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Genre: wonky, electronic, experimental

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Point Point Comments
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Who is Point Point?

"Lionhearted" is a song recorded by American electronic music producer Porter Robinson. It was released on June 7, 2014 as the third single from his debut studio album Worlds (2014). Robinson wrote, produced, and performed the track. The song is different than the other songs on the record, less emotional and more pop-inspired. The song contains vocals from Swedish pop group Urban Cone. An official music video for the single premiered on June 17, 2014, and involves Robinson and several Japanese women walking around a city, wreaking havoc by turning the city into glitchy, retro imagery. The song was well-received from critics, and was a hit on the American Dance/Electronic Songs chart...

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@shawnmilachild: trying to prove a point. whose music is better and deserves a grammy more? like for the prince and princess of pop, th…

tray (traymarai)

I’ve watched that BOP music video too many times at this point

Kawhi Kuzma (JCR_321Finest)

@tawacya: こっちも高評価が4.6万に伸びてた😊 錦戸 亮「Point of Departure」Official Music Video @YouTubeより

ᎡᕮM𝓞N (UmbrellaxSocute)

@adamlevine I am glad that i always listening to your music i am one of your fan and I will go to the straight poin…

Chismosang Kapitbahay (ChismosangKapi1)

Honestly fuck music in general im tired of the same bullshit yall love 😤 at this point im a grandpa

⚡Ass Juice⚡ (LordMikeDay)

@blankspace2489: Also you know what really irks me? At no point did Taylor ever bring up money owed to her from big machine. THEY went t…

𝓛𝑜𝓋𝑒, Gina 💕 (thatcolorblue_)

@sayy_b: Straight to the point, no bullshit, great music. Fuck I’m gonna need some time to get over this

marcus (y0itsmarcus)

@GhostKumi: At one point Justin Bieber was carrying R&B on his back while all our faves were making strobe light music with David Guetta

Pαm. (only1kidrauhl94)

At this point just stay tf at home🙄 like make yo music and keep yo ass away from all events, don’t do tours, just m…

only1Fai (FaithLaShae_)

The showcase on 29... will they even do any music show at this point? #EXO  #엑소 #weareoneEXO  #EXOonearewe …

hello OBSESSION (mintsechodo)

@naija0329: Some of these episodes were the cringiest sht I've ever watched but the entire series was a very significant turning point i…

모치민 (jiminperial)

lmao i just signed up for apple music again a month ago and this shit is so on point.

bloodsucca (hisl0nelystar)

I get noise complaints every apartment I live in for playing music. At this point, I just need to buy a house.

Kemp Fargo (kempfargo)

@TheOperaGeek That’s a very valid point, haha! Hopefully it’s family - or that amazing music teacher of yours 🥰

Rebecca the Cleric (MadamPeasant)

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