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Download Kelsea Ballerini - Miss Me More MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Miss Me More music file uploaded on November 3rd, 2017.

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babgirllit12 - YAAS

I love it my friend says she loves it to😋

Ash 😍 - Miss me more

That is a good song specially when you’re going through a break up that was not that good and the guy was changed u and yes u miss your old self

Crnelson22 - Kelesea Ballerini

She is AMAZING! I loved her and Kelly Clarkson! They were the bomb!!! Your amazing don’t stop singing!

Gadjoproject - Worth it

Heard “I Hate Love Songs” on Sirius and really liked it. Well-written, funny, with crossover appeal, I decided to download the album for $7.99 on iTunes to check out the rest of the songs. Love “High School”, “Graveyard” and the last track “Legends” which I had already heard on the radio. Strong 4-5 songs worthy of singles and radio airplay. There were a few tracks where I liked the lyrics but not so much the music, but overall a good album.

better luck next time! - love it!

saw her on MOL tour as an opener. she killed it, this album is amazing and she sounds even better live!!!

litle minny - I love miss me more

Miss me more is about love and heart break and you are amazing at songs I love your voice.

babysissyzion/hannah - Love you

Great song about boyfriend

Pink Paige🌺 - Golden!!

I LOVE it!! It’s on repeat.❤️❤️🌺🤟

spencer930 - Miss me more

Love this song, great beat catchy chorus perfect message

Iamalbertb - 💯

I dislike country music, sorry not sorry but this album is the first album I actually like that has to do with country music

Sassy_gal - Awesome

I don’t listen to Kelsea a lot but when I heard her song “Miss Me More” I fell in LOVE with it, it’s like 70% country and 30% pop! Love it! ❤️❤️

allbfrt - Not country.

Sounds like modern pop on pop radio.

Ajkskjeksjsh - YESSS

The most talented girl ever🤩Love, love, love every song!!!!

Blue_7187 - I can’t stand her

How is she even country. This trash song About missing herself or something like that sounds like a 90’s pop song. Women like this are ruining a genre.

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖 - Miss me more

I love this song me and my played this over and over

NHL68 - Love All of it

Kelsea is one of the best COUNTRY singers ever, she is so talented and awesome! So keep all the great music coming because we all love it all!


This song talks all about female positivity. It’s a good song to just get over them. It is also just a good upbeat song too.

jack4491 - Amazing album!

Next level country music! Loved every single song and that's rare for albums! Lyrics, sound, music all amazing!

busymommy - I love you Kelsea!

Kelsea... you have outdone yourself! These songs are ABSOLUTELY amazing! I have always loved your music but now I have a whole new level of respect for your music! I have these songs on repeat ALL day. This is so amazing Kelsea! Love you so much - @kmslettering05 on Instagram 💕

AriNoTearsLeftToCry - YASSS

I love Kelsea this album is GOLD!!! 5 STARS✨✨✨✨✨

imagine48 - 6/10

I didn’t really like Thai album! I pretty much only liked legends and I hate love songs!!

MAOIS - 😍😍😍 Love it!!

Reading some of these reviews🙄 Kelsea, I hope you can ignore the disparaging comments. I don’t understand people who troll just to throw around their pig slop. Kelsea’s voice is right up there with Maren Morris and the current country sound. In Between is spot on-brought tears to my eyes. I can hear and feel the honesty in these songs which is probably why she has so many fans💗

Spike.ch - Beautiful album!

Love her soulful touching voice and lyrics. Great beat on every song as well.

katelynnmgrimes - Outstanding

I’ve played the CD so much since I’ve gotten it. I think I’ve overplayed it. So good!!!

Nudder Budders - 👌🏻

She’s too underrated

countrypop2 - I hate love songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kelsey is amazing

The Girl🤩🤩🤩🤩 - 😍😍😍

I am amazed this is my fav country artist ever and I think this album is INCREDIBLE I am so obsessed with all of these songs😍😍😍

Hkiugbxsdgnkklnbcds - No

Just no

Goddy Gottwalt - Oof

My god what happened, this album ain’t very country, hope next album is cause I love you kelsea but can’t have this

Aliyazdian1 - elnaz


JacobBren123 - Talented, but NOT Country

There is no doubt that she has great talent, but it is correct to say that her music does not stay true to country and sways quite a bit to pop music. She is following in the steps of Carrie Underwood, another who is talented but is now a pop singer. It also seems that most of the songs are about breakups, which, after a while, can become stale and boring.

Jainaellis - All right. Wrong genre.

Although I don’t like to listen to it, I play mostly 50’s and 60’s country with my grandfather and my cousin (who needs to be famous but never gets any recognition). Some of it is older or newer. Nice sound, LOVE your voice. But wrong genre. Who is reading these reviews and has heard “A Boy Named Sue”, “Good Ol’ Mountain Dew”, “Tennessee Mountain Home”, “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”, “He’s Movin’ On”, “Jolene” and “Hey, Good Lookin’” from the olden days? That’s country. This is pop. Idc if you call this pop-country or country. It has nothing to do with country. I should know, being from the same area Kelsea is from. Nice try though, great sound. Just change the genre and you’ll be fine.

