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(pastiche:) - One Of The Best Albums Of All Time

If you are familiar with any of Pat’s music, you already know that he is a genius. This album shows you that the Pat Metheny Group is all about serious business. Do yourself a favor and play this on a good sound system or headphones. You are in for a feast for you ears. Enjoy!

ThatOnePyroNoob - The Stardust Crusaders approve

Last Train Home

WishiwashiTCG - Adventures Always End

This trip was truly fun wasn't it...

J0estar - In memory

Last Train Home reminds us of the courage and sacrifice Avdol, Iggy and Kakyoin have given on their adventure to DIO

Mostdisappointed - Still Life Talking

So It My Secretly Begin...on of my top five, and perhaps Pat Metheny's best!

Tn550 - What a bizarre adventure

Me and my grandfather Joseph love listening to Last train home. It's more of a somber song to us, but even our dog, iggy, loved it

Ff vb - One of the best made

I think that this is one of his best albums out. I think the best song is "it's just talk". Everything changed when I started hearing his music, I remember how it used to sound when I first started hearing it and now I still listen to it and it still sounds just as good now as it did then. I grew up listening to his music, never got tired of hearing it and never will. It was said that "Letter from home", picks up where Still life (talking) leaves off, but to me, Still life (talking) picks up where "We live here" leaves off. I love how it sounds when you put "We live here",and Still life (talking) together as one. If you buy "We live here",you must buy Still life (talking). you'll love it.

Que Dogg - Boss Que Productions

This is one of Pat Metheny's better albums for sure. If you're a jazz buff who likes traveling. This is the album for you from beginning to end.

BStreetEasy - Influential

Metheny influenced a lot of great guitarists in today's music. Mostly notably Phish. This is one of my favorite albums of Metheny Group

Onco doc - Sublime

I first heard Pat Metheny on 101.9FM in 1980..As Falls Wichita, so Falls Wichita Falls. It was a life changing experience. This album arguably encompasses most of that feeling that transformed my musical soul from the mundane into the transcendent. Pat is the Mozart of contemporary jazz.

Salexander24 - Legendary

Legendary virtuoso Pat Metheny and his extraordinary team of musicians deliver a seminal tour-de-force classic album.

NikolaiC25 - Great and Timeless Album

My father gave me cassette recordings off this album when I was a kid, but I never understood it, and thought it was stupid. Once my mind fully developed, and I got sick of all the garbage on the radio, I came back to explore Pat Metheny. This music is phenomenal and really inspiring. It invokes emotions you've never felt before, and never gets old. Needless to say, I am a PM fan now.

Erwin Bloot - Must hear

Pat Metheny is an artist that all musicians should listen to no matter what their interest is. So interesting and as a listener you find new things everytime.

TheFoxx - Traveling Music

I have been listening to Pat Matheny since 1990 or some where there abouts. I have always felt like the wind was blowing in my face, and I was standing over the grand Canyon feeling free. Truly Free. Last night I was at the Jazz Lab in Edmond OK, and I see that Pat Matheny is going to be there. I have no money, if you can help me, please send me $20.00 and with enough of those $20.'s I can go and see him. I need his music like I need my breaths. Just for a moment of Freedom, Last Train Home is the one that caught me and made me sit down and listen. Since that time, I have been a huge fan. Being riden with Arthritis severely keeps me from working... but I sure would like to go. If you can help, I would sure appreciate it.

Sylvie53 - Still soooo good

Grew up in a jazz-listening family. Pat Metheny sounds as good now as it did over 20 years ago.

Arthur E. Choque - A seminal work. This one is so good it should be in the Smithsonian!

