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Kelela Mizanekristos (born June 6, 1983) is a Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter. Born and raised outside Washington DC, Kelela never received formal vocal training in her youth. Instead, she experimented with a range of vocal styles and writing before finding her sound in the street music emerging out of LA’s underground, most notably the producers of the Fade To Mind crew. Kelela brings forward-thinking and experimental songwriting into a prismatic context that fuses popular and club music. .

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Genre: rnb, electronic, seen live

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Kelela Comments
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Who is Kelela?

Kelela Mizanekristos (born June 4, 1983) is an American singer and songwriter. She made her debut in the music industry with the release of her 2013 mixtape Cut 4 Me. In 2015, she released Hallucinogen, an EP which deals with the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship in reverse chronological order. Her debut studio album, Take Me Apart, was released in 2017...

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Kelela’s music makes me feel a type of way idk how to describe it

cedeem (cedeemgrande)

Good morning

laura (laurvel)


concept: kelela's frontline music video except in the mysims graphics style

sockpuppetkingdom🔜AGDQ (sp_kingdom)

Are there any clubs/bars that play this kind of music? Maybe some Kelela? Sprinkle some solange? Do they make vibey…

lil existential crisis (TheAngryVirgo)


misses mariah (fiahriah)

The streets say you're a king, the world says you're a failure...

Kelèchi (heykelechi)

gomichicle 🕸 (Cris9play)

@coolado_: Kelela getting drafted into the Dominican hall of fame for this remix alone

e (venusretrogrde)

Kelela getting drafted into the Dominican hall of fame for this remix alone

Finessa Hudgens ✧ (coolado_)

still thinking about me and kelela telling each other we're beautiful

jeune (jaredcmx)

kelela please come save the music industry i’m begging you

will (w_butz)

Confira a galeria de fotos da 10ª edição do Balaclava Fest que reuniu Elza Soares, Battles, Kelela, Boogarins, Àiyé…

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91.3FM The Edge is playing "World Restart" by Kindness Feat. Kelela & Ade.

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