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Download Cardi B - Ring (feat. Kehlani) MP3 song file at 320kbps audio quality. Ring (feat. Kehlani) music file uploaded on April 6th, 2018.

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Cardi B - Ring (feat. Kehlani) MP3 Comments & Reviews

NO i hate it - Garbage

Stripper trash

The__BFG - The real review

Cardi B is one of the worst “rappers” in history. She sounds like a dying animal when she speaks, her “rapping” makes me want to cut my ears off, she isn’t funny, and her history makes it worse. She drugged and robbed people. How she isn’t in jail is beyond me. It wouldn’t let me submit this without a rating so I’m putting one star. If I could, I’d put 0 stars

andres e quiroz - 🚫

Just 🚫

萝卜forever - Awesome


live 💗 - Love ❤️

I literally love this album it’s the best thing that happen to 2018 Periodt

nyhueit - 👑


Queen_D💎 - Overrated

Cardi is overrated. Like too many of these female artists out here all she can do is rap about her p***y. No brain, no real lyrics. She should go back to the pole where she belongs.

Miss toco - Drop the new album sis


mwxicann - best female rap album 🙌🏽


ananansnsnsnnsbs - AWFUL

most plain album ever. Cardi is so bad only weird black, Hispanic and ghetto white girls can stan this garbage of a rapper. Bye

jammmmmmmma - The best song


Vlodimir von everec - Trash

Trash trash

974)2/ - Um

Good job payola I guess...??



boogiedownJay - Worst mainstream female rapper in a long time

Cardi is simply a bad rapper to me. Album was not listenable for me i truly had trouble getting through it. Very generic, lacks creativity and lacks good raps in general. Maybe Nicki Minaj spoiled me in thinking other females rappers can compete in the male predominated genre... but listening to this album just made me realize how special and under-appreciated Nicki Minaj really is.

watch the King conquer - The worst album

Don’t like at all

Nate07055 - 👏🏽


yourstrulyjose - 😶

Horrible, but makes sense for someone who uses payola.

Snapchat dosent work - QUEEN OF RAP


Nicky delgado - Hate


jboogs911 - Nicki Minaj can rap unlike this trash artist

Whack and repetitive come up with something new and start writing your own music.

Jcandiani - 0 stars

She don’t deserve any stars since she didn’t write her album. 🤡

Ohaiiiiiiiii - ghost writers aren’t talent

cardi is an entertainer not a rapper. so many more talented female rappers

dudjfndj - No

Cardi socks

anittavalentine - NICKI MINAJ IS BETTER!!!

Stream “Queen by Nicki Minaj” 🦄

kaeleigh frost - Queen

Queen 👸🏾👑 go cardi

Princess Meem 💖👑 - Trash

Cardi B was never good to begin with. No talent at all on here....

gæbimu - 🙂🙃😉☺️😊😌🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

I loooooveeeee u cardi, best album ever. 3 favorites down here 1.Bodak yellow 2.money bag 3.bickenhead 4.i like it like that Try not to cuss ok, but thank u, for a clean version, on iTunes and YouTube.

lilpotato_2019 - Why

If y’all don’t like Cardi why you even thinking bout her

eli🤩 - CARDI🥵🗞

yalll just mad I fw her voice 🗞🧡

🦄🦄 magic candy - Ring.

I actually like that song but your horrible, just letting you lovers know, if you support her your A LOWLIFE, PATHETIC, IDIOT. Have fun in your next life. In hell.

queenflothebest - Cardi

Yes my girl u are my favorite singer u are the best

User0630 - Horrid

Ghost writers

lorraine 1919 - Cardi is the Queen of Rap

This album was the best album I ever listened to cardi is the new queen of rap she is real she stays true to herself I love cardi b I’m bardigang 4 life 👠

