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3Donovan - We LivE ForEv3R,

38 Minutes of Sufficient energy to last a whole day! Keith Flint Was a Genius and this album is the Pro0F> Dude Will be Missed on this end but at least we have His Music to Last us a while. Great Album ' "CHARLY SAYS: Always Tell your Mummy Before you go off somewhere". R>I>P KEITH!

Sozman5k - RIP Keith

Great band

Jezebelfan - Good Stuff!

Great opener. Aggressive and in your face. I just wish there were more Keith Flint vocals and guitars but still a good release. I was drawn to this group whenever they released the Fat of the Land and I'm still a fan. I just hope that Keith doesn't leave. Hardcore fans may disagree and I understand. Either way, the music has always been enjoyable!

MateoOfSanDiego - Production is showing age, still a good effort

I have been a hardcore fan of the Prodigy since their first EP on XL. I love them. Liam Howlett is one of my all-time heroes. Having said that, No Tourists, like their previous effort, fails to offer much in the way of surprises and, maybe more troubling, the overall production just doesn't hold up to today's fidelity. As a DJ, just look at the waveforms next to more contemporary artists - tracks like the exceptional "Light Up the Sky" is nonetheless handicapped by a hollow level of bass, and... well... I'm not smart enough to know all the proper production terms but... it just sounds crunchy in a sloppy/crappy way, not a punk rock kinda way - which I think maybe is what Howlett was going for? I dunno. Anyway, there's definitely some winners on here, and I get all the nods to their earlier work, but I just think we've kind of already heard all the tricks this show has to offer at this point. Again, still better than most of the dreck out there. But badly in need of some updating.

grindhouse66 - Yaaaaaaaassssss!

I love you. I love this. Thank you, boyz, and a big fat juicy MUAH!

Gorillamullins - Very solid release

This is a very consistent banger from The Prodigy. Nice flow, strong energy throughout.

SanSolei - Pure Adenaline!!! #PaganDanceOrgy

This work is Pure Adenaline!!! - We Live Forever ='s MIND BLOWN!!! #PaganDanceOrgy

La Boca de Chopa - Good!!

Great comeback by The Prodigy. Some root sounds like Music for the Jilted Generation and The Fat of the Land.

Rocket XYZ - Great album

Prodigy lays down some awesome songs in this album, including classic beats reminiscent of Fat of the Land. Great adrenaline rush to make you move.

birdiegirl_25 - Fire!

Love this one! Title song and Fight Fire with Fire are my very favorites off of this album. Thank you, Prodigy, for not following the build-the-beat-up-for-20-mins-then-drop formula that ALL of the EDM artists are doing now. Thank you for not only not trying to fix what's not broken and blindly follow trends, but improving your game. BRAVO!

Ancient Jetties - Solid-ness

Prodigy, still properly channeling the techno flavor of chaos after all these years...beautifully-produced, high-energy stuff!

XyZmahsd - Skidded shahs

Give me a signal is prob my fav track. Need some1 is pretty in your face great track. Fight fire with fire is a banger and unexpected. Good album overall but a bit soft and poppy at times. Motjg is just hard to beat

Droctagon111 - NEED SOME PRODIGY!!!


Deeeke - Uggg

This structure of I Need Some1 sounds like a slowed down Bangarang by Skrillix. What saddens me is that I know this...

Rob the Arpman - So good, so far...

Me likey.

David0666 - So far so good

Diggin this already looking forward to the ensuing Tour........ I posted this originally October 29 2018. Rest In Peace Keith.

Ramaldo Pagtukan Jr. III - Something new to be nostalgic about

A fan since Experience, still a fan today!

Wintersdrggg - This album is gonna fkn rock!!!


