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There are at least 30 artists with this name: 1. Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (born January 22, 1990), known by his stage name Logic, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Logic developed an interest in music as a teenager, and ventured into a musical career in early 2009 releasing Logic: The Mixtape under the name "Psychological", and releasing a mixtape titled Young, Broke & Infamous in 2010. He signed with Visionary Music Group, before releasing three more mixtapes over three years. .

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Genre: hip-hop, rap, biracial

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Logic Comments
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Who is Logic?

Logic (from the Ancient Greek: λογική, translit. logikḗ) is the systematic study of the form of valid inference, and the most general laws of truth. A valid inference is one where there is a specific relation of logical support between the assumptions of the inference and its conclusion. In ordinary discourse, inferences may be signified by words such as therefore, hence, ergo, and so on. There is no universal agreement as to the exact scope and subject matter of logic (see § Rival conceptions, below), but it has traditionally included the classification of arguments, the systematic exposition of the 'logical form' common to all valid arguments, the study of proof and inference, including paradoxes and fallacies, and the study of syntax and semantics. Historically, logic has been studied in philosophy (since ancient times) and mathematics (since the mid-19th century), and recently logic has been studied in computer science, linguistics, psychology, and other fields...

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Another one “Logic” type beat🔥 links in BIO!!! #logic #music #musicvideo #musically #musicvideos #musicproducer…

Happy Walters (DatDoodHAPPY)

Logic Pro X Fucking too lit for music production.

🇳🇬 (folahanofficial)

Since I’ve only ever used it for podcasts, finding out you can record music in Logic is a hell of a trip.

𝔾𝕕𝕦𝕓 (AaronLMGoodwin)

@caliberbeats You the guy who got me listening to Logic. Ever since you showed me 1-800 I’ve listened to Under Pres…

ḊḀḾḔ She ᛅĦᎥᑕᑕ! (Dame_E_in)

@jetaimeksj: supermarket checklist: ▫️clapped @ ▫️reuses old drags incorrectly ▫️auto capitalization ▫️puts down other groups for no rea…

irene fans france | mina day ♡ (yoonyerene)

Everytime Logic puts out new music and ESPECIALLY a whole new album it's like a crazy new awesome experience. Don't…

stoic ツ (quakeeyy)

@okada_jun: Recoding and listening to a new song again and again. 新曲をレコーディングして何度も聴いて確認。夜景と共に聴くー🌙ギター撮り直しやなー😅頑張ろ🙌 #newsong #guitar #logic…

Music Marketing (goviral__music)

@sienaaj: Don’t hesitate to double text me, send imsg games, memes, pictures of you, music you think I may like, links to interesting sh…

⛵️ (Logic_Taken)

Are you a fan of logic? If so favorite song? Thoughts on new single? — I don't know who/what that is because I don'…

Krystal (IcyMermaid_Krys)

@HotFreestyle: New Music Out: Rich The Kid - The World is Yours 2 Nav - Bad Habits Baka Not Nice - No Long Talk Jacquees - Your Pe…

Itachi🐍 (mankeezy99_)

#mia #carbars #rap #bars #music #hiphop #🔥🔥 #ky #louisville #502 #watupdoe #chillin #dreads #dreadhead #beardgang…

Logic Lowg (logic_lowg)

@caliberbeats It just doesn't seem like a big deal. There are so many other artists that got publicity from worse t…

CRXSS ™ (crxsswxrds)

@DailyRapFacts: New music dropping at midnight: Nav - Bad Habits (album) Rich The Kid - The World is Yours 2 (album) Logic - Confess…

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