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Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Last of My Kind MP3 Comments & Reviews

Troyh17 - My fav ji400 album

Anxiety is the standout for me in an album flooded with huge songs. The lyrics, the songwriting is perfect -the man is a master. The wokeness to write a song like white mans world and not have it come off like lip service, and still the ability to write a love song like if we were vampires.... I can’t begin to explain how much I love this whole album.

Johnny Tapias - Terrible

I don’t understand all the praise. I’ve tried to like this guy but the music is awful.

Bjjfanatic - Disappointed

I was actually enjoying the music until I came across White Man’s World... I find it tremendously off putting that Jason seems ashamed of his own race because of atrocities he, nor ANY of us committed or would commit. Just tired of hearing the same old white guilt from liberal artists....

maskervilles - New Fan

Mr Isbell, I checked out your music because of your recent political statements. I really liked what I heard and I’m a new fan. Congratulations sir.

M_Shane67 - Best songwriter since Bob Dylan

Perhaps the most well written album I’ve ever heard.

Nagol1562 - Amazing writing

It’s nice to hear a little substance in this genre.

Gryrts - Country music for the thinking introvert.

First exposure to Jason Isbell, and I have to count myself as a new fan. My appreciation for country has generally only extended to old school Willie and Johnny Cash and I’ve always felt most modern country I’ve heard to be laden with bad lyrics and musical cliche. Clearly this is an artist with his own perspective and not willing to plug in the same tired formula for writing a country song. Most importantly though, his songs are honest and carry emotion and pain. If we were vampires just wrecks me every time I listen. Actually had to dial it back to preserve my mental health. Thank you, Mr Isbell.

Lakeside View - New to this artist

Wow! Gifted lyricist and musician. So glad to have learned about Jason’s music.

JFillify - Doesn’t compare with the prior two albums

This album just didn’t connect with me. Perhaps it’s unfair to judge it against Southeastern or Something More Than Free. The musicianship is still top notch. I still love Jason and his style.

electricdirt - Honest and genuine

This album is phenomenal! The music itself is wonderful and heartfelt. The lyrics aren't even political, they are honest and genuine reflections of both the outter and inner worlds! If you don't like it, put the beer down and eat some mushies!

Neonach1 - Good album

I like this album. The haters that rate the music poorly with snide comments about who likes the music and the political bent, say more about the content of their character than the quality of the music. Listen with open ears and heart.

cookie2354423 - Great stuff

DBT were always left leaning. This is a great rock and roll album. People, Johnny Cash idolized Dylan and the reverse. Willie and Waylon and kris k were/are hippies/lefties.

scat87 - O well.

Glad I read the reviews before buying. Vampires sounded like a great song but I don't feel like even more whiney lefties ready to cut their wrist because they aren't minorities on my ipod. I am maxed out right now.

Rob AZ 62 - Greatness

Jason Isbell is one of the best writers/musicians I have heard in a very long time. Every track on this album is excellent. You won’t stop playing it! Do yourself a favor and buy it!

Befuddled in 2013 - Brave and Beautiful

If we are to measure a man in the context of the details of his particular life and times, then Jason Isbell's bravery is to be commended. A true man of the South, a man whose fan base might embrace the politics he criticizes, he dares to question the prevailing truths of the first world he knew--how is that not to be applauded, even if one is in disagreement with his findings? I feel bad for those who have chosen to disavow Isbell because of the politics expressed in this album because they're missing out on the journey of a real artist living a life to which so many of us can relate--and where he will end up is a fascinating question. "Last of My Kind" is more emphathetic and moving than almost any song I've ever heard about the conflicts between rural and urban America. Anyone who loves rural America and has ever moved out of its comfort zone knows of what Isbell sings on that track. "Something to Love" is that sweet, lovely blessing we want to bestow on any child who takes our breath away. Admittedly, "Anxiety" goes on a bit too long and too overtly, but the bittersweetness of "If We Were Vampires" still lingers long after it ends.