Aleena🇬🇾 - Very mediocre


JJ.Ja - Great

Great album 10/10

dolan super fan😭❤️😘 - Good song to play

Queen 👸 ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤬

101 BCMNDY - AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️


skymuse9 - Love it

Cardi b you are amazing shake them haters off and y’all stop hating she is pretty and a amazing rapper

Kylepzane - 👎

She isn’t even an actual rapper LOL


yes !

xIRAElx - Queen

Fse the haters wrote low reviews without buying the music

Game support inc. - Not it

Nicki Minaj is better.

dominican papi chulo - She killed it and some nickis fan are mad

Keep going Cardi u da best

image.edwards - Trash

Hot garbage

dsecun - Trash, repetitive and bad flow!

Deserves 0 stars

RileyRollins - Side Shade...🔥

Cardi is Fiya. APPARENTLY #1 is hard to hit for some “Queen” since Cardi is in the game... oh and that Grammy tho 💥... keep talkin’ Haters. Find a “Queen” with a Grammy and then y’all talk. ✌️

LoveNeverLost - Epic.

One of my favorite female rap albums. This project is collaborative, exciting, and real. It has many musical and lyrical elements. Cardi B has this dominating personality that always put her on top, and her album shows none the less.

Kageyama Shigeo - Generic

A compilation of club hits that she didn’t write and put no effort into, a disgrace to hip hop in all honesty, this is why female rap gets a bad rep. Even songs where she talks about relationships and her upbringing lose meaning because she didn’t write them, she’s just a mouthpiece. Truly saddening.

𝔤𝔬𝔡 - Terrible

None of it is even written by her 😔

Eti09 - Bon album :)

J’aime presque toutes les chansons!

uzi1902 - 🗑

Same song x13

hesus0001 - This

🗑 💩

Cardi's #1 fan - Fresh!

Great fresh album! New queen of rap has arrived!

ArianaIsMyAwesome - Great but...

I like it, but Cardi, why the n word?

Fckck - A great album.

Way to go Cardi B.❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 I hope Cardi B wins all awards.💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️Love❤️2019.

Tempest_dy - Trash

0 stars This lady can not rap‼️ She sounds like she has food in her mouth, like a dog who is hoarse barking... Her flow is just terrible, she struggles to stay on beat . Over all TRASH‼️

Marner fan 16 - Trash ahahahhaha

Apparently this is worthy of a grammy but its somehow worse than logics new album, so that’s pretty tragic🤣🤡. Travis deserved the grammy... or literally anybody other than cardi b lmao.

AngryDude144 - Genuine Garbage

Can’t believe she out of all artists won a Grammy.

fycjkrsku - Best music ever

This music make me happy

Liathelamp - .


kid past 2000 - Decent....

I like this album, listen to it when I’m gaming or working out but I wouldn’t sit around just listening to this. Still good though.

princesshailey18 - I like it like that


jAx_181 - Why do you exist!!!????

Cardi B is a rip of version of Nicki Minaj. She is absolute garbage. How did she even become a singer you ask? Because she re-made a song from the 1900’s and it was featuring popular artists. Another thing, her voice is so bland and annoying. Please do not listen to this album (especially the explicit)

itsyabish - Not a proper album, collection of radio hits

Sure the album won a Grammy but it isn’t a proper bodied album with a proper structure and is instead a collection of radio hits.

ChristyPumaxx - Ew

A Grammy???? Really?

DJ_Pleb - Eek


Yikes Nicole - literal trash

trash album, no substance, nothing artistic or exceptional about it.

Kareemohamdi - Trash


AliTaker21yt - Idk

Why u peeps hating

Afsmh - Dope


LB 9106 - Annoying

It would have been a lot better if she didn’t come in screaming her verse, she ruined the whole flow of the song

carlodelgado - It’s ok

My favorite song is I like it but bad bunny dragged it tho but the rest is garbage and ok

Loufleming - Aweful

How can she make any money when she is a copy of Nikki? Why buy this, this lady hopefully won’t be around long!

