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All Natural is DJ Tone B. Nimble and MC Capital D. Hailing from Chicago, All Natural is a classic two-man Hip-Hop duo. Both in their music and live show, the tandem builds off of 2 essential elements of Hip-Hop (the DJ & MC). The name All Natural describes the group's demeanor and approach to music. The group drops Hip-Hop music in its purest form, while also pushing the artform forward. All Natural has independently dropped 3 12-inches and an album in under 2 years. During the past year alone the group has completed 3 European tours of The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Portugal, Sweden and France. All Natural's next release, "Ill Advisory" (featuring J.U.I.C.E.), hits stores March 2000. The group is currently in the studio working on their sophomore album "Second Nature" which drops May 2000 on All Natural, Inc. On "Second Nature" All Natural has teamed up with several groups and producers, including Lone Catalysts, J.U.I.C.E., Mr. GreenWeedz, The DailyPlannet, G(riot), Memo and Panik (creator of the All Natural classic "It's O.K.") All Natural's first 12-inch, "50 Years," took the underground Hip-Hop scene by storm. Trace Magazine in London dubbed it, "One of the most beautiful Hip-Hop cuts you'll hear this year." All Natural followed up the success of "50 Years" with the 14-song album "No Additives, No Preservatives." Producers on the album include No I.D. (producer of the album Resurrection by Common), Andy C., G(riot), and Panik & Memo from The Molemen. "No Additives, No Preservatives" is sold with "Fresh Air," a 96-page book of essays, cartoons, lyrics and short stories. Available on CD, double-vinyl, & cassette, this first-of-its-kind project has received critical-acclaim around the globe. Tone B. Nimble (Tony Fields) and capital D (David Kelly) first met at Homewood-Flossmoor High School in south suburban Chicago during 1985. The two became friends through DJing, each of them owned 1 turntable. As cap D turned towards rhyming and Tone's cutting skills began to shine, they decided to form a group around '87. Though each went away to separate colleges in 1988, they maintained the group. They coined the name All Natural in 1993 and the following year, signed a recording contract with Wild Pitch/EMI. However, shortly thereafter Wild Pitch fell through and All Natural was once again forced to do for self. After a couple years of saving money, they independently released the four-song 12-inch "50 Years" and launched their label All Natural, Inc. in 1998. In the tradition of the pioneers of the artform, All Natural continues to independently make 100% Pure Hip-Hop for the headz.

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