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Cuco is a Mexican American RnB and hip-hop singer raised from Chicago and Southern California. He self produces his own work, and is best known for his wannabewithu (2016) and lovesongsforu (2017) projects. .

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Listener: 61,763

Genre: experimental, noise rock, post-rock

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Cuco Comments
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Who is Cuco?

The Coco (or Cuco, Coca, Cuca, Cucuy, Cucuí) is a mythical ghost-monster, equivalent to the bogeyman, found in many Hispanophone and Lusophone countries. He can also be considered a Latino version of a bugbear, as it is a commonly used figure of speech representing an irrational or exaggerated fear. The Coco is a male being while Coca is the female version of the mythical monster, although it is not possible to distinguish one from the other as both are the representation of the same being...

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Cuco - Stay For A Bit

💖🤠💖 (Music_Gems)

POR FIN Cuco llega a Lima para el próximo Happy Ending Fest gracias a Veltrac Music...

Sonosfera (sonosferamusica)

also coming around to cuco’s music shit is pretty

matt bastard (JRAWPKICC)

Call me #Kimchi Because I'm hot #bedroomproducer #beats #bedroompop #clairo #boypablo #beanie #baby #joji…

Beanie Boy (beanieboy_music)

okay fuck cuco like love him and his music but fuck him rn

coral reef (cdr13_)

my friends say my music taste is too sad... what i listen to: -mac demarco -the weeknd -cuco -joji -daniel caesar…

Emilee (emileebrown0)

I liked a @YouTube video Cuco – Amor de Siempre (Mariachi Version) I Red Bull Music

Christian Carrion (cwcarrion)

i wanna make music like cuco

✬ plane Abe ✬ (birthfrompain)

@issa_hes: @nataliaclaireg Cuco’s music >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> therapy

Natalia G.🌹 (nataliaclaireg)

Thinking about Sears and how sad it would be for America if they get liquidated: check out "Lover Is a Day [Explici…

☁️ (verywindycity)

@nataliaclaireg Cuco’s music >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> therapy

carissa (issa_hes)

7. La me music sa phone pero heeey love all the songs sa SpiderMan into the spider verse playlist and Cuco 😭❤️ 🤟🏼⚡️

Dane (_danebugna)

Tolong ini gfriend ya ampun huhu aku tak bisa berkata sama lagu barunya enak bgt!! kan Bighit ama Source Music bert…

vivi (serendivivi)

@therestisnoise_ Boy Pablo Phum Viphurit Rex Orange County Elephant Gym Sobs Last Dinosaurs Tame Impala Ballpark Mu…

Alfon Silva (lazyalfon)

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