Kyle Roehe - Five stars

She’s a literal icon (Queen)

the rap guy - Trash

Xxxtentacion was the only hope in hip hop but he died 😪

Chadical Chad - Epic


flappynanny - Amazing!!💞💞🤞🤞👑👑

Well a lot of people don’t like her but she is amazing. She’s not a repeat of Cardi b and to answer some of people dumb questions, YES. She is a RAPPER!!!

marissafralick - trash

the worst album you could buy

You boy Netflix - CRAP

All songs these days are all about money,drugs etc but jeeezzz

robbiedownmusic - oh yeah cool

oh wait... can you actually play anything?

muhub - ugh

all the tracks sound the same 🤷🏽‍♂️

iCortana - Trash


protato123 - 🤢🤮

Not today Satan. Go home please.

coneyislands - invasion of privacy in the worst kind of way

She can't rap AND she can't sing. Waste.

kwills89 - Nah

While these *** is servin MILLI VANILLIIII ON THE LOW

EqualiserTrumpet - Nick's Army Was Here

Jeez and people wonder why there's only one female rapper trending at a time? It's because idiots always compare one to the other. Why don't you compare evrery album Kanye releases to Future's? It's because we allow and expect plurality with men so let's do the same with women! Nicki is fire but so is Cardi. Let them co-exist please. Get over your backward monarchical fixes!

Musiclover1212xo - Waste of time


mzlawler - More like noise, very irritating

Very unpleasant

xjebzjsk - Basic

Can’t even write her own lyrics. Bad.

torontoraptor9 - Better than expected

Just a good album, not amazing but pretty good.

selina1842018 - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Love Thru Your Phone👌🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

Busses galvan - Rlly?

People rlly stan this? Wow we love an abusive queen

Judy Music Lover - Meh

Some of the music she does with other people is good. But this is not my thing it’s WAYYYY to explicit too. She is not good no do not buy.

Eam20c - Amazing and Real!

The album is full of great records and I love the honesty in the album.

kihbfgj - Not good


gr_ndee - blessed

aren't we all blessed?

uffjgst - Hdh

Cardi do something that your good at, perhaps stripping would be a better career for you

o.y🥀 - 🧡🧡


The Chiwoo - nicki is the queen


Bitemabanger - Rubbish


bb25x - ew😶😶😶😶

Payolaaaa, how this garbage get a Grammy. Write a rap baby girl, ghost writers are rubbish

jackmypussy - Fat

It’s trash only two songs I would put on

oliver273838382 - Pure trash

Why do people like her

Dooididididi - this aint it sis


FaheemFazPlaysMC - Outstanding! Best rap album

this brought a whole new level of shock to everyone


the album is boring lacks good songs tbh, she’s using Payola...... garbage, is this what rap has come to yikessssssssss Buy queen instead trust me! How this crap get a Grammy 🤮🤮

jajswr - Trash

Don’t bother

flop🤢🤢🤢🤢 - Nicki better


eekers45 - literally garbage

can’t write a song and either tan her ghost writer

uneeb28 - Cardi the queen

Cardi has officially beaten nicki, aka the queen lol.. cardi is the first female rapper to win a grammy, now may i ask, where is ur queen nicki gone? Hahahh

🦄🖤🙄 - Amazing

Great songs

BarbieTingzxo - queen of payola

i think Nicki’s was better...i mean she wrote hers tho.

Kari Minaj - No

Steam Queen by Nicki Minaj 😘

😡👌😂🔪😩👎👎👌🎧 - QUEEN OF FLOP

stream QuEeN By NiCKi MiNAj

mrmoody2001 - Lol

How can this noise be classed as music and about as talented as a turnip.

Lol_itz - Amazing

Speechless 😶

Haris_m_99 - Great debut album

Really good album, congrats on her Grammy! She deserves it!

