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Anderson .Paak - Come Down MP3 Comments & Reviews

sadi890 - A Classic!

When this first came out, I remember listening to it over and over again. Recently bought it and now am doing the same again! Every track is gold!

dudjfndj - Did


hjfhs - Awesome

So much better then venice by a longshot. Awesome album. So many good songs on here. YES LAWD.

CRBFRESH - His best album?

This essential AP album has some of his very best work, and showcases some incredibly diverse sounds to the hip hop world at the time, bringing hip-hop and soul into one very unique album. Any one of his albums can be listened to from start to finish, easily. Buy the LP, it’s worth it.

Diddle pants - Repeat

Album can replay over and over without skipping a song. Great album.

ethanlees - So good

Such an original sound. Quite the fusion of genres and sounds. Very fresh!!!

Music_Bizz - Malibu is good!

This album sounds really good. I just recently discovered Anderson and happy I did.

Thee Great Fish - *Bubbles*

Bub blub bubblin’ bub bubbly bubble blub blu bub... ...

HS Fam - Great listen

I first heard of this guy from Bomani Jones of ESPN. I purchased without even listening to a single song and loved it so much that I purchased the other album he released. Now just waiting on the newest album.

Dark-_-Titan_ - Iconic

This is the kind of album that’ll stick with you for your whole life. You’ll never get tired of it because it’s going to blow you away every time you listen to it, first time or five hundredth. I cannot stress how talented this man is, he creates true ART!

friasj22 - Friasj22

Love,love,love this album!!!!


HipHop Heads should give it a listen. The newly relesed single bubblin brought me here and I ended up buying the catalog. I read back in the day where DRE said this cat was going to blow-up. DRE usually's on point. I'm late, but better than never. I give this 5 stars!

AW310 - Awesome

Feeling this album; good music for everyone to listen to(kids can’t listen to Silicon Valley). All thumbs up👍🏾👍🏾

Davebos582 - Incredible

One of the most complete albums in recent hip-hop history, Anderson Paak is soulful god!

Coreyj3000 - 2k18

2k18 brought me here. #Amiwrong.

Yman27 - Apple Music, then I Bought it.

This albbum is greater than great, hopefully he will stay in the game and keep making this beautiful noise without any flaws, keep dropping CLASSICS, oh yeah I THOUGHT DRE SIGNED HIM ON AFTERMATH....LOL

Ic711 - Fantastic

Love this

Belmamma - Inspired

Inspired, innovative and genuine. Beautifully done

NCaldera - Great!

Anderson did his thing 💯👏🏽🔥🔥

be still know God - LET'S GO! time to parteee!!!

Need this music to feel alive!

PaulJazzGuitar - Best album ever


RedfooSkybluLMFAO - Paak kills it

He chooses to follow what the greatest do

am282747 - Legend

This man is so talented. Perfect album with perfect production.

The O.P. - One of the Best of 2016

Top 5 2016, no lie

SoSouth - AZ - Straight soul

You're what the coast been missing

Kevanted - It's all Sunshine

Had an ear out for him since 'Compton' by Dre came out. Very very happy with his debut! Sorta took me by surprise what kinda music he could make. Handled the project very well , didn't even give this a listen until 2017. Wish I heard this earlier.

Jjdfgiikgikgv - Yeppppop



This deserves a few Grammys. I just caught on to this album a few weeks ago and it is still in constant rotation. 2016 R&B is NOT dead!

TamLondon - Refreshing!!!

Stumbled across this album and can't stop playing it! It's wonderful to hear music from young people that is not the norm.

Darryl07 - Complete Banger!

I'm a little older and I'm new to this kid. But I am hip hop. Anderson fuses hip hop, soul, punk & r&b quite well! The sound grabbed me at the first track and didn't let go until the last. He is a real talent! Will be around for years to come.

Youmama3724 - G.O.A.T.

If I can give 10 stars I would!

some G - Love This Album

The more I listen to this album, the more I love it! This is the first album I've bought in a long time and I am glad I did. Worth every cent! Support this amazing artist and buy it now!

Omnee - A+

Love it. Sound is timeless

No talents whatsoever. - Malibu

Bless, .Paak. Truly a one of a kind voice. So much soul in Silicon Valley, much love for the entire album ❤️

KBL99 - Masterpiece

A soulful, fun, thoughtful & overall amazing project from Anderson Paak. Easily top 5 album of 2016.



Deneal Dooling - Wow

This is amazing

Rvvn__ - Don't sleep

One of my favorite albums EVER. don't waste your time and buy it.

Lbjfan06 - Best album ever???!!!

Anderson pakk has been grinding this year

ANT-GEE - Dope

I'd like to see him collab with Kendrick

Eddy2.0 - Amazing

I heard this guy on the Blank Face LP and I had to hear more from him. This album is absolutely amazing and one of the best I've heard in a very long time. Definitely a classic.

ReverseWings - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Yes Lawd!

Kendick Lama - Fantastic.

.paak is going to be a great one day

BdjsbskdbkdndfjddjdjdsjsAss - Amazing.

Fell in love of it when it dropped. Anderson Paak is too amazing.