CannonCogs - RIP Keith Flint - Shame about his last album

Some good bits, but essentially a lot of regurgitated sounds, lacking originality and creativity. Feels a bit like they've smashed this out to keep the label happy rather than invested in any reinvention or truly new material. I've bought every Prodigy album since the Experience, grown with them and always enjoyed their stuff, esepcially when tracks have been mixed by the likes of Andy C and Jaguar Skills. Sadly this doesn't quite live up to my expectations, though it's still going to have a place in my library. Particularly like the drum & bass tracks, plus anything dark and bassy. RIP Keith Flint, what a legend, icon and decent Cockney.

Burgstonville - Best one

Whilst 3 of my top 5 Prodigy tracks feature on ‘Fat of the Land (obvious which) the rest of the album wasn’t much. I have to say this is their best album. All tracks are good, blending the old with the new. We Live Forever is the epitome of this. RIP Keith Flint.

1210Kev - R.I.P Keith Flint


Limey J - Just Misses The Mark

I'm a Prodigy fan from Music For The Jilted Generation which I still think is their best album. This is a good, if a bit retro sounding, album and doesn't quite hit the nail on the head. I still love it, Timebomb Zone is absolutely awesome, but some of the others are just not quite there.

Deccyj - Return to form!

Gobsmacked to see bad reviews on this. Every track is an energy-filled banger, no filler on this album, 10/10!

Bugs..,,,111 - Save your money

Feel like the Prodigy have lost their way with this album. Very dull to listen to

Chalky 713 - Not quite

I loved the old school prodigy -got the T-shirt & did the raves , but find myself forcing myself to like them now. Time bomb I love ! ( my prodigy sound ) The rest , not quite evolving right 4 me.

AlchemystiKal - The Prodigy/ No Tourist

Somewhat old school vanilla sound waves iconically represented by one of the best & influential bands of ElectroniKa MuziK out there now... Grab it off I-Tunes while it’s reasonably priced !!

Bakernick - Great album , even better live

Classic prodigy , mix of old and new . Light up the sky epic track

damsonbutterfly🦋 - Brilliant when you’ve seen them LIVE!

When people say prodigy is rubbish, that’s their personal choice, but I’ve seen Ptodigy live and it was phenomenal, their new album I think rocks my socks to be honest 😂👍🏻 prodigy is the best retro, it’s made me love it again

P . Machinery - Retirement Beckons


jam303 - Good tunes ... good comeback

Interesting reviews... saw em in 91’ in the big tent at rain-dance .. didn't realise i had till years later ;-) loved em then .. finally after the last two average albums .. sorry ..they are slipping some fat tunes again ..:-)

Adam268sx - So sad

This is a really poor release. Feels like they chucked together the left overs that didn’t make the old great albums. Very disappointed!

Biker d - Not lost it

This is amazing could not stop listening to it just listened to the full album and buying it now enough said

GCHollywood - Return to form

Best album since the 90’s, return of the bigbeat and rave synths! Pure euphoria one minute and dirty baselines the next. Mr Howlett hasn’t disappointed

Superchar221 - Banging!!!!

The more you listen to it the more you love it!!!

Seanseaney - Well done Liam and bros

End to end classic Prodigy. Massive production and mastered to the hilt. Great to hear the huge saw bass arps again and the sped vocals. At a good volume with the right speakers every track can make you loose your breath with the sub bass. It don't get any better. My first listen brought me to tears. Took me right back to the early to middle nighties, the air filled filled with illegality. 11 outa 10 for me. Civil unrest.

FunkMan69 - Quality

This is a great album. It's been a while since I've bought an album and not been able to stop listening to it. Its remenicent of their older stuff but still sounds fresh. Of their 3 more recent albums this is definitely top in my book!

Radiohead Thief - Lost their way

I’ve just written a very similar review for Muse’s new album. It’s all false progression. People arguing that the rage is bubbling at the top but all I hear is a Korg synth pushes through a massive amount of distortion. I’ve been a huge fan of The Prodigy since 1995. Every album has been a cracker tight up until The Day Is My Enemy. It signalled that start of distortion and overdrive rather than technical substance. Liam used to be clever; look at all the different samples used on Experience and Jilted, even multiple samples on one track, cleverly woven together to create a multi layered sound. Not anymore; distorted synth, heavy bass and drums, with Keith and Maxim shouting repeated phrases. Gutted. Please try harder guys, stop touring and start spending more time in the studio.

swivswivel - Bangers!