EBRIL - Awful

Apparently she spent everyday for several months in the studio, and this is as good as it gets? Proves she can't sing or rap, must have taken a 1000 takes on each song

teamnickiMinajjjj - To saggy b


Cam977 - Trashy

As trashy as her personality

dragonfruityy - Bop

Hella yes

🇹🇹🦎👋🏾e - Yes

Nikki doesn’t stand a chance against Cardi B Cardi B is the best rapper alive she’s talented she’s not rude to other artists . She has never ever fought the person like on the vmas nope she hasn’t Cardi. B is a star and Nikki is dead who do you hear in the car Nikki or Cardi B Cardi B ! Ok so like take you bad mouths 👄 oh I’m sorry haters out of here Nikki they just like you . Cardi you go shine and beat that girl in everything she does like I mean . I’m a Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 child and she’s the opposite like she can’t even say proudly that she is one she says I’m American . No you ain’t hun . Cardi B Go shine your light gal. There jackemo she’s better than Niki and I proved it

txo888 - Take the L

Frick of


Queen of rap



fulfillingsuccessxo - loved every song💕


AbDab83 - Cardi is like marmite mate... I love it 💕

You’re gonna love her or hate her!

Mike Sierra 123 - Generic as hell

No creativity whatsoever. Her lyrics are most of the time wack, she clearly stealing other people’s flows yet doesn’t care. The production is really generic too.

Luva resmega - LR

Very good

Joshydanxe - Good

Very catchy songs on here, even though I don’t really stan cardi I couldn’t ever discredit her

Emerald12180 - Genuinely good album

This is a good album and you are all haters. She is just as good as Nicki but she has a different style. Also it’s Cardi’s 1st album so you can’t expect it to be perfect.

Music_Luver😇😇 - Cardi b Cardi b Cardi b

👍👍🔥🔥🔥 nice rhythm


When she writes her own raps she can try again

Shhooooopshooop - Who keeps giving this idiot a microphone?

Dumbo.. worst album of the last century.

Kevin Blanco - 🔥🔥🔥lets be honest the only bad reviews are coming from Nicki Fans

Love it! Bars 🔥 flow 🔥 love to see you do a tune or remix with Lady Leshurr 🇬🇧 💰 💰 💰🔥🔥🔥🔥 Looks like she’s got a few Nicki fans press. ⤵️ buying the album just to give it one star. You can hear about 1 min from each song before you buy it? Why buy it if you think it’s whack??

Eliseee 🙈 - Wow

I didn’t want to like it but damnnn I love it so much. What an album!!! Does anyone know if it’ll be released on cd officially?

nadinetaylor92 - 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Oh dear, can hardly understand anything Cardi says! Thank god Nicki is back!! Go purchase ‘QUEEN’!!! 100000% than this rubbish!!

kikilouz - Latino gangz


missp! - Cardi

Didn’t even have to hesitate about buying the full album 🔥💃🏼

PAULFROMINSTA - Invasion of garbage

The worst album I’ve heard in years.

Benjyy1324 - Abysmal

Cardi is very unoriginal, she has obviously gained a lot of direction from offset and migos in trying to be a people pleaser on the charts.

Coolontop1233 - Awful

The fact that she doesn’t even write her own music just proves she isn’t a rapper and the fact she doesn’t even have flow

Mosope—17 - aite

Cardi clearly didn’t write this tbh. all the songs sound like the feature artists songs e.gring sounds like a K song and do it sounds like a SZA song, yo Gotti etc. Catchy songs tho but not a serious rap album.

Jazzey 1522 - Nope


XxBeyond_The_NilexX - Censored?

I could really do with a no swearing version of this because I want to listen to your amazing songs but with no bad language.

One of the best apps!! - boring

yikes. i was expecting so much. she definitely peaked with bodak yellow

Zanja123 - Disappointed

Seeing all the comparisons to Nicki I thought I’d check her out and buy her album, turns out they’re nothing alike.. was very disappointed in all the bad influence and just want very enjoyable. All songs were too similar. Punchlines were way too average for the hype! 0 bars. I want my money back!

