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Download Epik High - HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) music file uploaded on October 23rd, 2017.

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Epik High - HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) MP3 Comments & Reviews

AiriJazz - Beautiful

Still an amazing group

johyongil - Wonderful.

Just a masterpiece and a must have for a fan of hip hop/rap.

AngelHobi - A perfect album

I’m a new fan, learned about them through BTS and this album has become one of my all time favourite. Truly the kinds of songs we need these days; I’m young, under 20, but sharing this with my friends I’ve realised it’s not just me who needed to hear it. This album has brought be a lot of comfort and through it I’m listening to their old stuff and just falling in love with their music. This album is so complete in its perfectness and every time I listen I'm struck by that. By what a good album it is. I feel like it’s one everyone should listen to at least once. Thank you for this album that is truly something wonderful.

Leidysara1087 - Amazingly beautiful

They are so amazing, love the song. Lee hi is so talented her voice is unbelievable perfect ❤️

TMRfangirl - Amazing! Never coming off my Epik High.

Every album brings me higher. True artists.

12Nara80 - Awesome!!! 😍

Never disappointed with them love their work!!! 😍❤️🎶

mirnakarina - Never fail to amaze me

Darker, powerful, and rich. Couldn’t get over shoebox, and can’t get over this.

mary-desire - Best one yet

I love this album guys! Home is far away, love story, regrets and bleed are my faves!

Crystalina93 - Epik High and Tablo never disappoint

Straight fire from top to bottom masterpiece!

StarOpal - Worth waiting for

An amazing follow up to Shoebox, just like that album every track is great and personal feeling (some songs are like being ripped apart and then some are like putting on bandaids) and put together in an order that flows from beginning to end. This isn't just something done, but something crafted.

Lilai R - Masterpiece

Even after 3 years, the quality of Epik High’s album, as always, has not hindered. Their music is pure art. Truly admire their hard work.

DameKibou - Epik High at their best

I first listened to it on Apple Music to see if I wanted to buy it and boy I really wanted to! This album is so good! All the songs the featuring the lyrics the music! Wow! I absolutely love it. Well worth the 3 years wait.

AngryBirdMichelle - Never received item purchased

I’d love to rate this album because I love Epic High but I never received it after purchase.

Jonah Varc - legendary

more korean music sounding like this please thanks

Etlune - "We've done something wonderful," indeed

This album is a masterpiece. There isn't a single piece that hasn't been crafted with love and dedication. Epik High has taken their talent and craft to do something wonderful, and it shows. I haven't stopped listening to this album since I got my hands on it.

Brendca1 - They did it again.

Amazing album. ❤️

iamemilina - as always




Cookiemonster1200 meow - They’ve done something wonderful alright

I am deeply surprised of how awesome they still are and that their music hasn’t changed a bit. Them songs are deep and tablo and mithra rap is fire as always. 🍾🍾🍾🥂


Epik High is back!! Delivered a Wonderful Album

starboat90 - Best

Love it

Kira962 - Worth the wait

It’s been 3 long years since their last album “Shoebox” and this one is the comeback fans wished for. IU and Oh Hyuk shine in the calmer, reflective songs while energetic tracks like “No Thanxxx” and “Here come the regrets” (their fully English song which I hope does well on international charts). Can’t wait for my physical album to come in!

H._M. - It's easy to listen to music in a free way

But I still bought this album because it's so amazing. These guys deserve it. You deserve it. This album is amazing. What are you waiting for. Lyrics are meanignful and well thought out, as is the Epik High staple. If you don't speak the language, definitely recommend looking up a translation and i guarantee it will make you love the song even more. Sound feels like their old albums mixed with new age lofi-hip-hop/R&B vibes. Honestly amazing the way they blend it with rap and singing.

Mharya - It’s just PERFECT!

YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! Vous dépassez mes attentes Epik High et bien plus encore!!

Junehan - 5 stars isn’t enough

I would give this 1000000 stars if I could. Epik High, the throne is yours

Nomi_SpreadLove - Humble Request

'Lost One' really speaks to me. Would really appreciate it if a censored version [Like the MV] was released for purchase, without the 'F word'? Pretty, pretty please!! >.<

JJ. Fan - Indeed they've done something wonderful

Good job

Juliesean - Epik High we’ve done something wonderful

Another epik masterpiece of an album!!!

CactiG - Great work

Epik High always bring fans everything wonderful



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About HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) [Epik High] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Epik High, album WE'VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL, song HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI), released date 23 October 2017. Listening and fast downloading online to HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) - Epik High mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) by Epik High mp3 download listen HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) direct download HERE COME THE REGRETS (feat. LEE HI) mp3 #here-come-the-regrets-feat-lee-hi

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