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Atlanta's Alyssa Michelle Stephens, aka Miss Mulatto or "Mulatto", is a rapper best known for winning the first season of Lifetime's reality TV hip-hop competition The Rap Game. Born in 1998, Stephens grew up on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia where she started rapping at age ten. Identifying as biracial, with a black father and white mother, she adopted the stage name Miss Mulatto. Prior to appearing on TV, Stephens developed a strong local following by performing at various events .

Fan: 52,400

Listener: 8,068

Genre: hip-hop, rap, trap

Mulatto Comments

Mulatto Comments
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Who is Mulatto?

Mulatto (, ) is a historical racial classification of people who are born of one white parent and one black parent, as well as mixed-race people in general. The term mulatto is now chiefly considered to be derogatory or offensive...

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Listen to Thot Box (Remix) [feat. Young MA, Dreezy, Mulatto, DreamDoll, Chinese Kitty] by Hitmaka on #SoundCloud

april’s habibi (Marijulove)

alaisia (hobiswitness)

She got a name but everybody call her “fine ass”.. with that fine ass, ain’t even gotta see her top half 🤤

oxtail 4 loko (MsOxtail)

every single one of them bodied their verses 🥵🔥

JJ. (juiciestofjays)

Music Video: @_Hitmaka ft. @YoungMAMusic, @dreezydreezy, @dreamdoll, @missmulatto247 & @TaylorHing – Thot Box (Rem…

Swag Simmons (WeUpOnItDotCom)

Music Video: Hitmaka ft. Young MA, Dreezy, DreamDoll, Mulatto & Chinese Kitty - Thot Box (Remix) -…

d~_~b ( • )( • ) d^_^b (CycloneWeUpOnIt)


bara (belovedcara_)

I look better off ig

lil bee (teacherbeez)

I Dont Know Why But It’s Some Abt Mulatto , I Dont Like But I Love Her Music .

Ranii 👑 (_Raniiday)

@novaglock for obvious reasons.

‎‏ً (MRSBlTCH)

I can only listen to Mulatto’s music alone😭 I don’t want people to know how nasty I am lmaooo I love her vulgar music🙃

nay🔪 (Branay_LovesYou)

The ladies did their thing.

Tighten up young’n! (young__beezy)

@missmulatto247 Mulatto I fuck with your music, you’re really DOPE AS FUCK 💜💜🔥🔥

Zachy Morris (itszachymorris)

@darrlaflare: BODIED🔥

$ (cyberleil)

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