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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Brave (USA) Hailing from Lancaster, CA, The Brave released two albums on Pakaderm Records - 1992’s Battle Cries and Trust in 1994. Produced by John and Dino Elefante, they had a melodic hard rock sound that echoed the likes of fellow Pakaderm bands, Guardian and Mastedon, as well as mainstream groups like def Leppard. The band’s line-up originally consisted of James Salters (lead vocals), Stayce Roberts (guitars, vocals), Malcolm Paris (bass, vocals), Randy Roberts (drums, vocals), and Freddie Tierra (guitars, vocals). Randy Roberts took over on lead vocals on Trust after Salters left the band. 2. The Brave (The Netherlands) The Brave is rollin' since the spring of 2009. Their music is best to describe as raw power garage rock. Check out the Dirty Mouth EP (2009). Recently some of the songs for the new cd leaked. They show promising development towards a new song and soundstructure. Keep an eye on: 3. The Brave (Australia) Band formed in 2015. Signed with UNFD. 4. The Brave (Australia) The concept of 'The Brave' evolved from a shared passion between songwriters Matt Griffith and Rodger van Raalte to create something refreshing and original, molded from their own musical tastes and creative ambitions. What started as a handful of brief writing jams from 2004, developed into a conscious decision in early 2007 to make a tangible attempt at recording an EP and forming a band

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