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Dorothy Miranda "Dodie" Clark (born April 11, 1995 [age 21]), known on YouTube as Doddleoddle is an English YouTuber. She is known for both her song covers and original music. Update: 22/07/2019 Recently a rap artist has also been using Dodie to publish his work. (Example for multi artist pages: .

Fan: 1,981,106

Listener: 111,213

Genre: indie, folk, pop

Dodie Comments

Dodie Comments
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Who is Dodie?

Dodi, Dodie or Dody is a given name of various origins, used for both men and women. When used as a feminine name, it may be a diminutive for Dolores or Dorothy...

Dodie on Social Media

i see dodie tomorrow but havent listened to her music in months lol yikes

b (WhoopsImAnIdiot)

Hot shit, y’all, I knew going into a dodie concert that the music was going to jam, but this lighting crew really b…

Kendra Zzyzwyck (gingerblivet)

me listening to adam melchor’s music on repeat ever since i saw him open for dodie on friday??? more likely than u think

chels ☆ #SuperM_Mark (97_jaehyuns)

My favourite classic Dodie's music is guitar/ukulele, piano, and cello ❤️

Patricia Angelita (patngelita)

Therapy: expensive Dodie: Free! *you just need to have an internet connection lol* Srsly though, whenever I feel a…

Kim Eunji (eunji24)

@TessaViolet Ah! I’ve been a fan since your early YouTube years, you’ve given me lots of inspiration over the years…

Megan (merrrgen)

Hey I'm late to the party but heres my intro! -main: @KellyThom820 -im 21 -I love Dodie, Tessa Violet, Daysormay…

là role models (rolemodelsgc)

But, dodie putting her own music on the playlist is absolutely a power move and i’m here for it

Cat 🌻 (CatMacGillivra1)

@doddleoddle hiya dodie! can you help me out and snag me a photo pass for your show in minneapolis? i am an aspirin…

jolie (jolie_morehouse)

dodie's music taste>

Jessi is gonna see the rose again❤️ (stayroseoddle)

who's opening for dodie again???? i need to look up their music i keep forgetting

haley (worriedwasabi)

how similar is our music taste? (Stolen) 10% Thomas Sanders 10% Set It Off 10% All Time Low 10% Panic! At the Disco…

Avery (Avery56067081)

how similar is our music taste? (Stolen) 10% dodie 10% IDKHOW 10% panic! at the disco 10% Billie Eilish 10% my che…

💙~ αмαи∂α ~💙🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈 (XxUknownxX77)

@talkdodietome: why can't i find dodie, orla or tessa on instagram music [email protected]

Nikita (NiksiSharma)

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