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Los Ángeles Azules are a Mexican group specialized in Cumbia / banda music formed in Mexico City, Mexico in 1976 by brothers Elas, Jose and Jorge Meja Avante. Playing a Latin style known as onda grupera, the band became a chart-topping act after issuing "Inolvidables" in 1996, soon, achieving platinum status in Argentina where they successfully performed live in 1998. Later, singer Carlos Veises decided to leave the group, forming his own band called Los Ángeles de Charlie. .

Fan: 598,871

Listener: 45,461

Genre: cumbia, spanish, mexico

Los Ángeles Azules Comments

Los Ángeles Azules Comments
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Who is Los Ángeles Azules?

Los Ángeles Azules are a Mexican musical group playing the cumbia sonidera genre, which is a cumbia subgenre using the accordion and synthesizers. This results in a fusion of the sounds of cumbia from the 1950-1970s with those of 1990s-style electronic music...

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I can’t believe Los Angeles Azules single handedly saved the music industry

Jenn (JenJenJenJen20)

me canse de la version de los angeles azules

ً (urltrei)

@raulbrindis: #Farandulazo Carlos Rivera, Lucero y Los Ángeles Azules figuran entre los nominados a las Lunas del Auditorio Nacional, un…

Monica (Monic_music)

The place I’m at rn has their music on shuffle or something and they went from Michael Bubble to Los Angeles Azules…

jack. (jackieexgzlz)

@Univ_espect: #Entérate @_CarlosRivera, @LuceroMexico y Los @angelesazulesmx, entre los nominados a las Lunas del Auditorio Nacional 🌙 #…

Monica (Monic_music)

Los Angeles Azules music is still 🔥🔥🔥 #viejitasperobonitas

Jennifer ✨ (Jen_P_M)

Forget your responsibilities & the Outside World...Enjoy live music with your friends, dancing the night away! Onta…

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@ceturtles Los Ángeles azules on Apple Music

Eric (EricGuido96)

My music tastes goes from Dean Martin to Los Angeles Azules 😂

princess nava (PrincessNava3)

Latin American Music Awardsにノミネートされました。 Los Ángeles Azules - Nunca Es Suficiente ft. Natalia Lafourcade (Live)

BANNO, Tetsuya こんな・ああいう変な人 (t_banno)

. @angelesazulesmx nominados a dos Latin American Music Awards 2019;

Beto Franco 🤠 (BetoFranco_)

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