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Traveller by Chris Stapleton Album Songs (14)

TravellerChris Stapleton 3:42USD 1.29
Fire AwayChris Stapleton 4:04USD 1.29
Tennessee WhiskeyChris Stapleton 4:53USD 1.29
ParachuteChris Stapleton 4:13USD 1.29
Whiskey and YouChris Stapleton 3:56USD 1.29
Nobody To BlameChris Stapleton 4:04USD 1.29
More of YouChris Stapleton 4:37USD 1.29
When the Stars Come OutChris Stapleton 4:16USD 1.29
Daddy Doesn't Pray AnymoreChris Stapleton 4:09USD 1.29
Might As Well Get StonedChris Stapleton 4:37USD 1.29
Was It 26Chris Stapleton 4:49USD 1.29
The Devil Named MusicChris Stapleton 6:07USD 1.29
Outlaw State of MindChris Stapleton 5:37USD 1.29
Sometimes I CryChris Stapleton 4:00USD 1.29

Traveller Album Reviews


Love!!  mistydaigle  5 star

I have veered away from Country music because it tends to all sound the same but this guy can sing his behind off. My uncle told me you have to listen to the cd and I was hooked. I immediately went out & bought my own cd. I listen to it over & over. It's one of my favorites right now & thank you Chris for bringing country music back!! Stellar cd!!


Great voice with his music  Jep69  5 star

Knowing all the country and rock music today. Stapleton' s sound will blow you away.


This man is amazing  Amby83  5 star

He is amazing


Amazing  Jjag11111111  5 star

The true spirit of country is poured into every track.

Inflexible beginner

Unreal  Inflexible beginner  5 star

This guy can sing anything and it is amazing. I can't get enough of his music. So glad we get to hear his music through his own voice! Buy this album you will not be disappointed.


Awesome!!!  Trey'sbaby  5 star

Sometimes I cry makes me cry his music is soo good man...I love this album

Notorious Carlos

Got heart?  Notorious Carlos  5 star

If so, give this record a listen. I'm no country music fan, but when the *real* the stuff--songs that fight their way up from somewhere way down deep--comes on, I've got ears to hear it, thank God. Grab a six-pack, pop one open, crank this up. Yeah... Maybe we're not alone after all. Feelin' better now, thank you. Thank you very much.


Thank you Chris  Bfarr4  5 star

Chris Stapleton is a true country singer unlike all the pop country you hear today this is what country music is all about raw locals and pure talent.


Love this album!  elott  5 star

Every time I listen to it I find a new favorite song. One of the few albums I can play from beginning to end and have no desire to skip any song.


Parachute!!!!!  Flareatakk  4 star

Can't stop singing


Traveller  Aprilmogal  5 star

Best artist/songwriter/performer hands down! Goosebumps giving performances!


Whoa  Eamador86  5 star

I never buy albums anymore but I couldn't pass this one up! Amazing.

Rs rainwater

So good!  Rs rainwater  5 star

Probably one of the best country albums there is now a days! Wow what an album! Must buy!


WOW  Girlup2L8  5 star

Haven't wanted to buy a whole album in years! Usually, just one or two songs from an album catch my ear but this one... This one drew me in and took me back to an old, dark, smokey bar with a glass of good whiskey (yes, I like mine neat) good friends and amazing talent. Can't wait to rock this album, fast or slow, while traveling down the highway on another adventure.


Music Savior  Ash0717  5 star

I love Chris' music. His voice and sound is a breath of fresh air, in a world of no talent and auto tune.


Best Ever  Esaesther  5 star

Didn't like country music! But Chris Stapleton change my mind I love it!!!!! Love his music.


The Best!!!  Snprdog  5 star

Love this album. Guy I'd fantastic!!


Four stars  Logy-G  5 star

Chris Stapleton is easily the best country singer/songwriter on the iTunes Store today. Very underrated. A must buy.

Just another book reader

Nothing but raw talent! 👌🏻  Just another book reader  5 star

I love Chris, every song tells a story and every song on his album I can listen to over and over. I feel the soul the passion and the love that comes out of every song when I hear it. This man deserves to go big and I pray he keeps to his roots.. Real country music. Keeping rocking Chris!!

Brianna baseball

6k16 best album ever  Brianna baseball  5 star

His voice is amazing, and one of the best albums this year!!! Been waiting for aongs like this for a long time!!!

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