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nosrednanna - It’s different, but in a good sort of way.

It’s definitely different from Alejandro’s other albums, and it doesn’t quite hit me as hard as bully’s lament did. But, I mean, it’s still happy with my purchase, and the albums worth every penny.

Calvin Arkon - FANtasTIC!

Very classic rock, folky indie vibe, with some fantastics hooks. well done

jfxbjtchh - This is not

The Shakey everyone fell in love with. Get back to your foot drum and lose the excessive production sound. Please.

Roscoe P. Coltrane - Poop moji

Only the one not smiling.

Pezhead418 - Why you no rock band sooner???

Obsessed! I’m not sure why Shakey waited so long to get a full rock band to back him? I like his jaunty early work, but this is in a whole other stratosphere.

ramendeep - Trash

That’s all.

workbox - Disappointed

Shakey’s gone electronic?!?! Say it aint so! I know that artists don’t want to keep churning out the same stuff, but this is such a radical departure from his other music it’s not even recognizable as such. I started with Kids These Days and at first thought that iTunes had made a horrible, horrible mistake and mislabeled the artist’s name, switching it with a (gasp) mainstream band. Definitely not going to be one of my favorite SG albums.

bamikeyb - I miss the good Shakey

My wife and I love Shakey Graves and have seen him in concert three times. Unfortunately we’re both very disappointed in this album. His originality, soul, grit and unique sound is nowhere to be found on this album. “Can’t wake up” is an appropriate name for this album - the only reason I’d listen to it is if I were trying to bore myself to sleep. Sorry Shakey. Not sure what happened to you on this album.

The Chad 2 - New Guy

Who is the new singer? I mean its not Shakey.... Where did the passionate, raw, soulful voice go?

bdkfjal;sdfjal;ksd - Garbage

What happened to that Southern folk master? So disappointing. I'm a huge fan of his, and I don't mind when some artists explore different territory as long as they create good music. This is garbage. Completely lost his muse.

Jfjdjdjdjjdjddndj - Save me

Get it.

led-zep101 - Absolutely Amazing

Definitely a different direction than the previous releases but just as amazing. Still can’t believe he is not more popular than he is. See ya in Pittsburgh for the second time, Alejandro! Can’t wait!

Dabbaghraphy - Different, yet great.

Really great mixing in this album. A different sound yet very relaxing. I’m going through a breakup and some of the songs hit close to home.

The2ndmouse - It’s to loud - let me here you sing

I loved his voice - here it is hidden behind noise. Not a fan of this highly anticipated album.

NickD! - Not what you might expect.

If you’re down for some 60’s revival type sh!t, this album’s for you. If you want more of that smokey, southern, soulful innovation he was known for, this album probably isn’t for you.

Intro puke passion e - Like it

How great is it to discover a band When they have just hit their stride

rangers08 - Pass

The background music in the music sounds like a rip off of the old batman and robin show. Last cd pushed was great going to an older sound with voice and instrumentals but now sounds like 60s tv show music was added.

miss Black July - NO


yam suph - Thank you!!!!

Sometimes you wait awhile for an artist to come out with something new and then you listen to it and ask yourself, “why did it take so long for them to write this?” This Guy NEVER disappoints. Not with the art, the time, the money. This guys best album changes with your mood and it’s awesome. Thank you Mr Garcia.

MtnMikeT - He woke

Don't let the title of the album fool you, Shakey is more awake than ever on this new album. His style has shifted from his earlier days, but the brilliant lyrics and songcraft are still there. This album is so dense that I have a new favorite song every time I listen. The album has everything from songs with fanciful wordplay ('Aibohphobia'), to punk-rock infused folk-ballads ('Cops and Robbers', 'Kids These Days'). There are dreamy psychedlic romps ('Mansion Door', 'Counting Sheep') and songs with an almost anthem-like gravitas in 'Excuses' and 'Big Bad Wolf'. To those lamenting Shakey's change in direction, I say give these a few more listens and tell me they are not stuck in your head for days. Keep it up, Alejandro.

Cshneebs - Keep it up Shakey! Please.

Another tasteful album to wonder the roads of life with in my car and my dog. Thanks for the tunes.

Kees DeVos - Shakin' things up a bit

Took a couple listens to get accustomed but have come to really like the new songs, different as they are!

Jeremy The Artist - The wait is over- NEW SHAKEY!

Been a fan since the early days- nice to hear these new sounds - you can hear the maturity of the music in the 2 singles that dropped - can’t wait to hear the rest of the album! -JTA

Skanuck - Judge this album by its own merits

I feel that this album has been unfairly judged by a portion of the Shakey Graves fanbase on the basis that it's a departure from his other content. While on the surface this more heavily produced album differs from the stripped down "One man band" sound that shakey graves is most commonly known for, the excellent writing and underlying tonalities remain the same as the rest of his studio content and are used here to great effect. From the more bombastic songs such as "Cops and Robbers" to the more somber moments such as the breakdown and subsiquent final portion of "Backseat Driver", to the songs which are both beautiful and High-Flown such as "Excuses" and "Mansion door", the whole album is pulled off in impecable fashion. For me this album did require a bit longer to break in than some of Shakey's other music, but offers one of his most consistant albums to date; to not give this album a chance would be doing a disservice to both the musician and yourself.

TheNorseWolf - What happened?

What happened here? This is a step backwards. Where are the raw vocals? The guitar that rips through your soul? I'll re-listen to And The War Came instead of buying this.


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