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Brett Eldredge - Love Someone MP3 Comments & Reviews

Mackdadddyj - Loveeeee

His voice is the gateway to my heart ❤️❤️❤️

sarah.valtr.slh - speechless

i have no words to explain how much i love this album and how good it is. Brett, you’ve truly made a masterpiece. every. single. song. is. amazing. every single one! this is by far one of my favorite albums EVER. cheers to you, Brett. i’ll support you no matter what. you’re a true legend, and i love ya with my entire heart. once again, cheers 🍻💛

Meyyyyyy - Perfect!

Brett Eldredge is a wonderful person. I love his music and his lyrics are so beautiful. He’s amazing! I love this album.

KatieLove10921 - New love for Brett Eldridge!

I always liked Brett’s music but never really got super into it, after hearing Someone to Love, I listened to this whole album and it’s fantastic!!!! 🤩

SangWriter - One. Great. Song. After. Another. As always!!!

I don’t know why I think I’ll listen to each song on a new Brett Eldredge album and I’ll probably buy 3 or 4 songs. Then EVERY SINGLE TIME I buy the ENTIRE ALBUM. Brett is just incapable of putting out an OK album. EVERY SINGLE SONG on EVERY SINGLE ALBUM is stellar from the first song to the last. When you buy one of his you get your money’s worth and then some. Just save yourself some time and buy the whole thing. Thanks again, Brett.

GoBears70 - Garbage

Helping to kill country music one crap song at a time. Thanks Brett.

Halie Howell 19 - Country music

Brett Eldredge I love your music

willa7705 - Its Brett Eldredge

Th reason why this album is amazing is because it’s Brett singing that’s why no question about it

laurennnbailey - Best!

Love everyone of his albums and everything about him! Everyone needs his songs in their lives! ❤️

#fangirlofallfandoms - Brother

Aww. . . just aww. . . aww


Cannot wait to see him live with BLAKE SHELTON

Kiss1379bae😍😍 - Booooooooooooo

I hate dis song 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡

mandapanda243 - Best work yet

Brett Eldredge has been slowly becoming a favorite of mine through the years, and seeing him develop this much as an artist has me thrown (in only the best way). There is not a single song on this album that i don’t love and I could probably listen to it nonstop. Amazing work 💜

Pamela11485 - Amazing!

Every album keeps getting better! I swear the man could sing the phone book and I would be happy!

AmberSingleton2222 - Well done

Another great album by Brett. Has a new heartfelt feel that’s needed in music right now. It’s got it’s own lane.

Sachihan - Great voice, album’s ok....

Love Brett and was excited for the release of this album. After hearing it a couple time round, it’s grown on me, but I didn’t like it as much as Illinois. Some of the songs (Crystal Clear, No stopping you, Brother) seem pretty blasé bgm that I can really get into. The clear winners for me are Cycles, Castaway, The long way, and Haven’t met you as Brett’s voice makes me feel like snuggling up to a fire. The general feel from this album isn’t stronger than the last, but it’s got some definite #1s.

WTaggie - I love Brett!!!

He is such a great person with an amazing voice! I follow him on Snapchat and I have fell in love with him and Edgar! 😍 this album is truly amazing!!!

Blalock7 - My Favorite album

Brett isn’t only a refreshing voice in a crazy world nowadays, he shows his love for his fans on a more personal level, which many don’t seem to do anymore unless you pay outrageous prices for meet and greets..Many of us would love to do that, but just do not have the funds, have a spouse who’s Health requires all of our money, etc... Brett steps so close to that personal touch Thru snapchat, instagram, and bed head jams..Who cannot love that voice at bedtime. Brett, you sir, are what Country truly is. Love Shan from Tx

Shahdjdocksjxijshhendic - Best yet

Hands down this is your best album 😍 The Reason is probably my favorite, please go on your own tour soon!

Musicisforever88 - Epic!!!!!

Ever since I purchased this CD on my birthday, I couldn't stop listening to this album.. From top - bottom, the songwriting, production & arangment is on point. My favorite song from this album is "The Reason" it has a nice soulful vibe to ir. I couldn't stop listening to this album, in my opinion this is one of my favorite Country album that I have enjoyed this year. Looking forward to new and amazing music in the years to come from him!!

