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There are, at least, two artists with the name Palisades. 1. Palisades are a post-hardcore band from Iselin, New Jersey comprised of members of Marilyn Is Dead. Band members include: Louis Miceli on vocals, Matt Marshall on guitar, Xavier Adams on guitar and vocals, Earl Halasan on guitar and programming, Brandon Reese on bass, and Aaron Rosa on Drums. For more info, see their Facebook. 2. Palisades are post-hardcore band from in Melbourne, Australia. Stream and download their demo here. .

Fan: 2,126,832

Listener: 79,830

Genre: post-hardcore, electronic, metalcore

Palisades Comments

Palisades Comments
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A palisade is a steel or wooden fence or wall of variable height, usually used as a defensive structure. Palisade, palisades or palisading also may refer to: ..

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#NowPlaying Paul Taylor - Palisades :: Tune In : - Buy It

The Source: Smooth Jazz Radio - KJAC.DB (TheSourceSmJazz)

@lilsamsquanch66 rage

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I gotta thank @pitchforkedpuck for introducing me to Palisades. I'm really liking their music

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@FairlyDoubtful They toured with Starset last year too actually! I was surprised Starset brought them back and as d…

Deja Vu | Raid of Dream | D-2 (ltatsu10)

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Here's what's NOW PLAYING on (click to listen) Palisades Park by Freddy Cannon Buy song…

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Freddy Cannon - Palisades Park @FreddyCannon

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@TrevorGreetham: @BurnettBooks @jtandalli Birds of Chicago now a firm fixture on long car journeys. Remember Wild Horses is a touching…

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