To say that this is a landmark album is not, in my opinion, an overstatement in any way. This album was pivotal for PMG. It marked their departure from the stricture of ECM's somewhat repressive "get in, lay down the tracks and get out" recording practices and their debut on David Geffen's label. One of the first and few jazz bands to record for Geffen, PMG were catapulted, almost overnight, onto a much larger stage to rave reviews and sold out tour dates. If I were to voice a criticism of this album it would be that it just isn't long enough. This is the musical equivalent of the perfect summer sunset at the beach. You just don't want it to end. It's just that good! It is 1987 and once again, nearly a decade after my conversion as a Jazz fan with the first "Group" album, I am rendered speechless and I feel a chill run down my spine. Just like the first time that saw Vincent van Gogh's "Irises" in a museum instead of a book, I am amazed. From the anticipatory departure of Minuano to the mystery and sensuousness of "So It May Secretly Begin," through the Evocative chugging, throbbing emotion of "Last Train Home" then the controlled blast of "Third Wind" and eventually settling down to the last flickering embers of "In Her Family." The experience was visceral and revelatory. I instantly replayed the entire album. I've been hitting the replay button on this one now for over twenty years. It is still the only album that I must listen to at least two or three times before I can move on to something else. I defy you to listen to this album once and not be compelled to hear it again immediately, if for no other reason than simply to listen, in shear amazement, to the blistering (yet somehow cool and understated) solo of "Third Wind." I'm listening to to it now as I write this and once again the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. This band is so tight it almost makes your ears pop! I still play this for my few uninitiated friends who love to make fun of that "jazz stuff" that I listen to. I crank the volume as my captive listener is assailed with yet another of my "crazy jazz tunes." They smile and nod wearily. They indulge me as they would an overly enthusiastic child, but slowly, as Pat's irrepressibly buoyant and joyful fret work begins to cast it's melodic spell (you can almost hear him smiling as he plays) a change starts to come over them. Lyle's shimmering piano solos transcend their patronization. Paul Wertico and Steve Rodby loosen their resistance with their tight rhythms. Armando Marcal shakes the bones of all those wonderful percussive toys and David Blamires and Mark Ledford contribute their remarkable vocal work... and then... it happens; I watch bemused as the once reticent listener, almost against their will, begins to be seduced by this wonderful music. I watch as their toe or finger starts to tap, their head starts to bob slightly, almost absentmindedly and then, as "Last Train Home" rolls into the station, it's all over but the shouting. Forget about it... By the time "In Her Family" comes to an end I'm indulging their new found enthusiasm for jazz with a smile and a nod. This is one for the books my friends.

Jazdre - Still Life talking

Like all of Pats work this is really great peice of work by Pat, timeless, moving and jsut really lovely.

American in Italy - Still holding up 22 years later

I was in college when I heard this, and then bought the CD (one of my first). I used to run to last train home on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier on my way home from the Desert Storm, and think of my homecoming. I still run to it and think of those days. Brilliant.

natnat20 - Timeless!

I grew up listening to this album. It's as amazing now as it was back then! Love it!!

bohardy1 - One of the best...

Probably one of my all-time favorite albums. There are precious few that I listen to over and over and over. This is one. It never gets old. It sounds just as fresh as it did 20 years ago!

Deus é brasileiro... - A stunningly beautiful collection of music

As a Pat Metheny fan and a huge fan of Brazilian music, this brings the BEST of both worlds together. Absolutely fantastic.

Doulton - I was move!

I remember hearing Pat Metheny for the first time while in college and was blown away. His music is timeless and I am moved whenever I listen to Minuano!

Madame M - One of the Greatest of all time

There are certain albums that change what you listen to -- this is one of them, along with Cerati's Bocanada, Spirojazz's Tales from Buenos Aires, Manu Chao's album, and King Sunny Ade's JuJu Music. This is right up there.

chieflotsadoe - I was amazed

i was amazed a just how good this album is! ive downloaded just about the whole thing. i like this one just as much as David Blamires album. which has the same sound to it. So by all means if youre into this type of jazz get both of them. Third Wind is my favorite track.

backyardsky - Like A Ride To Turntable Junction in Flemington, NJ

Last Train Home (and the music video of it as well) will forever remind me of wonderful Saturday trips to Turntable Junction in Flemington, NJ. What a perfect song for such a beautiful place to visit. Pat Metheny's music always seems to bring me to places and people I keep close in my heart. No other artist has been able to unite the soul-ish aspect of instrumental music and the memorable experiences of life quite like him. His music will certainly find admirers for years to come.

hazbin - 1 of the top 10 albums of all time, in any genre

As another poster said, this album has the extraordinary ability to sound vital and uplifting 25 years later. I saw the group a few times in Boston around the time this album came out and it was truly thrilling - when the train-track drumming of Last Train Home began there was an extraordinary roar in the Orpheum Theater, a release of deep energy - one of the best ocncert moments ever. As for the album itself, as noted by others it is critical to listen to the whole thing, in order. Then, Third Wave seems as stunning an achievement as A Day in the Life did on Sgt. Peppers' the first time you heard it. Jazz fanatic or jazz newbie - buy this cd. You will not be disappointed.