Ravenperez - Trash

Rap is about writing, how are you going to read out the lyrics given, number one. Bad Influence, horrible. Encourages prost****tution stripping and violence. Little talent, one star for being catchy I guess.

money_moves88 - Amazing

I loved Bardi since her LHHNY days. She is amazing, way better than Nicki Minaj in my opinion. Thru Your Phone, I Like It, Bickenhead, Money Bag, and of course Bodak Yellow are my favorite tracks on this amazing album.

music is da beast - Hi

I like it like that search it on iTunes and it proves that this is a rip off and card is just a virgin

cardi b i love u! - ❤️

Amazing getit cardi! 💅🏽👏🏽

LukePaSqUaLoTtO - No

Just a bad version of Nicki Minaj who doesn’t write her songs

cardi is - This wasn’t the best

This wasn’t the best album of 2018, Nicki Minaj Queen was the best but still a good try

Benji Da Reviewer - Fun. Sexy. Poetic but Playful.

A banging first release worth all the hype and chit chat. GUAP GUAP GET SUM CHICKEN.

ONIKAS COUSIN - Invasion of Poverty

Has a career built off Payola and Sympathy 🔪

Piano tiles is the best - poop

stream queen

Pier us is - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Cardi b forever🔥🔥

zhafirex - No

Just no

dhyesssssss - 💞❤️💞❤️


cardiBlover - Love it 😍

This a fire 🔥 love Cardi B 💜💜💜💜💜💜

jellyfishking02 - CARDI IS AMAZING!🙌

This album is liiiiiit!🙌🔥✨

Giggle wifi - Nicki is better

Just a flop don’t bother you’d need to be deaf and on strong drugs to in joy this don’t bother

WiLL.C206 - queen cardi?!?!?!?!

wig = snatched breath = taken life = ended

Dazzling84 - Amazing

She is a legend in the making

Kykkgj - Lit

Yes they call me Cardi B whoooo

hollythemolerat - I love her entire album she slayed again😭

This is absolutely amazing!!!!!

africutters - Best rap album from 90s

Love it best album her words are so gold I love cardi album happy I bought it! Money worth spent

Alisha882 - YAS CARDI!💞💞💞💞💫💫💫💫

Cardi B yet again shows us what she’s made of. A fantastic album and I really enjoy listening to it. Pure gold💫💫💫

5 star wooiooiooioi - SLAY MY LIFE

This album is bomb, ma girl cardi slayin’ em haters

scoxx_18 - Cardio lover

I IS AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

jngd92 - Trash

Trash trash trash trash.

vincenzo116 - I like it

Love this album. She Bad ft. YG Bodak Yellow I like it ft. J balvin & Bad Bunny Bartier Cardi ft 21 Savage

MusicKattt - Pretty good but just average.

The flow on some of these songs are really good especially “I do” featuring SZA it really makes you feel like a boss and the beat is great. The main issue I have is the lack of creativity. Cardi B didn’t write her own songs based on her experiences which where lyrically average and many of the beats seem sampled with no original sound. Overall, if you are a fan of Cardi B and you like her sound you will enjoy this but at the same time feel like she can be more creative and extend her production.

rjfbk - Nah

Kill Me

Bookweirdo - Mhmmmm

Not bad, she’s got her own style, which is good. The album’s not really my thing though, but good job anyway Cardi.

Namepi - Wow

Cardi created a pretty good album. Nothing but love B.

Oppppxbhh - Good

It's amazing but AG4 is going to be better hunny

Cardi Gang - 🔥🔥🔥🔥

This album is a beast! Straight fire, bars are hard, haven’t heard anything like this since Kim. #albumoftheyear

harrystyles_fan15172 - Nicki is better

Album sucksssssssss

Saim Asim - Good Debut Album

Lived up to the hype!

