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George Miller, known by his stage name Joji, is a Japanese-Australian record producer, singer, songwriter and former YouTube personality. In 2013, on the DizastaMusic YouTube channel, Miller created the video Do the Harlem Shake (Original), which originated from a clip of the video "Filthy Compilation #6 – Smell My Fingers",the video has been viewed 59 million times (as of February 2018). The original clip led to the creation of the Harlem Shake meme .

Fan: 3,485,714

Listener: 111,205

Genre: hip-hop, lo-fi, rnb

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Joji Comments
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Who is Joji?

Joji (丈二, or 譲二, 城二, 譲治 multiple variants) is a Japanese masculine given name. It is also the Japanese pronunciation of the Western name "George" (ジョージ). Joji, Jouji or Jōji may also refer to:..

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Must stop listening to Joji music they sound the same but like anhhhhh it’s so catchy

Aleuzi|A|izeulA (MaidBore)

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Higher Brothers + joji - Nomadic (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

정린아 (CassiErina_Jae)

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Ryan Hemsworth - Think About U ft. Joji (Official Music Video)

정린아 (CassiErina_Jae)

"What More could you want in a Music Video?" Sensual Visuals, Throbbing Base, Emo & Harajuku Asian Hotties (both F…

Mick Tobyn (MickTRex)

what really makes me trip is how people you’d expect to be blasting banda from their speakers play music I listen t…

skit (skitorii)

If you're into indie music Check them out: FEELS🙀 Billie eilish Alina Baraz Two feet Joji Michl Petite Biscuit Finding hope They're my fave💞

Jonna (jonnamfv)

joji - window (music video)

ღango (Mimite972_NSL)

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist joji - Head in the Clouds ☁☁☁ (official music video)

waffleboi (Aiden0599)

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist joji - Head in the Clouds ☁☁☁ (official music video)

waffleboi (Aiden0599)

"joji does this 'you like him not me i'm gonna kill myself' kind of music"

musca (drinksoad)

@theneedledrop 88rising is the most boring label in all of hip hop. Joji never sounds like he wants to make music,…

🎃🎃Spooky Cutie Joey🎃🎃 (waluigi_boi)

*its sad boi Joji music only hours*

davi (daviiflores)

My head these days is just joji music playing over tøp, fading into each other or overlapping. Yo I'm gettin crazy here

lala (dreadnoctus)

Joji is really out with making dope ass music

lexi (lexiunfried)

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