Really enjoying listening to this, just imagining how great the tracks will sound live. My only gripe is they are really short. Clearly these tracks would work on any dance floor but mixing them in and out when they only last a few minutes is tough and wouldn’t do them justice.

Mavros99 - Boom Boom Top

I've been a Prodigy fan from the beginning..another great record, Mr Howlett can do no wrong! Keep them coming :)

kenieboy1982 - Best album since fat of the land

Amazing, mind blowing Going to 4 gigs this month because it’s soooooooo good 🐜👍🏼

Jo66 - Brilliant!

Very happy to hear this album!

_thiccboi69 - Avoid

This album sounds 15-20 years too late. Give it a miss.

The Wev - Disappointment!

Wow, ok by Prodigy standards that was a massive let down. It all sounds too samey and sounds like other commercial dance trash out there right now, its not bad music production wise, but kind of sounds like anyone came up with it and just doesnt have the edgy, cutting edge quality youd expect from these guys. But of course fanboys will love this regardlesss and if these are the standards they hare happy wth its no wonder this album doesnt rise to the occasion. Big shame.

jordao33 - Nostalgia

Having pretty much gave up with them after fat of the land when they came back in 2004 seemed half arsed albums seemed forced to be fair but something about No Tourists album makes me smile shades of 1992-1994 the prodigy experience and jilted are back with a vengeance tracks we live forever,timebomb zone ,boom boom tap zone especially all round strong album well worth a listen 👍🏼

Hotnot - Nothing New

Sounds like a re hash of their old tracks. Avoid.

desy desborough - Wow 😮what an excellent comeback 🔥

Best album since fat of the land Been a massive fan from the start & seen them live upteen times. This albums like listening to them live just as master H said it would The singles they brought out were good but Liam saved the best tunes till last Well done boys a very happy prodigy fan 🕷 Do ya all selves a favour buy the album & get this iconic band bak to no1 where they belong ☝️

P.M.C. - Savage Prodigy

Such a savage album , remember them from the Four Aces days and they have lost nothing . Still the band/group that everyone else would want to be . Pure class . Every track faultless.

Madsandwich75 - Oh dear

It's old skool Prodigy but without any of the inventiveness of previous albums. Like a favourite holiday destination that you don't want to go back to incase it isnt as good as you remember.

Hercules75429 - Awesome

This is an awesome album. Back to the good old days a bit of break beat mixed with modern out of this world 5 stars all the way for me awesome Liam Hercules75429

Raspberry Swirl - Smack my b up!

Badmixtape is a toss pot, everything Liam does turns to gold - great to have the guys back!

mellow41# - Give them respect.

Great tunes nice choice of tunes, personal favorites we live forever, timebomb zone and need some1, all good the prodigy guys keep up the beats.

clinx-jinx - Electronic Punks

Another album of top quality tunes meant to be played loud! The God LH keeps mixing in elements of rave classics with the big beat and raw attitude we know and love! Bring on Liverpool on the 8th. No Tourists.

RobPotsy92 - There Back and Still got It

Bought the Album From HMV and listened to it all absolutely love the new album got a mix of the old tracks and new Track 3 We Live Forever reminds me of The Experience track out of space and rest of the album reminds of Fat of the land and Invaders Must Die

BaxterBasics - Their best work this millennium.

I enjoy most Liam Howlett productions whilst admitting he’s never hit the heights of Experience/ Jilted/ Fat of the Land. But this one at least comes close. The production is crisper than recent efforts. There’s a lot of ‘rave’ feel here for those pining for the old days. It’s not groundbreaking, just solid dance joy that put a smile on my face from start to finish. A lot of fans are finding certain tracks divisive, but for me there isn’t one bad tune here. Timebomb Zone and Boom Boom Tap stand out.

