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George Miller, known by his stage name Joji, is a Japanese-Australian record producer, singer, songwriter and former YouTube personality. In 2013, on the DizastaMusic YouTube channel, Miller created the video "Do the Harlem Shake (Original)," which originated from a clip of the video "Filthy Compilation #6 – Smell My Fingers",the video has been viewed 60 million times (as of February 2019). The original clip led to the creation of the Harlem Shake meme .

Fan: 7,177,463

Listener: 162,001

Genre: hip-hop, lo-fi, rnb

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Joji Comments
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Who is Joji?

Joji (丈二, or 譲二, 城二, 譲治 multiple variants) is a Japanese masculine given name. It is also the Japanese pronunciation of the Western name "George" (ジョージ). It commonly refers to: Jōji, an era in Japanese history Joji (musician), a musician and Internet personality also known as Filthy Frank or Pink GuyJoji, Jouji or Jōji may also refer to: Marampudi Joji (1942–2010), Archbishop of Hyderabad George Akiyama (ジョージ秋山, Jōji Akiyama) (born 1943), Japanese manga artist Joji Arimori (born 1962), pseudonym of Japanese manga storywriter, novelist and screenwriter Shin Kibayashi Joji Banuve (1940–2009), Fijian politician Jōji Hashiguchi (born 1949), Japanese photographer Joji Hattori (born 1969), Japanese violinist and conductor Jôji Iida (1959), Japanese film and television director Jōji Jonokuchi, pseudonym of writer Kiyohiko Azuma Jōji Kamio, Japanese author Joji Kato (born 1985), Japanese speedskater Joji Kotobalavu, Fiji civil servant Johji Manabe (born 1964), Japanese manga artist Jōji Matsumoto (1877–1954), legal scholar, politician and cabinet minister in the pre-war Empire of Japan Joji Matsuoka (born 1961), Japanese film director Joji Nagashima (born 1955), Japanese-German automobile designer for BMW Jouji Nakata (born 1954), Japanese voice actor who is affiliated with the Office Osawa agency Joji Obara (born 1952), Japanese-Korean criminal Joji Ohara (1905–1990), Japanese cinematographer Jouji Shibue (渋江 譲二, born 1983), Japanese model and actor Joji Takami, 15 year-old victim in the 2004 Ōmuta murders Joji Takeuchi (born 1985), Japanese professional basketball player Joji Tani, birth name of special effects artist, film director, and former musician, Screaming Mad George Jōji Yanami (born 1931), Japanese voice actor Joji Yuasa (born 1929), Japanese composer of contemporary classical music..

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