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There are 4 artists named Tourist: 1) Tourist is an electronic musician from Brighton, UK (formerly known as Little Loud) 2) Tourist is an electronic/indie band from cologne (germany). 3) Tourist were an modern rock band from Vancouver, Canada. They recorded one album, The Relevance of Motion co-produced by Mark Henning and mixed by Mike Fraser. 4) Tourist Lemc is a rapper hailing from the Belgian city of Antwerp. In 2012. His debut album 'Antwerps Testament' came out in 2010. .

Fan: 2,311,698

Listener: 231,610

Genre: ambient, electronic, seen live

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Tourist Comments
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Tourist on Social Media

@BedourAldakhil: بخصوص الفرقة الكورية “Above all, there has been a great influence of Korean pop music and dramas on the young female po…

Razan (RazanAlShareef)

I’m going location scouting for a photo shoot which is fun because it’s nice out and I can listen to music and take…

no rules in breakable heaven (laroldtrainor)

Remembering a Reddit thread about airpod users getting pick pocketed in tourist spots and realizing too late when the music stops....

Bronson (BronsonHighway)

@BedourAldakhil: بخصوص الفرقة الكورية “Above all, there has been a great influence of Korean pop music and dramas on the young female po…

وليد السليمان (alsuliman_w)

I want to plan a trip to Germany just to see some good psychobilly shows. Maybe do other tourist stuff but mostly: live music.

Cassidy Stone (CassidyStone1)

@ms_tourist @MweliNtobeko @ThabisoSethun Darling bula wine and sip some while listening to great music, baby ghel o…

Puso (PusoMotidi)

@MagnaTourist Magnificent Tourist #Music now playing on @7522radio with 2 albums: ''Gone Native'', ''The Best Of Ma…

Enjoy Estes Park Radio 🎧 🎵 (enjoyestespark)


Hilary Jones (fatilatuti)

WOW. i just discovered the music of @Tourist and i am beyond amazed. my favourite song of his at the moment is call…

el (paperdreamsy)

@ms_tourist Yakwenza ni romance music 🤪😂🤣😂

Pumeza Gwija (The_Gwija)

@Bikomfident Music quality between our times and now remains incomparable, hence it remains timeless. As a DJ I kno…

TheLifestyleTourist (ms_tourist)

@kaysexwale @Thulani_Mtolo @kayafm95dot9 Lounge music it is.. better than what we have been subjected to between 12h00-15h00 & 15h00-18h00

TheLifestyleTourist (ms_tourist)

@OMorwaagae Kana that reliable music warehouse was all a lie 😖😖🤔

TheLifestyleTourist (ms_tourist)

@ms_tourist @Thulani_Mtolo @kayafm95dot9 I tuned in when I was leaving the shops after reading Thulani’s tweets. Am…

Kananelo 🇿🇦 🇱🇸 🇸🇿 (kaysexwale)

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