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Death Cab for Cutie is an American indie rock band formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997. The band consists of Ben Gibbard (vocals, guitar, piano), Nicholas Harmer (bass), Jason McGerr (drums), Dave Depper (guitar) and Zac Rae (keyboards). Death Cab began as a solo project of Ben Gibbard, now the band's vocalist and guitarist. Gibbard took the band name from the satirical song Death Cab for Cutie, performed by The Bonzo Dog Band in The Beatles' 1967 experimental film Magical Mystery Tour. .

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Genre: indie, indie rock, alternative

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Who is Death Cab For Cutie?

Death Cab for Cutie is an American alternative rock band, formed in Bellingham, Washington, in 1997. The band is composed of Ben Gibbard (vocals, guitar, piano), Nick Harmer (bass), Dave Depper (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Zac Rae (keyboards, guitar), and Jason McGerr (drums). The band was originally a solo project by Gibbard. Upon getting a record deal, he expanded the project into a complete band, which released a debut album, Something About Airplanes, in 1998. The group's fourth album, 2003's Transatlanticism, broke into the mainstream both critically and commercially, with songs from the album featured in numerous TV series and films. The band's major-label debut for Atlantic Records, 2005's Plans, went platinum. A ninth studio album, Thank You for Today, was released in August 2018. Death Cab for Cutie's music has been called indie rock, indie pop, and alternative rock. It is noted for its unconventional instrumentation and for Gibbard's distinctive voice and lyrical style. Since its formation, the band has released nine full-length studio albums, four EPs, two live EPs, one live album, and one demo album. The group's name comes from the song "Death Cab for Cutie," written by Neil Innes and Vivian Stanshall and performed by their group the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. See Name section...

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