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In ‘'Tunnel Vision,’‘ Kodak raps about the corrupt system, facing jail time, and many more issues he’s faced in the past over Metro Boomin and Southside’s production. It was previously teased in live performances, on his Instagram, and in several videos that have received more than 1 million views before the song’s official release. Download Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Tunnel Vision MP3 file uploaded on February 17th, 2017.

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Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision MP3 Comments & Reviews

YWN DAYDAYYOUNGIN45 - Kodak's Painting pictures is his #1 Album

I litterly listened to 11 out of 18 tracks of this album on repeat. #1_Day for Day, #2_Coolin and Booted, 3#_Candy paint, #6_Twenty 8,#7_Patty cake,#9_Conscience,#10_Tunnel Vision, #11_ Corrlinks and Jpay,#12_Reminising fr. (A Boogie Whit Da Hoodie),#14_Off the land,#18_There he go. Best Kodak Black songs ever!

Air Dave - Garbage

Saying this is hip hop is disrespectful to the industry. Just stop.

Luke Finlay - Trash

Worst rapper of all time tbh

budyuke - Im sipping on beliare

Pattycake definitely was my favorite song

Sc:jug_head4 - 💯🦅


Smiley turtle - Kodak

I love Kodak & I loved that he was one of the few who didn’t make his listeners pay to play his music. Now when I search him up the songs are censored and you have to pay for some songs that aren’t out. I’m on a budget & smoking and listening to music is the way I spend my time. Please Kodak make it free😩

Sinatra Kennedy - The Real Deal

This is amazing. Totally real and unfiltered. I’m a huge Kendrick Lamar fan and Octave is really starting to peak my interest. This is a stellar effort.

Can't_Login - Horrible

horrible music from a horrible person. not surprised.

R.G.2 - Fire

Kodak is a god

Mlxrd - Kodak

Album Of The Year!

FukShytUp - Ehhh

I’m being nice cuz I actually like 4 songs and I might be being generous saying that

Brenden133 - Heat

this album is amazing Kodak=GOAT you my idol

Quueeesoooo11 - The Even More Best Album in The World!!!!!

We need some new albums even more!!! I am super 😃😃😃 awesome, I heard "Double Vision" and "Patty Cake" many times.

Ndjewjhdhxjxixjdbsbdjd - Trash

Why does this generation support this garbage? Especially guys like Kodak who are awful, disgusting people in real life smh 😂

Great1352653567 - 💯💯💯

Wayne and Kodak are on the same level

Jared Lord - Good Album

This is one of his better albums

gilbert1995 - Brilliant album!!!!

Kodak makes me feel what he's gone through and how he emulates his life in his songs. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 1️⃣8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

yo boi poptart - Dis da best music ever created white kids these days


iamfernando4 - Good enough


Dlong00 - Trash

I said it once and I'll say it again Kodak Black is pure TRASH!!!

SBKilla - Garbage


savage scull - By Justin

All the songs are fire🔥🔥🔥

Saucey_taytay - 🐐

Love it ❤️🔥🔥

Bakerlit69696969 - Decent

I find it pretty decent overall

steve-o5 - Misunderstood

Kodak's music is an acquired taste that caters to a very specific audience. If you don't like it, don't listen to it lol...

michaeljackson_mariahcarey - Gleee 🎨🖼💯🔥❤️

Out here doin big, painting pictures 🇭🇹💯🤙🏽😬😬 ☝🏽K!!

ihatekodak - Trash asf

Most trash rapper in the rap game by far

Bhggyybhhhhhh - Stop Hating 1k

Most of y'all saying garbage barely listened to it just criticized his character so sad

Laptop nerd890 - Never Judge a book by its cover!

Being a 34 year old female with a teenage son, I try to stay hip to all upcoming eras so I can have some understanding of what my child engages in. First reaction Kodak what? Kodak who.... but after listening to this album and also doing research. I believe he is one talented artist but the lack of.... that was never provided to him made him the cause of his own demise in all negative situations he's been in... I am proud of the strength and courage he posses to even face the world after being accused of rape (which in my heart I feel he didn't do) keep growing and progressing but also remember you are idolized by many so try your hardest to make better decisions! Great album.... I like it! 🔥🔥

Wowgabatastic - ...

not all that

lil chriss the finnesse kid - Painting pictures

Best mfn album out on the tunes cop this mug if you really wanna listen to some good music Kodak G'd up like always sniper gang! Best almun really loved it !

kendricklamarfan123 - Great

If you dare say this album is trash you're probably old as hell or you just didn't bother to listen to the content. The production on the album is crazy and Kodak executes almost every song. Drakes more life was the only other hip hop album to sell more in the first week. Kodak must be doing something right. So stop misleading people with these horrible reviews and let them listen for themselves.

klsxoxo10 - trashhhhhh

absolutely terrible

Motocrazychipmunk - Nope

Can't understand a word he's saying

EMRenegade - Garbage


Vedros89 - Trash

I couldn't imagine that anyone on this planet calls this music !

