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Periphery is an American progressive metal band from Bethesda, Maryland, formed in 2005. History Formation and Lineup Changes (2005 - 2009) Periphery was formed by guitarist Misha Mansoor in 2005. He slowly gained a reputation on the Internet, primarily via a regularly-updated Soundclick account, Meshuggah and John Petrucci forums, and the message boards. Before and during Periphery's tenure in the metal scene, Mansoor developed a reputation for doing his own audio production .

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Genre: progressive metal, djent, math metal

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Periphery Comments
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Who is Periphery?

Periphery or Peripheral may refer to: Periphery (band), American progressive metal band Periphery (album), released in 2010 by Periphery Periphery, a group of political entities in BattleTech, a wargaming franchise Periphery countries, the least developed countries in world systems theory Periphery (France), statistical area designating a commuter belt around an urban unit Peripheries of Greece or administrative regions of Greece (Greek: περιφέρειες, peripheries), the country's first-level administrative divisions Peripheral units of Greece or regional units of Greece (Greek: περιφερειακές ενότητες, perifereiakés enóti̱tes), second-level administrative divisions Periphery, all of the body outside of the central nervous system Peripherally selective drug, a drug with a primary mechanism of action outside of the central nervous system Peripheral nervous system, the part of the nervous system outside of the central nervous system Peripheral, an external device attached to a computer The Peripheral, a 2014 novel by William Gibson Peripheral, an alternate mathematical term for boundary parallel in manifold theory, Peripheral cycle, a mathematical term in graph theory Peripheral vision, a part of vision that occurs on the edges of the field of vision..

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@MoshTimes: Gig Review: @PeripheryBand + @PliniRH + @Astronoid - Kentish Town Forum, London (15th November 2019) "The band were as refi…

Julie Formay (JulieFormay)

@MoshTimes: Gig Review: @PeripheryBand + @PliniRH + @Astronoid - Kentish Town Forum, London (15th November 2019) "The band were as refi…

Marsquakes (MarsquakesCS)

@MoshTimes: Gig Review: @PeripheryBand + @PliniRH + @Astronoid - Kentish Town Forum, London (15th November 2019) "The band were as refi…

Plini (plinirh)

@F33dItComics Music remains vital... just gotta check the periphery.

Michael W Conrad 🗿 (michaelwconrad)

Gig Review: @PeripheryBand + @PliniRH + @Astronoid - Kentish Town Forum, London (15th November 2019) "The band wer…

Moshville Times (MoshTimes)

@MUSIC_FESS aku suka our last night bangettt, bmth juga... the word alive, memphis may fire, periphery, crown the empire, I see stars.

rafika ade (FikaRfk)

Did a dumb little video of my top favourite albums of 2019! Check it out on YouTube if you’re interested #2019…

Mike (mike_rivaltown)

@mc_frontalot I've been curious since getting introduced to your music way back- when was the last year you played…

Patt (PattReilly)

PERIPHERY - Marigold (Official Music Video) @YouTubeさんから めっちゃ音ゲーのクリップぽいPV

playing (playinging)

EFFECTS OF THE LONG - Tribe of the Periphery - (Official Music Video)

Rubens de Barros (tasinfo)

@khansynth @fusedofficial I am old AF, but I’m not really synthwave, I just lurk in the periphery and have people l…

Sapphira Vee (Sapphira_Music)

“yeah I actually don’t listen to mainstream music, I like a lot of underground stuff you’ve probably never heard of…

skengo ( CEO of missing marching band) (skengo_)

Sometimes there's not much you need to be happy. To me, Periphery, Babymetal, Xandria and Shadow of Intent in the h…

Harbinger of the Sky Pirate Empire [Fan] (SkyPirateEmpire)

Loved A Black Minute by Periphery on #jotafm

rovinha Ahh +Triste!! (blue_issues)

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