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The Marshall Mathers LP2 (Deluxe) Album Reviews


Straight Savage  SavageChincilla  5 star

Headlights, Rap God, and Wicked Ways will always blow me away. The rhythm is just so, what’s the word, like it tends to fit in with everything else. Awesome. Keep it up


Rap god  Dhbvrtyhhb  5 star

Yes please


GREAT!  ShadyLane24  5 star

Can’t wait for REVIVAL.


Classic Em  Jedi1988  4 star

So this is Eminem going back to what made him famous in the early 2000’s. The album only has one or two bad songs, the rest of the songs are flawless. Not as good as SSLP, MMLP1, TES, or Relapse (my opinion), but amazing album. This album would be more appreciate and closer to classic status if it weren't for that Encore sounding “So Far” song and the title of the album. Can’t make a sequel to the greatest rap album of all time. It was never gonna live up to that.

i love you zomboyyyyy😘💚💜❤️

🏅🏅🏅🏅  i love you zomboyyyyy😘💚💜❤️  5 star


Lwate_ br

YESS!!  Lwate_ br  5 star

Rap god is lit!!!

Zip zap dodo

No words needed  Zip zap dodo  5 star

Simply great


If available I stars  Ghostwolf200004  1 star

This guy has no talent I hate him


Kik  Shifkewooxmdnwjwxmxnwsi  3 star

Kik hotlickiered for nudes she's a girl

3:30 Crossridge church

It's easier to cuss and rap than not cuss and rap!  3:30 Crossridge church  1 star

Eminem, you think you can destroy my reputation Well the thing I care about right now is only my education When I was young, they said I needed medication The medication was not even close to as strong as my determination This is too awesome that you will need a translation You need Christ for your best transformation Only Christian rappers like NF have my admiration This is not the end but close like the book of Revelation


HERE'S THE DEAL  RacingWater8  5 star

Look... I bought this album the day it came out, and a couple more times (Google Play and a real copy) and I have studied this album for 3 years. This did not live up to the first MMLP, but this album is absolutely amazing. Should not have been title MMLP 2, but that does not take away from the fact that this album is a masterpiece. So what if it has a "pop" feel to it, listen to the lyrics and the meaning behind it, rap has evolved, get over it. Can't wait for the 2017 album 🔥

and one11

rap god  and one11  4 star

rap god is awesome


Don't try singing rap god 😂  Jaden.Huber  4 star

Songs good, but lyricscomingatyouatsupersonicspeed😂😲


Da best  Gorgy1  5 star

Now this is rap, not like this music this days!


Legendary  Q-Man19  5 star

This album is legendary. Eminem is the G.O.A.T. End of story.


Berzerk and Rap God  Evanbomb  5 star

There are alot of good songs on this but my favorites are Berzerk and Rap God. EMINEM has been my favorite for years. I like how in Rap God how fast he can rap. And also in Berzerk it goes hip-hop to rock kinda and that is just the best. I think EMINEM is the best.


The king will live  aav10  5 star

U will always stay the best no matter who try to over throne you. Me and many more will always say your the best no matter who steps up to the plate massive respect toward you no matter what. Peace.

The best album of Star Wars

Em  The best album of Star Wars  5 star

Is king


Nothing can compare  DustySpartan  5 star

If u rate this album below 5 stars something is not okay in your brain. Eminem is 100% the best rapper alive.


GOAT  ethanlees  5 star

Eminem is and always will be the greatest of all time

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