Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various Artists - Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) album info coming soon..

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists Album Songs (12)

No Title Artist Time
Hooked on a Feeling Blue Swede 2:52 USD Album Only
Go All the Way Raspberries 3:21 USD Album Only
Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum 4:02 USD Album Only
Moonage Daydream David Bowie 4:41 USD Album Only
Fooled Around and Fell In Love Elvin Bishop 4:35 USD Album Only
I'm Not In Love 10cc 6:03 USD Album Only
I Want You Back Jackson 5 2:58 USD Album Only
Come and Get Your Love Redbone 3:26 USD Album Only
Cherry Bomb The Runaways 2:17 USD Album Only
Escape (The Piña Colada Song) Rupert Holmes 4:37 USD Album Only
O-O-H Child The Five Stairsteps 3:13 USD Album Only
Ain't No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell 2:29 USD Album Only

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Reviews


Genius  Stonefeather  5 star

I tip my hat to the mind or minds which strung this play list together.


Greatness  Ljjhgfdsaqwertyuiopmnbccxz  5 star

I love this whole album so much that I had to buy this album twice. One on my phone and a physical copy for my car cause these songs are to great to not have. Extremely suggest buying the album if your a true American


Memories  Lari3366  5 star

Boy do these songs bring back memories.


Awesome  iTunes$§  5 star



RIP mom  cboyd4361  5 star

Being a 70's child I remember my mom jamming out to many of these songs while cleaning the house and cooking while dad was out keeping us safe ( he was. US Army Ranger). What great memories but that is what great music can do just great for the soul , even got my kids now singing these same songs 😍


Out of this galaxy  bkc8377  5 star

This is quite simply the single greatest soundtrack in cinematic history. It has no equal. #GOAT

Great person😃

Y no single buying  Great person😃  5 star

Great album but I wish I could buy the ones I like but not wast money on the ones I don't


AWESOME!!  CrazyCat7567  5 star

Makes me wish i was around in the 70s and 80s to here live performances. Thanks to Marvel for bringing back great music #we are groot


Awesome song  Vggdhidujwrjftt  5 star

Thanks Star lords mom for giving him this music and thank you marvel for making this idea. #StarLordHasDaMusic


Good choice star lord  nateshark57  5 star

Nice music, thx marvel


Anna anvvnan 3 star

Muziklaban - Lakas Ng Tunog - Various Artists #Pop


51h8RadioLive 51h8RadioLive 3 star

NowPlaying LB-LOYALTY - Various Artists 20:04


Kristina V. kristvav 3 star

Bandstand (Original Broadway Cast Recording) - Various Artists


Just Fantastic!  HoboVille300  5 star

I'm a 13 year old who listens to this non-stop! I can't stand the crap people listen to nowadays and I only have 70's & 80's music on my phone. As I only listen to 70's & 80's music, this album was amazing! All my favorite songs in one album! This album is for anyone like me, or just anyone in general! I've had a great time listening to this!


Awesome Mix Vol.1  RespectThaFro  5 star

Best soundtrack ever not one bad song on here thank you Starlord


Awesome  Ninjerry  5 star

I'm 13. I don't normally like pop but I love this soundtrack. I mostly like classic rock so I like that they threw in cherry bomb. Great movie. Great soundtrack. I'm hooked on a feeling.


I am Groot  Christine19921215  5 star

We are soooo Groot


Essential  Hihihi135  5 star

All the best soundtrack!

DJ Protege20

Smashing  DJ Protege20  5 star

I'm a movie buff and of all the movies I have seen, or of all movies made in last 15-20 years, this is by far the best soundtrack. And partly because marvel did a fantastic thing by using the movie as a medium to re-introduce these song to a whole new generation. I was lucky and have listened to this stuff since I was born in 1984, but a lot of people have no clue what real music is. Absolute buy, especially if u aren't familiar with the generation of music, or you are young and want to learn a little something about the 60's-70's music genre. Excellent.


A Perfect Slice of AWESOME  jump.the.shark  5 star

The ONLY thing that could make this soundtrack better would be listening to it on a cassette player!


Best. Soundtrack. Ever  delriodude  5 star

The title of the review says it all, however I can't figure out which song has the ouga chaga part to it. I am Groot!


A Must Have Compilation  bigbowler300  5 star

If you're a fan of collecting classics, this album can get you some solid hits. The movie wouldn't have been as good with modern genres.


Greatest album ever  shankin1  5 star

Greatest album ever

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