CoolKate10 - 😍

😍can't stop listening to this album

_Karyn_ - Album of the Year in my book

I've been a fan of Brett's for awhile now. Back in March, I saw Brett in concert and heard "The Long Way" for the first time and instantly fell in love with that song. I must say it probably my favorite song of the year. "Cycles" is another one of my favorite songs off this album and favorites of the year. Brett has a great mix of fun upbeat songs such as "Heartbreaker", "Crystal Clear", and "Superhero". "The Reason" is a great song that really shows off Brett's vocals (and also another great one to hear live) and you can feel the emotion behind the song. Anyways, you should buy this album. Album of the Year in my book.

mccael32 - Buy it

Just saw Brett Eldredge a few nights ago and his show was amazing. Loved this entire album.

crystalights - Swoon

I literally have our whole dealership in Dallas, Tx listening to him! His voice is beautiful and I can't get enough of his music! Just downloaded the album!

The AZEA - nope... not good

hey look, Thomas Rhett let you borrow his fake dirty and ripped white T-Shirt from his last album!! tool

Felicia_5 - So much talent and emotion!

I love how vulnerable Brett is on this album! It's a side of him we don't always get to see. The songs are all amazing and the delivery is beautiful!

Yep1234556 - Something I'm good at

I don't ever write reviews but I felt like I had to because this is the worst song I've ever heard. How is this a single on this album? I haven't heard the entire album. If it's anything like this song. This album is in trouble

SCgal54 - So Very Very Very Good

I have been so in love with "Someone To Love" and am now in love with all the songs now. Wonderful ballads.

TnTbros - Brett Eldredge = 🐐

First time listening to the album all the way through, I enjoyed every single song, which is hard to do, Brett Eldredge has one of the best albums this year.

Flash1523 - Just release a pop album...

The songs aren't that bad, but I want to hear country and this stuff takes up half the airways on country radio. Just move over to pop with Sam hunt, FGL, Swift etc.

Karley101 - wow

so freakin good

BrittneyMorgan - Obsessed!!

Love this record!!! His voice is soooooo good! Can't stop listening!

Colton_86 - Just doesn't compare

Been following Brett since before his explosion onto the main stage of country music. I own all of his albums and have seen him in concert more times than I can count (just kidding, it's 6! lol). The guy is hands down the most talented vocalist in country music, which is frankly why I'm kinda bummed. I bought the new album expecting it to be like the ones before it... albums that you pop in and love every song. Can't say that for this one though. The pace is slower and the songs just aren't as good as his previous work. I considered every song on his previous albums hits... this one has 3 max. Oh well, every artist has to put out at least one "OK" album right?


Brett Eldredge always has songs that can relate to any feeling. His songs are so original and you can tell he has a meaning in each one. Another amazing album! My favorite song on this album is Crystal Clear! My favorite artist in the world❤️

Cwmax1 - Love it!!!!!!

He has a one of a kind voice and I love it!! The songs are personal to Brett, but These songs are saying what many people have felt or been through as well! Beautiful!! Talented Man!! ❤️❤️❤️

abc123abc123abc1233 - Unbelievable

One of the best albums of any genre ive ever listened too

Shaina2386 - Best Album Yet!

So proud of this guy! I've been a fan since late 2011 when I first heard "dont ya", after that I was hooked. The next time I see him is next week! This will be my 8th show of his and my 7th time meeting him! Lets just say im a proud fan! He is such a humble person and his voice is just WOWWWWW!!!! A great person inside and out! His songs reach deep! This is by far my favorite album yet!!! Cant wait to see how far this guy goes! Love you so much Brett! - SRJ

JB_Sparrow - Very personal

Great album! It is very personal and relatable

Speeds on - AMAZING

I love all these so much! You are such a talented person. Your snapchats are my all favorite! Thank you for being you. ❤️❤️❤️

Indiana Gal in da South - You had me at "weird and adventures "😊

This Indiana girl loves the passion, heart and soul you have poured into your music! Amazingggg!

