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Live: Her Greatest Performances by Whitney Houston Album Info

Direct download Live: Her Greatest Performances by Whitney Houston albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Live: Her Greatest Performances album file uploaded on November 7th, 2014. Whitney Houston - Live: Her Greatest Performances album info will be updated!

Live: Her Greatest Performances full album Live: Her Greatest Performances - Whitney Houston listen Live: Her Greatest Performances download Live: Her Greatest Performances mp3 #live-her-greatest-performances

Live: Her Greatest Performances [Whitney Houston] Full Album MP3s List

Live: Her Greatest Performances [Whitney Houston] Album Comments & Reviews

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Nippylover - Whitney!!!

I live and love you Whitney Houston!!!

Rockman0007 - Let's make money off of the dead

This is a pathetic money grab by the record company, most of this is already out there. This is the same garbage they tried to take advantage of from Michael Jackson's death. Go away vulture record companies. Let her rest in peace already, not in pieces.

BGS12794 - The Voice

I love Whitney Houston and I'm so glad I now have an album of her sinigng live. This is what you call true talent!!! Love you Whitney.

Willhouston - Long overdue

Sing WHITNEY I love you 😘😔

noblackking - QUEEN OF MUSIC

I pre-ordered this and it's not downloading

Muffin718 - The Greatest Voice In Music History!

One moment in time is my all time favorite off this album!!!

SanShae - Unparalleled!

I love this cd and I will forever love the great Whitney Houston!


The song Home is from the movie The Wiz. It is the black rework of The Wizard of Oz. Diana Ross played Dorothy, and at the end of the movie she sang the song Home. You thought nobody could sing that song as good as Diana Ross could. But Whitney Houston did. Her live performance on the Merv Griffon show singing Home was absolutely perfect. It is the only song I don't have of Whitney's and I want. Oh I want it so badly. And I don't care if I have to buy the whole album just to get that song. Oprah spoke the absolute truth when she said in 1999 that Whitney Houston was "The Voice".

Jcy0908 - With every note...a watershed moment.

Simply the best vocalist of our time!!! Whitney, your legacy will never be challenged! I miss your music so very much!!! Lwyrgrl

Chitown love - Please get this greatness

I fell in love with Whitney Houston for her body of music, not life choices. This takes you back to when she sailed and had contoll of her God given talent. I want to remember her this way and let her personal life be none of my concern!

christianbailey - Didn’t We Have it All... Almost

Ironic that Didn’t We Almost Have it All from the VMA’s is not on here. One of the best if not the best she ever did. It exemplified her as an all around rising star: The actress she could have been, the performer, the mega star. Sad, sad, sad. I love her so. Leave her alone. She is gone, and hard to admit. This is money B.S. She’s gone. Didn’t we almost have it all? Yes. Almost.

Nonelkjhgfd - The Star Bangled Banner-Worth The Buy

Even though I was a child, I cried for the first and only time during this song. I can't wait to share this with my child. Truly the best performance of this song ever. It played on the radio until Christmas that year and I haven't heard it since. Can't wait! Hopefully this album will help her daughter, BC.

iErnie(: - BEAUTIFUL

I am speechless!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! whitney at her best!!!!

Johnny (Seattle) - The Incomparable, The Voice

Just wow! There is so much goodness on this and so happy to see Clive pay homage. Thank you!

QueenNippy - Masterpiece

This album is long overdue. Us true Whitney fans can't get enough. It's like being back at one of her concerts.

OrangePeelNeilNeil - The Best Singer That Ever Lived.

So excited for this release and even more excited that this live CD includes "Song for You" from the Welcome Home Heroes" concert - it's one of her best live vocals ever. This disc will showcase that Whitney was truly the best singer to ever grace the Earth.

AidenM1203 - Perfect!!!

I cannot wait for this album!!! And the final track couldn't be more fitting!

Carm1785 - So Excited!!!

I've been waiting on this!! Even before she passed on. Hearing her live is an experience in itself. So happy they included the 1994 AMA performance. That was her best performance in my book. (That Voice!!!)

Whfan90 - Can't wait

I'm excited for this! However there are quite a few performances missing. Saving all my love from Japan 1990, million dollar bill Italy xfactor, it's not right but it's ok 1999 divas, I would have rather them put I didn't know my own strength from the AMAs 2009 instead of Oprah performance, I look to you Germany and anything from radio city 1993. Probably one of her best concerts.

Alex 0717 - Whitney Houston

An amazing voice and talent. Every song is wonderful.

ThaMuthaShip! - Finally!

Finally a live album although there are far greater live performances from "The Voice" that should be included..."There's Music in Your" from The Rosie O'donell Show, "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" from the MTV Awards and for the love of music "A Quiet Place" w/ Mother Cissy directing the choir, all which u can hear on YouTube are just a few of the gems not here.....Still can't wait for these performances I hope are properly mastered....Rest in Peace Nippy....We Miss U!

Kiidbangzz - 👏👏👏

Been waiting for this 👍👏 this is a good way to continue her legacy

Brandin's Boyfried - The Voice

The Greatest Voice of Our Time rendering performances that left us in awe... There will never be another Whitney...

MacAnonymous2007 - Long Live Whitney

No. 11, the medley Whitney sang at the 1994 American Music Awards, is in my opinion the single best performance I have ever seen. If you have not seen it, take a look on YouTube ... I promise, you will be in awe. This album is truly a wish come true. So many of these performances I've heard, but never had access to. With this album, I do. Thank you for bringing these master pieces together. Long live this Angel ... This Legend ... Whitney Houston.