Person of the universe - $15

No, buy something useful with this money, spend this money on petrol, buy a video game, donate this money to children in the Sudan, buy yourself a nice lunch, buy TPAB, buy Madvilliany, not this, Migos is on this, you know that this thing is littered with Versace flows, you know that Bodak Yellow is the best song that Cardi B has in her collection, you know that Rapsody is 50 times better because she doesn’t try to play off the fact that she’s a woman in hip-hop and she just completely smashes everything out of the park on her latest album, you need to put your phone down for a solid 10 minutes, give Cardi the L she earned, move on, and listen to something else

Connor Gurry - Cardi B Did That!

An amazing album from an upcoming artist that shows major talent. You should do yourself a favour and buy this album 🔥

gotakeyourcloyhsoffformoney - Let’s clear my throat ahem ahem

Well were does one start it’s a no from me to those who do like it go see a doctor and get your ears checked

Garrii - YASSSS

Well worth it 100% Glad to see another female rapper slayin 💁🏻‍♀️

VenesaLee - Cardi Maybe?

i was not a fan at first, but after listening to this album...i think i am a fan- love her different sides to music, great remake of the Chickenhead.!!! and Thru Your Phone is my fav



miadaqweenwhoslays - Goooooodddd

There r a few good tracks however some of them sound like they were recorded just to fill space🤷🏼‍♀️ but overall bodak yellow and bartier cardi and I do are amaZING

TheNewClassic - Cardi B’s debut is a triumph.

With a flow as sickening as hers Cardi proves she’s not a one-hit wonder.

SenthuranV - Cardi B back at it again 🔥

All the hate comments are from people that only listened to the snippets This album is 🔥

TrevahB - Trash.

If I could rate it -5 stars I would. Absolutely garbage filth. They call this music? I fear for the future of music if this is what people ‘like’

T2DN - I mean...

She really did that 🔥

SRR#&^$ - Hahaha

Is this real? Is this meant to be an actual album? What has the music Industry come to where this type of stuff would count as an album. Not a single song is worth listening to. Sorry if this sounds hateful but the album is honestly not good at all

E-101 - Slay 🔥🔥🔥

Amazing 😱💯

kayleemaree - One hit wonder flop

Nah that aint it

fuxkboytez - wachaaarp bro


Anon 26282 - Hype

I’m way too damn hyped for this 😍😍😍

vCrimsoNHD - 😴😴

Definitely wouldn't get

G.Done - Azealia Banks is back!

Buy Anna Wintour x Azealia Banks. If you're high end fashion, give the song a listen

Cjcrazycatgoatdogmouse - Amazing!

Loved the album!!! Gonna be listening to this on repeat until the first single from AG4 comes out. ♥︎

SquirrelN - Yikes

What is this?

iFeelFreedxm - who wrote it? not Cardboard

weak and low quality bars

alyssaemdeed - Amazing

Cardi B has built herself off of nothing and this album and her baby must be her some of her biggest accomplishments. This album fire 🔥🔥🔥. Can not wait to hear her next album. KEEP BLOCKING OUT THE HATERS BARDI ❤️

AMH351 - QUEEN!!!


🤧🤧👑👑 - Oh sis no

Bad album sorry

reylza - ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!!!!

She really, brought alot of different music styles in this album i really enjoy it on a whole

Sfghvhbfjnffh - 👎🏼

Is it just me, but ALL her songs sound the same. This album is a flop:(

da69115 - Deum

Some heat on here bruh, but not all of it

HUIMANG94 - amazing

i don’t usually like all songs in an album bc not all are bangers i guess but this album is so good!!! everyone has a different opinion on the album but in my case i rlly love it. well done cardi! u did THAT😩😤👏🏾

WitchOfTheMoon - Some good songs

There are some good songs, but I feel pretty meh about the album as a whole

GINALASH86 - Wuuuuhhhhaaaatttttt?!!!!

