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Alternative is a compilation album by English synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys. It was first released in 1995. Alternative is a 2-disc set, consisting of 30 B-sides in chronological order. The title Alternative was a last-minute change from the title that had been long saved for such an album, Besides, but that title was taken by American rock band Sugar, who released their own B-sides compilation two months prior. Alternative only really gained popularity among devoted fans of Pet Shop Boys with the exception of the UK, where it entered the charts at #2. A remake of the original 7-inch "Paninaro" entitled "Paninaro '95" was released as a single (which was featured in the later PopArt set) to promote the 2-disc compilation. The cover of Alternative features photographs of Tennant and Lowe in fencing masks. The first copies of the CD have a lenticular image on the cover which shifts between the two photographs. Neil Tennant admitted in a radio interview with Absolute Radio that a second B-side album may be released in 2010. This materialised on 11 November 2011 when the duo announced through Varsity that they would release another B-sides album in February 2012 titled Format.

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Alternative [Pet Shop Boys] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.In the Night 4:50
2.A Man Could Get Arrested 4:19
3.That's My Impression 5:18
4.Was That What It Was? 5:14
5.Paninaro 4:40
6.Jack the Lad 4:31
7.You Know Where You Went Wrong 5:51
8.A New Life 4:56
9.I Want a Dog 4:58
10.Do I Have To 5:14
11.I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too) 4:54
12.Don Juan 3:54
13.The Sound of the Atom Splitting 5:12
14.One of the Crowd 3:55
15.Your Funny Uncle 2:16
16.It Must Be Obvious 4:24
17.We All Feel Better in the Dark 4:00
18.Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend 4:28
19.Losing My Mind 4:34
20.Music for Boys 3:36
21.Miserablism 4:10
22.Hey, Headmaster 3:06
23.What Keeps Mankind Alive? 3:24
24.Shameless 5:02
25.Too Many People 4:17
26.Violence (Hacienda Version) 4:58
27.Decadence 3:56
28.If Love Were All (Bitter Sweet) 2:59
29.Euroboy 4:27
30.Some Speculation 6:34

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