Jwolffstar - Energy, Voice, Crafty Somgwriting

A passion and energy lacking with many male country artists. Well crafty songs and an artist with a great voice and long vocal range! Winner!

sassy slugger 08 - Love it

I love this song my favorite song by her


Seriously one of the worst albums I have ever heard. Legends is good but this has too much of a pop sound to it. There are much better country artists and singers in general. She doesn’t even compare to McKenna Hydrick.


I’ve been listening to this album multiple times a day since it dropped and I can’t get enough! The entire album is completely relatable and you can tell that Kelsea put her heart and soul into writing this. Love Kelsea and can’t wait until the Unapologetically tour to hear the entire album live!


Two seconds into the song I already thought it was amazing

Bea Miller!! - YA'LL CALM DOWN

The reason she sings about guys and love and heartbreak and stuff isn't because she's boy-crazy, it's because she's been through heartbreak and she's been through love because she's MARRIED now! So what if she sings love songs, it only means that she loves her husband that much to actually write a LOVE SONG for him!


I absolutely love listening to this album over and over again! Kelsea Ballerini’s music is honestly so amazing and each song has such a wonderful vibe to it.

Demaaa👑 - love this!!

I just downloaded few songs THIS IS AWESOME!!


LEGENDS my favorite. Her vocals crystal clear. I love the way she knows how to sing powerful when the song calls for it and brings it back soft when needed. Love her passion the way she sings each and every song. Heart felt. Genuine.



not the taylor that i know😭 - AMAZING!!!!


Cute pup girl - 💙 LEGENDARY! 💙

I think this is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while!!! Also, one of my new favorite singers! It’s still just enough country, with a little pop in the mix :)

Carissa💖 - 💖Gold💖

I love this album! So empowering! 💖

Cyntnia88888 - Awesome music

Awesome music great voice big fan of your music

jcia13 - No sign of the sophomore slump here

Kelsea effortlessly outdoes herself on this album. GREAT follow up to her debut album.

HeatherGURL🚺 - 💕Loves You, Kelsey! So Much!💐💕

Your album sounds great! I hope I can see you in concert, someday!

Hurricane2003 - Country fan

I'm a huge Kelsey fan, but this album isn't great. It's not country, it's too pop sounding. "Legends" is the best song on this record. Love her, not so much this album itself!

ctwohillphoto - Talented and gifted

An incredible album - a true work of art!

Stéphane... - This is not country

This album should not be listed in Country. It's Pop soup, NOT country.

jfkhdjeje06jdbdb - Dece

It’s ok

Mik P. - Obssessed with this Album

I keep playing these songs on repeat! Awesome job on this album!!

ix242 - LOVE


kcsinger - Two in a row!

I bought Kelsea's album "The First Time" not know what I was going to hear and, to this day, I enjoy every second of that album each time I listen to it. I bought "Unapoogetically" wondering if she would pull it off twice in a row. This power house did it. I am loving the new songs. Stay real Kelsea. Great music!

Kenzielou1999💘 - Love this whole album!


Kendski - Another great album written

Amazing job on the album Kelsea

tinydancer1692 - Boring and Overrated

She is sooo overrated and generic. And this is definitely not country.

Hahaiwish - WOW 😭😭


Hkvfjvgfhbisshjkgg - Amazing

Congrats girl

Kie Storm - Wow...

I hate country music. I love new artists though... OMG I LUV U!!! WHO CARES IF THIS IS COUNTRY!!!!!

PassionateMusicFella - KELSEA’S BACK!!! ❤️🙌🏻✨

There is not ONE song I don’t like on this album. “Unapologetically” is everrryythiinngg! 👏

Hamlynnc - YASSSS

I'm so unapologetically in love with this album!!!!

zveli - Best of 2017

My favourite new artist!!! Amazing! November 3rd cant come soon enough!

Ketchancookem - Please apologize...

...for this crap.

The Whyz Wizard - Taylor Swift Vibes

Kelsea's voice and this song remind me of Taylor Swift's very first album only Kelsea's voice is way more beautiful. Her sound reminds me of Taylor Swift's, "Our Song". I miss the old or "dead" Taylor but I'm so happy I found Kelsea's album! Love the three songs I downloaded and I hope that this artist has a very successful career! :) PS - "Legends" is my favorite song on this album!

CountryFanGirl - Unapologetically Doesn't Work

I just pre-ordered unapologetically and the song unapologetically won't play for me. It says my computer wont authorize play it. Please help Apple I would like to the music I purchased.

amps3000 - AMAZING!!! 😍😍😍

I can't wait to hear the rest. Kelsea sounded sooo damn good. Eeeee so excited.

Cassie#2.3 - AMAZING



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@rosecoloredhes: watching this made me miss him even more


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@jovanijara I miss you more than you miss me


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