Shel❤️ - SOOOO IN LOVE❤️❤️

I've always loved his music! My favorite is probably Love Someone!!

Crid85 - Awesome

Love love love this album! It's so real & he is just amazing.

scasey330 - Brett fricken Eldredge

You need to buy this album, you won't be sorry. Having a bad day? Blast this album as loud as you can and go for a drive, guaranteed to make your day 1,000x better

Eliza_JeaN - 😍😍😍

The wait for this album was worth it! Can't decide which song is my favorite, I love them all!

Allyson Rideout - By far my favorite country album in the last few years

I've always been a fan of Brett...great singer, handsome man, beautiful lyrics. This is his best yet. I've played the entire album about 8 times now and with each time I hear a new lyric and find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with his music. Maybe I'll get to see him live one day and perhaps meet the man behind the music. Favorite song is castaway...thank you Brett for making such relatable and beautiful music. -Allyofwinterville

countymusiclover1 - Awesome music!

The new county music that's been coming out is awesome. Brett does a great job. There is lots of talent!

elle swanson - Relatable and authentic, just wow 😍

I preordered the album and loved every single release and now that the whole album is out, I can't stop listening! It is so easy to tell that Brett poured his heart into this record through every lyric. I feel like every person can find ways to relate to each song, no matter where they're at in their love journey- I know I can! And "Brother" is a super sweet song about his admiration for his brother that also made me melt. Maybe on the next album there'll be a track titled "Edgar" ?? (😜) "Haven't Met You" is a favorite and I'm dying to know if he's still searching because.... hi ☺️ BUY THE ALBUM, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Atrane95 - Great

Best music I've heard from him in a while

calwes - Brett is heaven sent

There's nothing in the world I love more than Brett Eldredge (maybe pizza). This album is beyond fantastic. It is so honest and genuine. Anyone who buys this album is guaranteed to LOVE IT.

I❤️Brooklyn and Bailey - Uhhh no


countrt lady - Country

Going to go see him awesome voice & songs 😊

Moi_Nic - Soulful ....

the long way..castaway..there is no stopping you!

Thsdhfddgsgzgsgdgsgdh - AMAZING

This is an amazing album! You really get the feels and you know he was writing from his heart no doubt.❤️

Hahaiwish - AMAZING

Saw him live at boots and hearts. He deserves 5 stars !!😻

SanAntonioGirl - Awesome :)

Great album 😊 Every song is amazing.

Awesomechick224 - Love love love!

This album is 🔥😍 God has blessed you with an incredible gift! Thank you for working so hard on this album for us!

KaitEvers - Brett - you did it!

This album has made me fall in love with Brett's music. It's from the heart - it spills his personal thoughts, emotions, and experiences... Yet he somehow makes it so relatable. Can't stop singing it all 💕

Yfsvb - I love it💕

I am literally going to hobbyists an iTunes card so I can buy all the songs

Sir79$ - Well...

I thought it was gonna be much better, and you used to be my favourite singer😭

melaniegou - 😍

Excellent album!

29520 - This album is everything!!!!

Brett you're amazing ❤

Irishlady38 - Love the songs

I'm new to listening to country, I heard Brett's songs & I absolutely love the way he writes his songs. He writes beautiful lyrics! The Long Way is such a lovely song

TristaMel - Can't wait to hear your heart, once again


lynz58 - Amazing album

Brett's back with an incredibly heartfelt self titled album with each song we are taken on a journey. His best most personal album to date. There are great slow songs and toe tapping fast songs. A must buy for any country music fan.

Ryan 333 - Brett Eldridge

A typical country album there isn't a stand out track but it's still a solid album

jenni298 - Love it!!

Another great album from Brett!!

Danimac79 - MAGNIFICENT!

Another amazing album from Brett! His very unique and soulful voice which reaches all the hidden parts of your soul means that This man can sing any genre. Love it!

Max Vildos - He thinks hes cool

i was just seeing how bad music was these days and i found this. He thinks hes cool but hes not. even his name has the word edge init which is sad

Dash Online - Another beauty

Brett's voice is gorgeous. This album is great. X


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