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There are several artists named "Coin"; 1) Coin are a four piece band from Nashville, TN , formed in 2013 by Chase Lawrence (synth/vocals), Joe Memmel (guitar/vocals), Ryan Winnen (drums) and Zachary Dyke (bass). It's ok and Honey were promoted before the lead single, Run landed in January 2015. It was announced the Jay Joyce produced debut album will arrive in April 2015. How Will You Know If You Never Try June 2015 - "Coin" (Album) April 2017 - "How Will You Know If You Never Try" (Album) .

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Genre: indie, indie pop, indie rock

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Coin Comments
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liz 🧚🏼‍♀️ (lissa_oxo)

new coin AND lany music this will i survive

meghan (lipalany)


lena (gricious)

WE BE HAVING A BALL making music! 🥳 that’s why we named it CONFETTI🎉 but the people need balance ..gotta give em bo…

superdad (NemoAchida)

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tim emot (tim_emot)

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Au Dolo (Au_Dolo)

@NurDRocks on the other side of that coin, never let people try to make you feel fake, not black or untalented caus…

RICO MARIE (hasaniharris)

@PhiliseaM: Doing whatever it takes to let the people know that @KamalaHarris is in Greenwood tomorrow!!! From Coin Laundry to Dollar Ge…

#KamalaHarris2020 #BlackWoman #WeTheBase 💁🏾‍♀️🤯 (Meka_luvs_music)

Happy Veteran’s Day! 🇺🇸 . So thankful for men and women like Donald that gave it all! I carry this coin with me dai…

Jeremy Schreifels (Music_By_Jeremy)

@RuggedyBaba Please how can i get this song, i have searched everywhere online i can't find it.. Its my best track…

tim emot (tim_emot)

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らいおんちゃん (lionchan_coin)

On the Radio : Talk Too Much by @COIN -- Tune in now: Buy song

1 Pure Alternative Radio (1PureAlt)

@Coinstanbot1: “Get out of my head and into my music library.” Me, coin bot, waiting 2+ months for Into My Arms to be released

heart eyes (ashstralian)

@DMRHerbs: Had Waylon Jennings not given up his seat to J.P. Richardson on the fateful day music died in Iowa, we would of never had all…

Tiger H2O (Tiger_H2O)

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