range. Therefore he went with David a great clean my opinion of course.

85 fan 4 life - Nice job David

Pre ordered this album and haven't stopped listening to it since! No, it's not the classic screamo trivium, but it's still a great album. David Draiman did a great job with this band, you can definitely hear a little of him in their songs. Great album, buy it now!

RidetheLightning74 - Trivium at their finest!

It's between this and Shogun for Trivium's best album! From the first listen I enjoyed this album and it keeps growing on me! There isn't a single song on this album, bonus tracks included, that I don't like. Honestly all the songs are amazing and although some seem repetitive at first you really start seeing the differences in each after every listen. A must buy!!!

RichBuc - Trivium Rules

One of the best released albums by Trivium!!!

B-Saq - Meh...

Nothing special about this one.

- Dissapointing.

This album deserves a solid 3 stars, nothing more, nothing less. Production quality is top notch, and that's about it. Now, I'm not about to compare this album with another one because each album is totally different. I have been a very big Trivium fan ever since I heard Ascendancy, thinking that every album was unique and unpredictable; however, they've been going downhill ever since In Waves, and even In Waves was decent compared to this. This record is by far the worst and most dissapointing. You can tell they didn't take very long coming up with most of their songs since they're mostly breakdowns and recycled power cords in the background. It's not technical anymore: it's mainstream, predictable metal. To make it worse, there is a heavy Disturbed influence throughout the album. I love Disturbed, but Trivium is not Disturbed. Intro riff, singing, chorus, singing, chorus, solo, singing, closing riff. This is the song structure for every song. There is no technicality or experimentation found throughout the album. I am sad to say that I will never purchase another Trivium record again.

TV fan : p - I've lost my faith in modern metal at this point...

Every one of my old mainstream metal favorites is failing. First, Atreyu broke up their awesomely mixed sound into two unappealing veins, David Draiman started that sad excuse for an industrial band Device, A7x traded in creativity for a sound already developed and popular, NIN traded in their aggressive industrial metal/rock sound for a weird electronica/minimalist garage industrial sound, and now... Trivium. What can I say that hasn't already been said? The album sounds same old, same old. Strife sounds overproduced and is only the greatest example of rife overproduction. Many songs sound like the same "neo-thrash" sound (as put by Rovi) that Trivium has been sporting since the Crusade, a great album since it was the first time they ventured into this area. I find the "more melodic direction" to be overly sentimental and, as with A7x, an excuse to become more popular among the general. It's all technically proficient music, which is why I kept it at 2 stars, but it lacks in memorability and in creative emotionally exhausting atmosphere. Even if they aren't selling out, they are running out of ideas to create good, (even if only somewhat) creative music. Screw you guys, I'm going prog/post! The underground metal scene seems to be the only place where I can find emotional, non-formulaic, and enjoyable music.

Zoeloft - Was excited but ended up so terribly bored...

There is nothing spectacular about this album. Riffs felt mostly unimaginative. It makes you wonder if the band even enjoyed recording this. I've liked this band for awhile now but this really didn't hit the spot.

mckrackas - no such this as a bad trivium album

I love trivium with all my heart but i do wish they would go back to their sound from Ascendancy.

Metal Generation - Incredible album

What is it with some of the reviewers on here? They don't let the album sink in before they write a review. Some reviewed the album based on two songs, another based an opinion after hearing it streamed. Not very fair to the band. Personally, this is some of Trivium's best work. I've been a fan since Ascendancy, and I love that album and the heaviness. However, the band is going for a more melodic sound, and although I'd like to hear some more epic Shogun-type songs, I love their direction here. I don't hear anything overly "toned-down" about this. I don't even hear that much of influence by David Draiman that is negative. Am I the only Trivium fan that also likes Disturbed? I almost wish he would have helped them with their "In Waves" record and made it more cohesive. "Vengeance Falls" and "Villainy Thrives" are two of my faves here. Great melodies and the guitar work is phenomenal. The entire record really grows on you after some listens, which tells me it's not a "quick opinion" record. My wish for future Trivium releases is: keep on with the melody, always keep it heavy, a bit more screaming in places, but give us a couple "Ascendancy-ish" songs as bonus tracks.


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