James 007 Bond 007 - Awesome

Great album, there’s some heavy beats on here! This album has been designed to be played LOUD and if you’re not playing it loud you’re not doing it justice. The standout tracks for me are Champions Of London, Resonate, Timebomb Zone, Give Me A Signal and We Live Forever. Updated 03/11/2018 and Boom Boom Tap. Epic Album. Well done Master H!


It was noice

Keefybeefy - Back to ear melting best

This album packs a massive punch to the eardrums. It sounds so impressive and back to sounds of fat of the land with little inputs from experience in there too. Love it love it. Buy it.

rOwley42 - Banger....😀

Sort of came away from the Prodigy... then heard this... loving the nod back too days of old in a new style.... how do boys this is a corker 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

chris corner iamx - No tourists

Brilliant album from the prodigy

Stuntman70 - About dam time

I like no I love it. It’s got a lot of the old beats in there which is good. I don’t think they will get into the charts with any of the tracks but who cares. The younger generation don’t probably know who they are. I’m 48 and still love them. They were fantastic at the Milton Keynes bowl in 2010.


Y'know what, I'm 24 and I was literally born to break and enter, I've been a fan since BIRTH. And I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ALBUM. YES GUYS. YES.

Sully skills - Boom boom tap

Quality album some got a bit of all there old with new production sound a bit of all the Albums sounds combined. If you a prodigy fan get this

robbo88888 - Bad mixtape

One decent track on the album. Liam doesn’t know what he wants the band to be nowadays. Needsome1 is one of the worst opening singles I’ve ever heard. Used to love prodigy but this is very poor, weak and most of it sounds the same!

Boomjunkie - It’s as bad as you fear!

I’m a die hard fan but this is just a collection of ‘heard it before’ drums beats & limp bass lines. Missing are the anthems of past glory, the tracks that make you go wild! I reckon Liam knocked this out in a week, as there’s nothing to it, RAVE, SLEEP, NO REPEAT zzzzzzzzzz

DCMM75 - Pure quality

Love it!! 🐜🐜🐜

Chris crumble - No Tourists

This Album is incredible from start to finish,my personal favourites are Timebomb zone,Champions of London,No Tourists & We live forever but it will change with every listen.You can tell Liam & Co enjoyed making this Album.A masterpiece👌🏻

Nutsty - Haven't paid much attention for years until now!

I give it four stars as not every track grabs me but there are a couple that bring back feelings I had for early rave back in the late 80's early nineties that I haven't felt since. It's a weird feeling like a smell/brain connection that instantly zaps you back in time to a place & sounds. I saw them in 1992 & many times in the early 90's and I have changed a lot since. Liam I'm truly glad that you are still doing this and in this you have taken me back! Soundzzzzzzbooyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Gazza 02 - Amazing

This album is amazing love the Prodigy every album is different and class keep it up guys 👍👏

Sarah m-h - Love it

Great songs you can just loose yourself in

riksam - Fresh but familiar Prodigy!!

Ahhh that head thumping, eye rolling, body shacking PRODIGY we love!!!

Bokawoka - Still Got it.

Still gets me going in the way to work in the morning. No one else does Prodigy like Prodigy.

Dog Training Products - Still Banging them Beats

Great to see the new release is on the mark. Totally stoked with the direction this album...Lovin' it :-)

Fitnessfellow - Nice one Lads

Always been the fan and this album is no exemption. Some great new beats mixed with old school inspired tracks. Good mix all round.


Omg I was just saying c’mon we can get another and boom M9 steps up with a tap in #MUFC


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bro i was just vibing hard af with a cg song and then BOOM want a break from the ads? if you tap now you'll get 30 minutes of ad free music


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