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Tonight Alive is an Australian 5 piece pop-punk band from Castle Hill, New South Wales. The band consists of bassist Cameron Adler, guitarist Jake Hardy, vocalist Jenna McDougall and drummer Matty Best. One of their guitarist/vocalist Whakaio "Whak" Taahi recently in 2017 left the band. Their newest abum "Underworld" being the last album of Tonight Alive for him. Forming in 2008, the band worked up a strong following in Australia's pop-punk scene .

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Genre: pop punk, female vocalists, pop rock

Tonight Alive Comments

Tonight Alive Comments
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Who is Tonight Alive?

Tonight Alive is an Australian rock band from Sydney, Australia. As of 2018, the band consists of lead vocalist Jenna McDougall, guitarist Jake Hardy, bassist Cameron Adler and drummer Matt Best. Formed in 2008 by Hardy, Adler and Whakaio Taahi, soon joined by McDougall and Best, Tonight Alive recorded and self-released the EPs All Shapes & Disguises and Consider This. In 2010, Tonight Alive signed to both Fearless Records and Sony Music Entertainment Australia and released their 2011 debut album What Are You So Scared Of?. The record was officially released in the UK and US in October 2012, a year after its initial release in Australia. Their second studio album, The Other Side, was recorded in Australia and released 6 September 2013, featuring the singles Lonely Girl and Come Home. It debuted on the ARIA Albums Chart at No. 5. The band contributed the song "The Edge" to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Soundtrack. The band released "Human Interaction" on 30 October 2015, followed by their third album, Limitless, which debuted to mixed response on March 4, 2016. Lead guitarist and songwriter Whakaio Taahi departed the group in late 2017, shortly after the band finished recording their fourth album, Underworld, which was released on 12 January 2018. Tonight Alive have been listed as one of the top 10 Australian bands in 2010 on American rock radio station KROQ. They consistently tour year-long...

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funky panda's where it's at tonight i'm alive for funky music

jun. (chuusang)

@FluxBpmOnline: #REVIEW @IndecentNoise feat. Jasmine Chloe - Alive Tonight @ARDImusic Remix out on @Grotesque_Music #GrotesqueFusion ht…

SMH (MhaskarSarang)

Take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people who are young and alive...

Diana (dianaarreolaf)

Take me out tonight Where there's music and there's people  And they're young and alive

🌹 (biancaos)

take me out tonight, where there's music and there's people who are young and alive

juliana (stywars)

#REVIEW @IndecentNoise feat. Jasmine Chloe - Alive Tonight @ARDImusic Remix out on @Grotesque_Music…

Flux Bpm Online (FluxBpmOnline)

Tonight Alive。デビューアルバムのほうが強くエモーショナルな曲が多くて好み。 Tonight Alive - "Wasting Away" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]:

激しい音楽bot (loudmusic_now)

Out now on Grotesque Fusion, the massive @ARDImusic remix of @IndecentNoise's wonderful collab with Jasmine Chloe c…

Grotesque (Grotesque_Music)

@SilkDharmaArt It's four o'clock in the morning Damn it listen to me good I'm sleeping with myself tonight Saved in…

Mark Riva (MarkRiva)

@tylerrjoseph: emotional show tonight in Paris. had me thinking about a lot while on stage. im glad live music is alive.

døʇ sǝʌol ɐɹøpısı (twentyonegrazer)

@exploremusic_k: Good luck to TCS string and brass students performing tonight at the Kravis Center. They’re bringing the lobby alive wi…

Kerm Towler (kerm_towler)

The edge of tonight is such a good song wow i just love it so much. I'm so glad it's the first song i ever heard by…

amelie (nightowl_cherry)

no one will ever understand how seeing @Eminem front row tonight means to me and how positive it’s already affected…

brittany (brittanyg149)

take me out tonight where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive

josh (jjmelkweg)

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