Yes, feels on all different levels. #CARDIB 1!!!!!! ALL THE WAY UP!

NewzealandKIMfans - QUEEN

😭😭❤️👏🏽 She did that

Nui Minaj - Raw sound!

Love this album, every song speaks for itself..🔥🔥🔥

Liana261 - Horrible

She acts so stuck up and like she is better than anyone. I gave it 1 because I couldn’t give a 0

Isanic06 - New Fan

Love it.

Youjj217 - Trash

I give it one star bc I couldn’t give it -5

Tyllan Naicker - Bitchhh dripping in jewels 🌈🌈💗

She always puts out the best. I mean look at gbmv1 and 2. Oh and Bodak Yellow Always flames 🔥

Lebohang.g8 - Cardi B

I love Cardi B with all my heart’ this track Issa smash hit

coby.goat - Fire🔥

Very good

lesego M - Beyond Flames!

This album is worth buying- it’s my go-to mood pickup! Absolutely lit. She over exceeded my expectations 🙆🏽‍♀️

IG:@Thelordtina - Drip✨

"I gonna stay outta Gucci"🔥🔥

Th15237$4$ - Came through drippin🔥🔥🔥🔥💦💦💦💦

Drip drip 😎

maps..ricol❤️ - Cardi B 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

The album is fire 🔥

groovyxlucky - It’s a banger!

She put in work! Jam after jam with no skip. I’m actually proud of her.

@t.erenity - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

this album made me feel like such a boss 👏🏽👏🏽🔥 Cardi slayed

Prickly Ivy - Cardi B in Rari

Wow wow this album was worth the wait Cardi’s bars and beats on point.

Sesi Mothibi🇿🇦 - Be careful 👏🏼🤗

This album is lit

guiileone - Rainha

Você quer uma Bíblia do rap?

LuanYoncé - Rainha do Rap

Músicas ótimas e com uma sonoridade incrível! Merece o Grammy que tem.

Br Daniel - A Cardi B e uma ótima cantora

A Cardi B sabe fazer ótimos versos e as batidas fazem uma combinação incrível

BrazilCamila - O MELHOR

SÓ HIT 💕💕💕

Thiagobivik - Razoável


lauradrmy - perfeito

muito bom

Planejantomente - 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


M. Gonçalo - ÓTIMO ÁLBUM

extrapolou minhas expectativas


Cardi B Feat. Kehlani - Ring (Clean)


#NowPlaying Ring (feat. Kehlani) by Cardi B on #Streetz108!





Cardi B Feat. Kehlani - Ring


Découvrez "Ring (feat. Kehlani)" de Cardi B, Kehlani sur Deezer


Cardi B Feat. Kehlani - Ring (Clean)


Kehlani made this song


#NowPlaying Ring (Clean) by CARDI B feat. Kehlani{ }


@Nique_Do_Park: @L0vingMys3lf @LimitlessNia @Th30utsp0k3n0n3 I really like this song, fan. 😁 🎵"Ring (feat. Kehlani)" by Cardi B, Kehlani…


Cardi B Feat. Kehlani - Ring (Clean)




Cardi B feat. Kehlani - Ring @nowplaying #TheSoundcheck


Cardi B – Ring (feat. Kehlani) [Official Video]


Cardi B Feat. Kehlani - Ring (Clean)

About Ring (feat. Kehlani) [Cardi B] MP3

You can find here mp3 music file from artist Cardi B, album Invasion of Privacy, song Ring (feat. Kehlani), released date 06 April 2018. Listening and fast downloading online to Ring (feat. Kehlani) - Cardi B mp3 preview is free and does not require registration.

Hip-Hop mp3 pop mp3 rap mp3 hip hop mp3 rnb mp3 Ring (feat. Kehlani) by Cardi B mp3 download listen Ring (feat. Kehlani) download Ring (feat. Kehlani) mp3 #Ring (feat. Kehlani)

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