PircGambit - Songwriting genius

Like all well written songs these deliver every time you hear them. Beautiful and subtle as well as in your face. Fantastic! Found Jason Isbell recently and am grateful for the gift. Sit back and enjoy

TV Consumer - Fantastic album

Right up there with Southeastern and SMTF. Several incredible songs, and the kind of album you can listen to start to finish and wish it hadn't ended. Both the songwriting and the accompaniment are worth savoring. Thank you JI and the 400 Unit.

Woodrozky - A fine wine.

Such a good record. The lyrics are thought provoking, the licks and overall musicianship of this album are just awesome. A big bravo from Texas. As far as people discussing politics, people have been using politics to draw inspiration in their music for years. Please, get off whatever soapbox you are on and try not to read into it too much. Cheers!

AndytheZBBfan - Surprisingly Great!

After reading a lot of the reviews about this being too political, I already had an opinion of this album before it even dropped. However, I was surprised and can honestly say that this album is fantastic! I don't have to agree with someone on everything to enjoy great music.

Stratdan1 - Jason Isbell is a Painter with his Lyrics

Haven't had any songwriter affect me the Jason does amazing songwriter.

Jeff Mix - Jason Isbell is the best

Jason Isbell has done it again. Three times in a row now. The songs are great. There isn't a better songwriter working as hard as him to put together precise, meaningful tunes. Just about every line is perfect. Throw in the band along with another top notch production by Dave Cobb, another Grammy winner here. Thank god for Jason Isbell to push everyone else to try a little harder.

MrUnderstood1 - Simply stunning

This is the best album that I've heard in years!

D McMoney - Old Skool

Just downloaded Nashville. Wow! The only thing more amazing than Jason's talent is his courage to sing what needs to be said. Stay bold, J.

RandofGA - Best Album of 2017

From the first minute I knew this was going to be a gem, and ir didn't disappoint. Fantastic album fron to back. Isbell has plenty left in his tank. White Mans World is incredible!

TWills72 - Boring

C'mon Jason...turn that frown upside down

Mugglematron - So good!

Every song on this album it heart-felt, lyrically perfect, emotionally powerful. Another great album from Jason Isbell.

DMJ2020 - No Southeastern

It may grow on me more as I listen but this is not my favorite record of Jason's to date. I loved his DBT and darker themes. The last two records were awesome. I didn't read all of the reviews so I don't know what all the hating is about. I do have to say I love Jason's storytelling much more than I like his public service announcements. I'm sure he would write an amazing protest song though. Incredible talent either way.

Marsdiesel - Perfect

Once again this guy, his wife, and the 400 Unit display that songwriting is meant to be simple and effective but with these guys always honest.

josielittle - Beautiful Album

Incredible work from all involved, here. From a long time listener and supporter, I can't recommend The Nashville Sound enough. The real treat is going to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Those live shows are amazing. Well done, y'all.

bcr308 - There cant be more of them than us

Well based on the outcome of the presidential election and the special elections it does appear that there are more of them than us. Except for a couple of songs the album is a let down.

eleventh hours - 6 stars?

Love it. 🙏 When I grow up I want to be like Jason Isbell. Album is on repeat. Thank you for the heartfelt wisdom.

Quill79 - Am I the only one getting the joke?

Southeastern & SMTF were amazing albums start to finish. "The Nashville Sound" follows the Nashville pattern of 3 good songs & 7-8 filler tunes. Political songs? The fella had something weighing on his heart & got it out in song. Maybe it's not a hit or doesn't strike a chord with ya... press fastForward. It's got 3 songs on it that'll I'll play often. Not his best album, but better than anything being crammed down my throat on country radio.

topher_e - amazing

amazing as always jason..but this time i feel you really tapped into something magnificent with this album, highly highly recommend this album to everyone i know..i feel like he wrote and recorded my life down with this album, thanks for your gift of music jason!

JTdesign - Between good and great

Now that I've listened to the whole record, there are definately some tracks that I prefer over others. I personally tend to like the more energetic tunes, but some of the more quiet songs are poignant and beautiful. Lyrically, the whole record is stellar. The criticisms of the content (here on iTunes) are unfounded. Jason writes from an honest and vulnerable heart. What more can you ask of an artist? ... The only track I don't care much for is "Chaos and Clothes", but that's because I don't like the production choice of the double vocal.

