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To Pimp a Butterfly is the third studio album by American hip hop artist, Kendrick Lamar. The album was released on March 16, 2015, by Top Dawg Entertainment, Aftermath Entertainment, and distributed by Interscope Records. Upon its release, To Pimp a Butterfly received rave reviews from music critics. Lamar has described the album, which incorporates elements of funk, spoken word poetry and jazz, as "honest, fearful and unapologetic." In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine

To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar Album Songs (17)

Wesley's Theory (feat. George Kendrick Lamar 4:47USD 1.29
For Free?Kendrick Lamar 2:10USD 1.29
King KuntaKendrick Lamar 3:54USD 1.29
Institutionalized (feat. BilalKendrick Lamar 4:31USD 1.29
These Walls (feat. Bilal, AnnaKendrick Lamar 5:00USD 1.29
uKendrick Lamar 4:28USD 1.29
AlrightKendrick Lamar 3:39USD 1.29
For Sale?Kendrick Lamar 4:51USD 1.29
MommaKendrick Lamar 4:43USD 1.29
Hood PoliticsKendrick Lamar 4:52USD 1.29
How Much a Dollar Cost (feat. Kendrick Lamar 4:21USD 1.29
Complexion (A Zulu Love) [featKendrick Lamar 4:23USD 1.29
The Blacker the BerryKendrick Lamar 5:28USD 1.29
You Ain't Gotta Lie (Momma SaiKendrick Lamar 4:01USD 1.29
iKendrick Lamar 5:36USD 1.29
Mortal ManKendrick Lamar12:07USD Album Only

To Pimp a Butterfly Album Reviews


Astonishing - modern day classic  Dubsteplover575  5 star

Nothing I say about this generation's masterpiece will be anything new so I won't say anything about it except for the fact it blew my mind and I pity the fools with a basic mindset that aren't understanding anything he's saying on a deeper level.

mixtape on the way

socially conscious masterpiece  mixtape on the way  5 star

This album stands along What's Going On by Marvin Gaye and Like Water For Chocolate by Common as one of the best socially conscious albums ever. Every element is fantastic. The poetry, concept, music and message are all executed very well


Greatness  Dylan0927  5 star

Just phenomenal

riley review1

Fantastic.  riley review1  5 star

Simply amazing

Big G homie dog

King kunta  Big G homie dog  5 star



❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  Ryan1936  5 star

Amazing. Album. Helped me love myself. Luscious beats and an incredible amount of thought put in. Please!, buy this please. It tells a story that's truly human. Kendrick, you're amazing

feng_shui YT

(Read the description)  feng_shui YT  5 star

It's alright....Ha, see what I did there?


This is a MASTERPIECE!!!  elimarch  5 star

I love this album because it's so black! I love the soul, jazz, funk, and groove of the album. This is what real hip hop is.


LUL  Jaketh3snak312  5 star

Better late than never, never really thought much of this man but I heard a few songs and immediately jumped on the hype train. Tooo good to let this pass by


Greatest Masterpiece ever!  Vince1310  5 star

Every song is important to what kendrick is saying. His stories and what he is saying is real and true. often it is relatable. Truly a great artist with so much talent waterful album


LEAL 🐍laisbdg3 star

Amém Kendrick Lamar


mmellllio3 star

@sabaPIVOTfan: Songs that mean the world to me! Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me Earl Sweatshirt - Solace Saba - PROM/KING Isaiah Rashad…


jenn ☁jennixnieva3 star

@IllestviIIain: Yo cuando Kendrick Lamar nos saludaba.


Av  Dumblo2333  2 star


Fish man bruhhahahahahah

Poetic  Fish man bruhhahahahahah  5 star

Amazing album, love the jazzy style. The flow is incredible. Also, the always on point Kendrick lyrics. That's not it though, the songs in order tell a story, a poem. This is probably why this is one of my favorite albums ever.


wow  CrsiWolf  5 star

a work of art


Masterpiece  Nathanmtz17  5 star

This album covers the topics of Culture, Race, Religion, Suicide, Alcohol, Family and the Rap game itself. Plenty of Subliminal diss tracks Some being towards Drake And I feel others were disappointed because it isn't full of trap beats and one word songs Its full of soul and fast pace rapping and story telling Definitely a album that is hip-hop. This relates to everyone in America that is a minority or not But this was made especially for those who arent in any form of class in money also. Five stars hands down...


Whyyy?  CHEMGRAAI  5 star

Why is this album so underrated? I do not get it.


Kendrick 👌  Anthony24franco  5 star



BUY THIS ALBUM  Andrew287  5 star

So Classic.


Phenomenal  KendrickFKA524  5 star

This in my opinion is a 10/10 album, definitely one of the best Hip-Hop albums of all time. I would definitely recommend to anyone, even those who are not fans of Hip-Hop.


Masterpiece  bobbyberg  5 star

for everyone that says this album is overrated, disappointing, or wack you truly don't know real hip hop.. Kendrick displays true talent by using unorthodox beats, and since it's not catchy it's wack.. these jazz and blues melodies compliment the pain, joy, and hope within the lyrics.. He has a conversation with Jesus Christ, and loses a place in Heaven by not humbling himself with "How Much A Dollar Cost." No one in mainstream Hip Hop is putting out material like this. This is true creativity, true artwork, and a true masterpiece worth every dollar.


Amazing  AliBroncosFan  5 star

Instant classic

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