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There are at least two artists with the name Dido: 1) Dido Armstrong (born 25 December 1971) is a British BRIT Award-winning and Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter. Dido was born in London, UK on Christmas day; she was christened Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong. She lived with her poet mother and publisher father in London. One day she looked up the story of her first name. "I thought it was strange that I was called after a woman who killed herself in ancient literature. .

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Genre: pop, female vocalists, singer-songwriter

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Dido Comments
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Who is Dido?

Dido ( DY-doh; Ancient Greek: Δῑδώ, Latin pronunciation: [ˈdiːdoː]) was, according to ancient Greek and Roman sources, the founder and first queen of Carthage. She is primarily known from the account given by the Roman poet Virgil in his epic, Aeneid. In some sources she is also known as Elissa ( ee-LISS-ə, Ἔλισσα)...

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@I_Dont_Know_Her Dido is the Phoebe Waller-Bridge of music. Only posh girls think she's a genius.

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Dido was such a middle class Queen back in the day, all the middle class women aged between 25 and 35 loved her mus…

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All classic music hits rock pop latino #np All You Want by Dido on

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Dido - White Flag (Official Music Video) via @YouTube

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Dido - Friends has moved down 11 places from 87th place to 98th. #Dido

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@MyPinkSandals: Dido - Thank You (Official Music Video)

Ruby Lake🎨🖌️🖼️📚🎼🎶📽️🌎🌳🌲🌿🌸🌺💞💜🦉🐩🐕 (RoseHeather1802)

@MyPinkSandals: Dido - White Flag (Official Music Video)

Ruby Lake🎨🖌️🖼️📚🎼🎶📽️🌎🌳🌲🌿🌸🌺💞💜🦉🐩🐕 (RoseHeather1802)

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In case the dummies forgot what the [email protected] “Stan” means...

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music all genres rock pop. Now All You Want by Dido on

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Always the great music. Now Don't Leave Home by Dido on

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@MyPinkSandals: Dido - Thank You (Official Music Video)

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@MyPinkSandals: Dido - White Flag (Official Music Video)

💖 Amethyst Skye 💖 (PinkTokyoBunny8)

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