Oej_d - Wack

Will never buy his music (sincerely, a black woman)

Ferg ASAP - SG

Album of 2017

MoneyMeza - Slaps


Bawl haven - its live

kodak is hard i love his raps yuh 🤙🏽


I hate humanity bc this guy thinks he's better than tupac and biggie

This_is_Pamela - FANTASTIC

This is a five star album. I love every single song. Corrlinks and JPay is my favorite song. I've listened to this album too many times.... I know all the lyrics... KODAK PLEASE GO ON TOUR AND DO MEET AND GREETS!!!!

almiightybanks - Painting pictures


Kosmo Wojack - Good producing but...

The beats and production are really good but Kodak's annoying voice is too unbearable I can't listen to this.


Horrible. Not a fan.

Littleman 700 - One star because I can't give it zero stars

Must I even write a review analyzing this trash? Cmon people, anyone with an IQ above double digits who has an appreciation for music will understand why this is absolute trash. Absolutely no talent.

OuliuwJgema - Wow...

Kodak is trash why do people enjoy his music?

tray41253 - Kodak🔥🔥🔥🔥

Best album of the year

Cb33217 - Yesssssss

It's lit 🙏👌🔥😜🔥👌🙏

Hunter26K - Bad


Sara hates this - Smh

All these hate reviews got me dead .tbh Kodak is quite adequate and unique. Yes he does rap about some controversial things and uses profanity but what kind of MAINSTREAM rap doesn’t.

Popcola - Trash

Worst rapper alive



vCrimsoNHD - 🔥🔥

For everyone saying that he's trash a lot of his songs have meaning, Listen to Ambition. Some heavy lyrics for a 13 or 14 year old

venusvi - bye

hopefully he's in jail for 8 years on a rape sentence so he doesn't release any more trashy rap

Josh W-K - Why can't I give this 0 stars?

Absolute trash

Benjisarocks21 - BAAAAAAAAD Lyrics

Let me just type a couple of the worst lines on this album: "Put it in her p***y like Mac 'n' Cheese" "P***y ball like Kalilou" "I ain't no Blige, but I'm smoking Mary J." "I'm flyer than a plane" And that is not even mentioning his lack of flow, as he mostly raps off-beat and does nothing original. The only song I like on this album is Tunnel Vision (obviously) because of its.catchiness. Everything else is borderline unlistenable.

Ya mums mums mums uncle - Actually garbage

Lyircally awful, kodak somehow manages to have all his songs in such a similar sounding fashion that it almost could have been passed as one song compounded of all his repetition, this is despite a good beat selection ( the only redeeming aspect of the album).

Jcdgjjnbsetulnx - Painful

Kodak Black will go down as the worst rapper in history, actually what is this garbage

Lukeh321 - Very noice

Very good album indeed


@its_abdullee @Jydex91 Lmao walahi. Not even tunnel vision. Na like bottle vision


@its_abdullee: @oladiee @Jydex91 But Dipo why you like to dey argue with Jide. The guy get tunnel vision.


@NemuriKayama5 @redlustreaper @harlequinyosei life looks shitty right now but just got to keep your head up, life g…


@MamaBear1769: I'm sorry to anyone in chat if I ever miss your message or notification. I get tunnel vision sometimes, my apologies. Tha…


@SoupTomatoSoup @BBCPolitics Nothing is isolated in int’l affairs. With a tunnel vision, neglecting all things happ…


Tunnel vision at Bent Tree Park.#LiveAParkLife


learned how to focus on myself, now i got tunnel vision


I Be on tunnel vision Babyy 👁


Tunnel vision. Time to grind different.


@JAYVERSACE It seems he is looking at the situation through tunnel vision and is missing a lot of information that…


I may be getting tunnel vision due to #quals, but my partner’s lunch choice has me baffled. So, let’s say you have…


@mkfm Leaders who can't see it probably won't find it: Leaders without vision will fail. Leaders who lack vision ca…


Hating people bco their skin color .... now what is the word for that ? 🤔 I am proud to say that I only hate the…


@xXAutumnIvyXx I took them for years without any major issues. I found that they mainly effected my eating habits.…


@lauramustangGT I think some Generals have tunnel vision, kind of the nature of the job I suppose, that's why they…

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You can find here mp3 music file from artist Kodak Black, album Painting Pictures, song Tunnel Vision, released date 17 February 2017. Listening and fast downloading online to Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

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