K-many - an awakening of the senses

This album truly showcases PMG in their finest musical moment, to-date....... It enhances and transports you through every emotion an awakening of the senses

Mr. Grant - Superb Recording

I remember listening to Minuano as a child (I was 6 when this LP was released) and loving the dramatic middle section of the song. As I grew older, I've come to absolutely love So It May Secretly Begin. That song alone is a must have for any kind of chill moment - very soothing and mood enhancing song. My parents' have burned through 2 copies of the LP and 3 cassettes, I've burned through a copy of the LP and 2 CDs, and we just keep rebuying them every single time. The music never gets old - cause you could never guess it was recorded in '87, now 20 years ago! A must have jazz disc!

ravenwoods - Great Jazz CD

This CD is worth every penny my fav is Minuano I love Pat Metheny ( Are you going with me ) is a classic

SoulStirer - Still Life..Talking

Pat Metheny knows how to speak to the soul... This cd does just that and much more!!!

Josh Brazile - How can I describe this Album?

I fell in love with this album when a radio station played it here in Los Angeles in the late 80's. I own a copy of this on Record and to hear it now, in all of it's original quality, brings back a lot of grat memories. This album is one of his best.

crossover - almost twenty years later

Listen to an album recorded almost twenty years and it still measures up as one of the great jazz albums of all time; a crucial point - buy the entire album for its seamless linkage from song to song.

byrdland49 - Truly amazing!

Few musical moments are powerful enough to bring tears to your eyes....this, PMG's best, has many such moments. Be transfixed, be transformed.

DJ Monet - Certainly one of his best.

I listen to alot of music and this is one of my favorite CDs. Pat really got hold of something special (a cosmic music vibe!!) in an energetic, creative blending of classic PMG with a heavily brazillian influence-- which was always lurking with tunes like "Song For Bilbao." Without a doubt, Pat is one of the best composers of our time. He also happens to be one of the best guitarists, also. Live versions of almost all of these tunes are available. Actually, I think "Last Train Home" is one of the weaker tunes (still love it, though). "Minuano" has become a Pat Classic, and "Third Wind" is one of the best Pat build-up jams (reminds me of "Until The End Of The World" which came later).

Man of Cool - Spirit of Life!

Pat Metheny has an inner understanding of the soul itself through his music. The list of his accomplishments on other albums are astounding. This particular album exemplifies the famous Metheny style with the spirit of life. He's gathered a great following over the years. An absolute 5 star rating!

BrianEGarner - Still Life Talking

"World Fusion" at it's best...Hard to believe it comes from Lee's Summit Kansas and Witchita Falls Texas.I love these guys.If you practiced all day every day for 30 years,you might be able to do this.Let alone write this.God bless the PMG!

Kawaii_cookie101 - Last Train Home

I love this song so much, it has so much feeling. I always have to stop myself from tearing up on the train home from school lmao

DynaCool - The Road to You (live)

This for me by far is his best album yet. I love listening to this driving up to Whistler to go skiing. Pat truly is the Mozart of Jazz! This album has many elements from the quietest guitar to a screaming electric guitar that rocks big time. I have seen him play many times since 1989 and have all but a couple of albums. This one is garanteed to satisfy. I'm pretty much a Metheny junkie.


@dvesean: July 8th 1967 an unknown Jimi Hendrix & The Experience began a 29 city tour, opening for: THE MONKEES! And it was A DISASTER!…


wait, you think im gonna go without doing the second opening and last train home? hell no


@dvesean: July 8th 1967 an unknown Jimi Hendrix & The Experience began a 29 city tour, opening for: THE MONKEES! And it was A DISASTER!…


@dvesean: July 8th 1967 an unknown Jimi Hendrix & The Experience began a 29 city tour, opening for: THE MONKEES! And it was A DISASTER!…


Didn’t sleep last night got up, cleaned, did laundry, fed dogs, was on the train by 5:50, went to work, came home t…


July 8th 1967 an unknown Jimi Hendrix & The Experience began a 29 city tour, opening for: THE MONKEES! And it was A…


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