Danna73 - Pains me to say but it's a disappointment

I am a major Isbell fan and listen to his music on repeat. He is a lyrical genius. Unfortunately this cd missed the mark. It sounds like he was watching the DNC convention while writing it, and the lyrics don't resonate with me at all. Vampires and Tupelo are okay, but that's it

tamratameleon - Amazing

Great as usual. Felt like he was writing to me personally. Can't wait to see some of these songs live!

R_paradox - Another amazing album

Committed, intelligent, emotional music. Which is why some people who don't like his politics are dissing him. Somehow, Dylan, Guthrie, Seeger, Springsteen, Neil Young, CSN and lots of others seemed to do just fine. Don't like it, don't buy it. It's still a fantastic album.

Total garbage!!!! This is - Isbell at his finest

He & the 400 Unit sound great as always. Isbell is a lyrical genius.

PatricP - Another killer album from Jason & the Unit

Ignore the 1-star reviews. Yes, this is different from his last release. Yes, it is different from any of his previous material. He is growing and developing as an artist, and he has been through a TON of $h!+ in his life, dating back to before his run with DBT (ANOTHER GREAT BAND, btw), and his music is evolving with his experiences. Give this a listen, and then go find the rest of his music and listen to it. While you are at it, latch onto some Drive-By Truckers, and check out his work with them (Decoration Day, The Dirty South, A Blessing and a Curse, The Fine Print). I hope you fall in love with both Isbell & DBT. And go see them both live. Great shows, and awesome fans.

NoBama-2012 - Ghv


Leland Youngblood - Solid

I think it's a solid 4 stars. Not what I was expecting but in a good way. I am really enjoying reading all the reviews. To be honest I'm not surprised at the stupidity of some of the more critical folks as I know he pulls some country fans/ very awkward to read someone telling an artist what he should or shouldn't do/ be. Also hilarious that you can actually see that the more critical of the "liberal" lyrical content the person reviewing is - the more less intelligent they seem to be. For example a harsh one star review will have a bunch of misspelled words etc. ... and it's just what they're saying/ you can almost see the genetics and brain power deteriorate as the stars get lower and lower. Haha!! Anyway I can tell Jason is where he needs to be spiritually and I appreciate the melodies and instrumentation. I also enjoy the tones: very uplifting/ no harsh frequencies that are spiritually harmful (and cause fear response in mammals). Anyway... Nice work, Jason and team.

mystery tramp - I'm southern.

I'm proud of this. But I'm an American first. So y'all relax. This is a great album by the best songwriter of this generation. He's got a right to say whatever he wishes to say. He ain't here for you son. So move on. Plenty of other country boys who can fly your flag. Isbell is living the life he wants to live saying what he wants to say. He's doing it better than ever. Growing up is hard friends. That's why so few do it. Proud of this man for doing it. Move on boys or give a listen and stop dividing, ain't no use no how.

Schmee24 - Isbell does it again

Every album you think "there is no way I'll like this as much as his last" every time it's so freaking good and you can't stop listening!

Vibidi - Simply tremendous songwriting

I thought southeastern was his best work, but this album is right up there. Highly recommend.

jeannegymnast - just don't like

every song has the same vibe, Jason can write but the songs dont have any emotion. Nothing like "cover me up" or "live oak" here, two of my all time favorite songs. Not buying any of it.

MickTunes - Activism

The leftist, white guilt activism of "White Man's World" is tedious. It Ruins the entire album. Music and politics don't mix.

WayneHills - Exceptional

Enjoying the full release. Ever time I listen, I hear like it better. If you are a crazy trumper, you might look elsewhere where. For the rest of us, enjoy!!

El Turby - Awesome!!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this album. The heavier sound works. Isbell's song-writing is both thoughtful & powerful. Definitely worth checking out.

Obibrynobi - He does it again!

Seriously one of the best songwriters out there. Keep them coming Jason Isbell!

Shadewold - 10/10

Perfectly weaves politics into fantastic songs. Great lyrics. Great band.

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