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Los Ángeles Azules are a Mexican group specialized in Cumbia / banda music formed in Mexico City, Mexico in 1976 by brothers Elas, Jose and Jorge Meja Avante. Playing a Latin style known as onda grupera, the band became a chart-topping act after issuing "Inolvidables" in 1996, soon, achieving platinum status in Argentina where they successfully performed live in 1998. Later, singer Carlos Veises decided to leave the group, forming his own band called Los Ángeles de Charlie. .

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Genre: cumbia, spanish, mexico

Los Ángeles Azules Comments

Los Ángeles Azules Comments
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Who is Los Ángeles Azules?

Los Ángeles Azules are a Mexican musical group playing the cumbia sonidera genre, a variation on cumbia with accordion and synthesizer effect resulting in a fusion of the sounds of cumbia from the 1950-1970s with those of 1990s-style electronic music.The group got together in 1976 but started officially in 1983, playing the onda grupera genre, formed by the siblings of the Mejía Avante family: Elías, Alfredo, José Hilario, Jorge, Cristina and Guadalupe.The group went through various periods of popularity and various styles. In 2013 they had a huge hit with Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar, re-recorded many hits with guest vocalists including Carla Morrison, Lila Downs, and Ximena Sariñana. In 2014 they launched a new musical genre cumbia sinfónica as they performed their greatest contemporary hits with the Mexico City Symphony Orchestra. Their subsequent album Cómo Te Voy a Olvidar Edición de Súper Lujo reached #5 on the Mexican regional music charts.In 2018, they played on the Coachella Stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, making it the first time a traditional cumbia group has played at the popular festival. ..

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I let my friend choose my music and she was schoked I know who Los Ángeles Azules are uhhhh gorl do you even know me???

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la única ventaja de youtube music = tener "y la hice llorar" de los angeles azules QUE NO SE POR QUE NO ESTA EN SPOTIFY.

sudaka (agustinxpaz)

My parents and their friends are going to Texas next month to see Los Ángeles Azules. So my moms been blasting thei…

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New Live Music: Los Ángeles Azules - [Sames Auto Arena] [2019]

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It’s insane how much better music is in Spanish like,,,, Luis Miguel?? Joan Sebastian?? José José?? Los Ángeles Azu…

cynthia (ceentiaarango)

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