Zeinubluvszayn - 💯😤😤🎧

This album saved my life fr 😤😤

kookoo909 - Amazing

Anderson Paak is one of the most soulful artist to come out in a while. Very few albums have the ability to transport me. I literally feel like I'm in Malibu. He's a true musician that delves deep on this album everything from broken relationships to commentary on the music industry. This album is juicy, and unlike anything I have heard in a while. My only complaint is that I wish there were more songs.

Mads1456 - ITS LIT

Just know this album is great 🤘

Homygosh - Saw him live..

Saw him live a month ago not knowing who he was… incredible live, and he's definitely made me a fan! Great buy👌🏻☺️

jbfore - SMGDH... Missed this (Real RnB Music).

This is good RnB music. Thanks Paak!

hentenny - Solid Album

My first time listening to an whole Paak album and i’m throughly pleased with it so far. Anderson definitely bringing some funk.

HiFi83 - An instant classic

This album is a Masterpiece and will haunt Anderson .Paak for the rest of his career as he struggles to match it’s greatness. This is one of those “no skips” albums that you just have to press play and appreciate it’s arranged perfection.

Me1308_xox - Amazing

I just don't believe these 16 amAZING tracks are $8. This guy is just so smooth and has such a beautiful vibe and groove. Very very much love it.

Bin23 - Instant classic

Replay value threw the roof Multi talented old soul of an artist That keeps you wanting more

jadenrazz00 - Unreal front to back

Awesome stuff

Shawnobi San - Amazing

Eddie Kendricks would approve. Sly would approve. Native Tongues would approve. All the Soulquarians would approve. I approve. Keep that eclectic torch lit Paak! I loved NxWorries but he's outdone himself here. This is my favorite album of 2016 so far (and probably will be all the way through to 2017).

ArjayAq - So good

Can’t believe I haven’t heard of this guy before

Brackett555 - Great album!

Great album!

KingPaulito - DOPE!

Dope man! This album is so dope!! Get it!

Pooie dooie - Simply amazing. Deserves 10 stars. Can we get 5 more up on this.

Awesome. Soulful. R&B. Touch of rock. Soothing jams for chilling on the couch to driving in your ride. Creativity flows out of the lyrics as it dances on the beats. Every song is a worthy listen. No need to skip a single one. Just put it on, play one by one or shuffle them all. So few albums are worth buying every song. This one is worth every song. Buy it. Love it.

Alakazax - This Man Has Swagger.

Really creative, super well done. Ideal for music lovers

Parsa Nejad - Watch out for his rise

I was introduced to .Paak through Compton, where his voice captivated me. Afterwards, I searched up his old music. Once I got tired of listening to Compton on repeat, .Paak's project, Venice, was up next. Another fire hit I loved was Suede. All to say, Malibu does not disappoint. My favourite project of his, the flows/voice/instrumentation all work beautifully and are extremely captivating. His versatility is astounding. The Waters & The Season/Carry Me are my favourites of this project. Can't wait to see his success reach further heights!

루보 - good stuff


Avelboy383 - This is art

Incredible album. Simply beautiful

Luckyyfms - this that pimp music

great work

Breyo - Fantastic

I listened to the whole album start to finish last night and it's something special. I agree with all previous reviews, this man's voice is captivatingand just want to say that this guy rocks on Dre's album "Compton", if you like him here you'll love him there

Myriam Bourgeois - Next big thing

Great vocals, just the right amount of swing - but its still smooth - and just a little bit jazzy. Fantastic album!

Soulsticity - Needed for the modern soul

.Paak gives us something we have been missing, real soul, and does so in blending many genres in a style the demonstrates a original taste in music. Great album for many settings!

DeAndre Miller - West coast baby

Anderson. Pack is here to stay

B921000 - Masterclasd

Lyrics smooth, beats even smoother. This is a really easy listening album. Even if you aren't into Hip Hop/R&B I can guarantee this album is for you.

Benji-Man - %100

No words needed, just love

Bruninoc - Perfection

I can't stop listening!!!!!!

cvl8 - Could possibly be album of the year

After seeing him on the Late Show I just had to support him and buy this album. A lot of music nowadays are let downs but damn, Malibu is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

joeyjeremiah - Bruno Mars with better taste

Surely Anderson Paak is going to hit it bit with this one? He’s just too talented to be hidden away in the underground West Coast / whatever scene.

HipHopssaviour - Perfection.

Funky, old school beats, a refreshing blend of genres, clever and emotional lyrics, a raspy voice that just screams "passion", and features that are all put in exactly the right place. Few artists can actually manage to pull of an album this good, all the while seeming to have fun and enjoy themselves. One of my happiest purchases in a long while.

Mel-Rah - Astounding

I always try to find a single word to define things that I find absolutely amazing. A single word came to mind while listening to Anderson .Paak - Astounding.

Mr Bereng - Me

If you are a fan of out of the box type of creativity,then this is for you. It isn't easy to class in a certain genre because it is a combination of more than one genre. Anderson Paak has managed to find the sweet spot between rap,RnB and something else. This is the best thing to happen to music this year as far as I'm concerned and when it gets you,you'll know its different. This is the album to beat in 2016.


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