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Mind Over Matter by Young the Giant Album Songs (13)

Slow DiveYoung the Giant 0:47USD 1.29
AnagramYoung the Giant 4:54USD 1.29
It's About TimeYoung the Giant 3:45USD 1.29
CrystallizedYoung the Giant 4:00USD 1.29
Mind Over MatterYoung the Giant 4:04USD 1.29
DaydreamerYoung the Giant 3:58USD 1.29
FirelightYoung the Giant 5:33USD 1.29
CameraYoung the Giant 5:12USD 1.29
In My HomeYoung the Giant 3:39USD 1.29
ErosYoung the Giant 4:10USD 1.29
TeachersYoung the Giant 3:40USD 1.29
WavesYoung the Giant 4:38USD 1.29
ParalysisYoung the Giant 4:34USD 1.29

Mind Over Matter Album Reviews


Perfect, amazing, every positive adjective there is  Therentistoodamnhigh  5 star

This album was well worth the wait! I would also recommend seeing Young The Giant in concert. Sameer's voice sounds exactly the same if not better live. Exceptional performers, exceptional record. I really can't describe how wonderful this album is. I'm in love. BUY THE ALBUM. P.S. date me Sameer


Awesome.  gheysauzzz  5 star

Anagram- 10/10 It's About Time- 10/10 Crystallized-8/10 Mind Over Matter- 9/10 Daydreamer- 8/10 Firelight- 9/10 Camera- 10/10 In My Home- 9/10 Eros- 10/10 Teachers- 10/10 Waves- 9/10 Paralysis- 10/10 Overall- 10/10


6/10  JMBCanton  3 star

I've been a huge fan from the release of their incredible and perfect debut. When I heard the first few singles of this new album, I enjoyed them, but didn't love them. I bought the album the day of the release and now regret it. The only enjoyable songs are the singles (It's About Time, Crystalized, Mind Over Matter), Anagram and Firelight. This is another sophomore slump and I am quite disapointed. I was very sad with others this year (Broken Bells, Bombay Bicycle Club), so I hope this doesn't happen to Walk the Moon and Foster the People this year.... :(


Its really, REALLY good  julesnimmy  4 star

Of course, this album is not the same, exact thing as their debut album. It is more electronic, and a little more mainstream indie-pop, if you will. Truth be told, at first I was really disappointed with it (which is why I gave it 4 stars) because it took a while to grow on me. But the more I listen the more I realize YTG did a fantastic job on this album and I still love them, just the same! :)


Meh  Zackiscool  4 star

Has some really great songs but album as a whole is mediocre


Well This Is Good  Ookarus  5 star

Title says it all


Incredible  dandelionlion  5 star

I didn't think I would like this album more than their debut album, which I really really loved and played on repeat constantly. To be honest, the first time I listened to the entirety of this album, I was disappointed. I think my mind was really tied to the other songs I had gotten accustomed to hearing. The sound is different, far more mature. But it's extraordinarily beautiful. Upon the third listen, I was completely in lovvvvve. They have really grown and the sound is something new and wonderful. The vocals and the composition of each song compliment each other so well. I love how each flow into the next. This is what a true album is in music, something that in its entirety takes you to another world and together create something so seamless. My favorites are "Camera" and "Waves," for now, as I'm sure that I'll love the other songs even more as I continue to listen obsessively.


Incredible! 👌  Sammie_512  5 star

This album is so incredible! I love each and every song! I'm so excited to see them on February 15th! :D


yes!  doublek05  5 star

Love this album! Good driving album, at the gym. Love his voice and you can really just sit back and enjoy this album.


Outstanding  James_kh5  5 star

YTG is definitely my favorite band. I was incredibly timid for the release of this album, the songs they previewed from the album simply didn’t have the beachy, chill feel that their first album has. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it didn’t even bother me. Mind Over Matter is its own masterpiece. Don’t go in expecting the same from their first album, it’s a whole new experience, a fantastic one at that.

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