Ajay 47568 - LOVE IT!!!

I love it. We all know that Whitney was one of the only performers to sound BETTER live than in the studio and this is just the perfect way to showcase that. I give it Five stars. Though I hope they release like a part 2 or something because they are just so many other great performances from Whitney that i think they left out!

It's been too long - FINALLY

Greatest vocalist to ever live. I wish her 1986 performance of I Am Changing in NY was included though. Listen to it, probably the greatest vocal performance ever.


My absolute favorite singer of all time... Hands down the Porgy and Bess/I Have Nothing medley she performed on the 1994 AMAs was AMAZING and my favorite performance... LONG LIVE THE QUEEN...THE VOICE!

bluedogbrut - Her best album ever

A song for you is charismatic. This compilation is awesome. Surely a hit. One question, There are other live performances one in particular, Whitney's performance of , If I don't have you at the 1993 Bilboard Music Awards that were not included. Who knows? A second live album perhaps....

QDG - Nippy

She is the GOAT!!! The Voice. The one and only Whitney Houston!!!

Just Robert - A MUST BUY!

I am excited by this CD. Some of her best performances, and #11 is in my opinion one of her all time best vocal performance. I do agree with others this should have been a box set much like Barbra Striesand. She is up there with her as far as being one of the best singers of our time. Anyway, this CD is a must buy.

DiomiCordero - Whitney Houston : The Voice

I feel like there are a lot of great performances missing. But At least I'll have this to listen to, and I also have YouTube.

darionyc - Miss you Whitney, miss you SO MUCH

This is an amazing collection of live performances by Whitney! There will never again be a star like her!

SaxySingingGuy - THE VOICE!!!!

Looking at the lifespan of every singer known to man, Whitney was the best in her prime! No doubt! No question! The bar was raised and not a one has come close! They'll never find another Whitney in all these talent shows on TV. During any battle, we could've blown away the enemy by putting Whitney on the frontline and asking her to sing!

Pete1980* - Greatest Love of All!!!!

Sweet live performance from the voice of a generation.

Laharris979 - The Queen Always

I've heard and seen these performances already so it's easy for me to automatically give Whitney all five stars. These performances are simply the best. The medley she does I think it's song #10 in my opinion is one of the best live vocals I have EVER heard. This is true music real R&B.


Obviously, I am familiar with all of these performances.. SO I went ahead and rated the pre-order!! However, I am baffled at the odd omission of her Emmy-winning performance of "Saving All My Love For You" at the 1986 Grammy Awards.

Souljack's Revenge - Great but not Definitive

Die hard fans already have all of these songs in their playlists, but I think that these songs are a great entry for older Whitney fans that gave up on her a long time ago and for those that only know her from the Tabloids. As a die-hard Whitney fan it warms my heart to know that this collection only touches the surface of what she gave on the stage. I don’t think that it is possible to breed another Whitney Houston. To have the gospel rearing, the love and understanding of Broadway standards, and to have the phrasing and diction necessary to cross over to the pop audience really shows that NOBODY does/did it better. RIP Whitney!

MsThangOnTop - Soooo excited

This is long overdue. I can't wait.

Wil & Erin Martin - Yes!!!

This album is a dream come true for all of Whitney’s fans. She sounds amazing on her albums, but Whitney was at her best LIVE! Every performance was unique, and she felt her music. No song was performed the same way twice. She took her time with her ballads, and No. 11 is still the best performance I have ever heard by a vocalist! Let’s all support the memory of the greatest singer in the history of the music industry. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

DiegoSepulveda - The Voice.

Always and forever a legend!

Nicoleleanne129353 - BOUT TIME

Greatest singer in History of music.

Will Gara - Disappointing

While Whitney's passing was very sad this recording is not a very good example of her "live" performances. The mix on some of the songs sounds like it's coming out of an 80's tv. Clive Davis could have done better.

Tinkerbell1922 - Missing some songs

Where is "Why Does It Hurts So Bad?" She SANG that song!

Boiwonder79 - Greatest Singer of our time!!!!

I have always loved Whitney since I first saw her perform "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." While these performances are great, there are a few I would have included. I would have also loved to hear her performance of "Don't Cry For Me" which she sang for a benefit in 1994. Also, I thought her performance of "How Will I Know" from the 1986 VMAs was much better. Her performance at the 2000 Arista Anniversary Special was amazing! Also missing is "Why Does It Hurt So Bad" and her iconic performance of "I Will Always Love You" at the Grammys in 1994, as well as clips from the 1997 concert she did in Washington.

Saturnswirl - About time

Track 11 is her best performance ever and I'm glad to see it made it to this album. I remember watching that performance when I was in 5th grade and being blown away. My only problem with this cd is that they omitted Don't Cry a song I think she preformed on Entertainment Tonight, would have been so beautiful at the end of this compilation.

krawatts - Love Whitney

Finally, but there is so much more of this lady live that needs to be on here. MTV - hurt so bad, Didn’t we almost have it all live in NYC.

Nathaniel Rufus - Whitney.

I still miss you….


Her live performances on this album are the best. It’s Whitney at her best. THANK YOU CLIVE AND THE FAMILY FOR MAKING ME REMEMBER HER GREATNESS…..RIP

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